Click - A Harry Styles Fanfiction

Shia punishes her father by going out partying all the time but how will she react to a mysterious boy wanting to whisk her away from all of her worries?


4. About That Guy In The Suit

^What I listened to while writing this^

Enjoy : )


I didn't expect Harry's house to look like this. Dimly lit even in the daytime because it was too bright for their 'farms' and would stout the growing process. Not to mention the smell so overpowering it took a good few minutes for my head to stop spinning. Cramped people fell in and out of the labrynth of rooms barely clothed and sticking tongues down stranger's throats. Ezra took all the door off of their hinges. Harry said the workers aren't allowed to have secrets or privacy therefore a door would be pointless. Dodging drunks we finally reached Harry's room, a slim but long room with a double bed touching both walls, a few clothes scattered on the floor and a tall lamp in the corner. "No weed farm?" I joked jumping onto his springy bed. He placed the cases down gently and sighed, "I don't even do drugs... well I do sometimes but it's not really my thing. I never got into them". I just giggled as he slimmed his eyes, "You work for the most wanted drug dealer in the world and you don't do drugs? Hilarious!" he lay beside me cracking a smile, "the things we do for money, hey?". We didn't speak for a while after that. We just stared. In the most innocent way.


Deafening sirens went off and people began to scream. All of a sudden Niall barged into the room, "Harry we have to go mate! The police are doing a raid!" and with that he left into the commotion of stumbling people crammed with alcohol and drugs. "Shit" Harry muttered grabbing my hand squeezing it painfully, "Ow, Harry" I winced. Without giving it a thought, he picked up my tiny frame, hauled me over his shoulder, opened a window leading out of his room and threw my case out onto the fire escape. As if I was a rag doll, he chucked us both onto the metal platform as I screamed, "What the fuck are you doing!?". Disobeying my orders to put me down, he continued down the metal stairs to his car. Flinging me into the back seat with my case, he chucked himself into the front and barely shutting the door we were off. "Where the fuck are we going, Harry!?" I screamed through deep breaths, my eyes switched between different police cars surrounding the house I was in just moments ago. Turning back to the boy gripping the steering wheel cursing under his breath he acted like he was the only one in the car.


After a few minutes of deafening confusion Harry pulled into a small, deserted motel. Pulling on the brakes he climbed into the back seat where I was, he just looked down not making eye contact with me. I didn't know what to say. Do I comfort him? Do I fire him with questions? Before I could make a decision he pulled me into his embrace. "I'm so sorry Shia that will never happen again I wouldn't be surprised if you never wanted anything to do with me anymore... I should drop you back home yeah I'll do that!" he leaned to clamber back to the front seat but I stopped him. His words came out like a waterfall and I wasn't willing to pull the plug.

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