Click - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Shia punishes her father by going out partying all the time but how will she react to a mysterious boy wanting to whisk her away from all of her worries?


3. Ezra

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"Hey gorgeous" Harry sang leaning against the bonnett of his car. Wheeling my suitcase packed with random clothes to it I began to evaluate what is going to become of Harry and I. All he does is stare at me in admiration and complement me with this glaze over his eyes. I felt safe around him. My dad was at work when I came to collect my things so it was an easy escape. I washed off the smell of alcohol and hospitals from the night before, packed the closest clothes to me and left like it was that easy. Will dad call the police? Probably. Will he really care about me vanishing unexpectedly? The answer is laughably harsh but no he wouldn't. I took a step back and looked Harry up and down "How did you change your clothes?" I questioned baffled that he magically put on a completely new outfit. He picked at his plump, pink lips nervously, "I always keep a bag in the back just incase" awkwardly stuttering, he opened the car door for me. The engine chugged repeatedly, taking my last few looks at the house I grew up in I muttered under my breath demonically, "So long fuckers".

I had no idea where Harry was taking me. London was a big place, we could be going anywhere! The boy with the camera just tapped the steering wheel irritably over and over. "Shia I need to explain myself" he stammered making me jump at the volume of his voice, "I work for this guy. Niall works for him too. His name is Ezra and he is... he does..." I placed my hand upon his to calm his clearly racing heart. Inhaling a refreshing breath he finished his sentance, "he's the most wanted drug dealer in the UK" my limbs became heavy as my eyes expanded. This is dangerous. Scary even. Harry's a drug dealer. Working for an alpha criminal! The police are after them. That's why they need to 'lay low'. How could you have been so stupid, Shia? I should have seen this coming but even though this is absolutely crazy I still wanted to be with Harry. He made me feel safe I didn't care if I was living in a bin all that matters is if we're together. He pulled over the car putting his head in his hands, "I'm so sorry Shia. Say something" resting his hand on my thigh I snapped out of my thoughts with his slightest touch. "I want to be with you, Harry" pulling me into his chest, wrapping his arms around me he whispered preciously, "I'll keep you safe, baby. You're mine now I won't let anything happen to you". Burying my face into him I spoke but it was kind of muffled from his T-shirt, "where are we?" he just chuckled replying with, "home".

It looked like any normal student house. Tall, terraced and a dismal, grey colour but it didn't where I was as long as I was with Harry. He carried my case as well as his bag pack, shoulder bag and camera up to the door, kicking it in substitution of using his knuckles that were occupied. Niall opened it and the smell of marajuana flowed out and punched my nostrils, "So you brought the girl... Ezra wants to meet her" Harry's eyes filled with rage, he threw the bags into the narrow corridor. "You told him? Niall, that's not cool! You know what Ezra's like!" only inches away from Niall's face, Harry spat at him. A faint call travelled out of a room, "Harry, can you come here please? And bring the lady" rolling his eyes, Harry slipped his hand in mine and dragged his feet to what looked like a 'living room turned crack den'. A coffee table was sitting in the middle of the room covered in matte, white powder divided neatly into long, thin lines. Obviously I knew what that was for. A green, leather sofa was placed on the back wall with a tall, skinny figure spread along it.

His feet hung over the arm because of his height, he looked like a skeleton with slick back, dark hair. When he saw us, he placed his glass of whiskey down on the coffee table and got to his feet towering over us. "Blimey! Niall wasn't lying when he said you were gorgeous. But then again that is a complete understatement to your truly mesmerising beauty. My name is Ezra Miller" he kissed my hand with his full lips. His thick, greasy British accent made him quite intimidating but I didn't get why Harry was so angry with Niall telling Ezra about me. Breaking the intense eye contact between us, Ezra turned to Harry, "She does know about..." he hinted to the coffee table referring to the drugs. Harry just nodded still angry. "Then in that case welcome, Shia" he declared but I butted in at the sight of a black ring on his left finger, "You're married?" Ezra smirked confidently, "Her name is Emily". As he said this a cross around his neck popped out of his shirt, I butted in again, "You're religious too?", Harry squeezed my hand making me wince slightly 'stop' he whispered. Ezra fiddled with the cross, twisting it with his finger and thumb, "Very! I try to read an extract from the Bible every morning and night. It's a theraputic thing really. Calms me down". Harry began slowly stepping backwards to the narrow corridor, "Me and Shia are going to go upstairs now. Thanks Ezra see you at dinner" the drug lord just waved before kneeling beside the coffee table, putting a finger over one of his nostrils. What an interesting man.


^Ezra's outfit^


Seriously guys thank you so much for even having the slightest glimmer of interest in this story!

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