Click - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Shia punishes her father by going out partying all the time but how will she react to a mysterious boy wanting to whisk her away from all of her worries?


2. All This Over Coffee

^Niall's outfit^

^What I listened to while writing this^

Enjoy : )


It's weird how much can be said and done over a 1 shot caramel latte. I told Harry about my dad, why I was always in clubs and just ranted to him about everything. It was nice to have someone to tell all this stuff to. "So you didn't tell me your name... Abigail!" Harry joked. Sipping my latte and embarrassingly licking the froth from my upper lip I replied quietly, "just Shia" I hated my name it was so weird and masculine hopefully Harry had an open mind to stupid names. "That's gorgeous!" he exclaimed, "Like that guy from Transformers! Clearly attractiveness goes with the name" winking cheekily he gulped his coffee when his phone buzzed on the table making the saucers and spoons rattle. "Sorry about this. Do you mind?" he asked not wanting to be rude, I shrugged and smiled so he answered the call. "Now's not a good time mate... I'm with someone... no I'm not angry but... I'm in Costa... yeah... come on please don't... seriously mate... it can't be that important if he didn't tell me himself... no bu... urgh fine see you in five minutes!" he blew out his cheeks and huffed rolling his eyes to face me. "This guy I work with is coming to tell me something that's apparently too important to say over the phone. So sorry about this" his head flopped down as he ran his fingers through his hair. I just smiled showing him I didn't mind.

After a few minutes of small talk, Harry's eyes locked with someone else's. I swivelled on my chair to face the boy lurking in the entrance. He stomped over to our table grabbing Harry's bony forarm tugging him outside where I couldn't hear their conversation. A few arms swung around in the air with the occasional finger pointed at me, they were shouting at each other, getting up in each other's faces. Harry's 'work friend' was built more muscley than him. His blonde hair framed his bright, blue eyes perfectly giving him a youthful, angelic look even though he was roaring at Harry. After a few minutes of heated conversation, the boys began nodding and joking turning to look at me. I quickly drank my latte making out I had been doing that the whole time, not staring at them fight. The blonde boy pulled up a chair next to me as Harry sat down also, "I'm Niall" he winked in a cocky manner. HE WAS IRISH! Well that came out of nowhere! But he could have apologised for dragging Harry outside leaving me alone with a biscuit and coffee. "Go on then Harry" he nudged the boy with the camera around his neck who was daydreaming into the distance, "I can ask her myself you know Niall" he snarled the blonde boy. "Ask me what?" I jumped in, obviously this is what they were talking about outside. "I need to lay low for quite a while... meaning I can't see you but I want to see you I want you to be with me and you said you hated your dad so... I want you to come with me. You need to come with me" like vomit it all spilled out of Harry's mouth as quick as that.

I was terrified. What does he mean 'lay low'? Why would he have to? Why did Niall deliver the news? Was he involved with this too? Too many questions that need to be answered but all I knew is that I wanted to go with him. It sounds crazy but he was right, I did hate my dad but in the end he is my dad so it would be wrong to leave, right? My head was spinning too fast for me to keep up with it so I jumped to an answer, "Yes" Harry's head shot up showing a surprised smile. "But I mean yes I want to be with you but why do you need to lay low? Where are you going?" I keep blubbering all these questions firing them at Harry who was still shuck up on the fact that I said yes. "I'll explain later don't worry" he rested his hand on mine delicately, "You'll be safe with me" moving in for a kiss over the table Niall coughed, "Sorry to break up this little thing going on here but Ezra said he wants us to come as quick as possible". Harry just giggled. This was a good decision. Well I think it was.



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