Relatable Things

This movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave if you enjoy it!


2. You love your friends

This was requested by: Harry Styles' Banana so I hope you like it....




Everyone loves their friends no matter how crazy and annoying they get, but sometimes they can get too annoying are they do something to really annoy you. They could annoy you that much that you just want to beat them senseless.


You could be having a really good time with your friends until one of them says something/ hits you or just completely annoy you. The first instinct you get is to probably turn around an to playfully hit them. Sometimes it could go completely wrong and they hit you back 10 times harder that you hit them. That could just annoy you and would want to make you go up to them and hit them in the with a chair. Well probably not with a chair, unless they annoy you that much, but if it was me I would tend to hit them on the top of there head with my hand. Not that hard but its what I would do. Its also annoying when they steel your food. You would want to beat them senseless then.




A/N- Hope you liked it. I tried my best with it but here ya go that's hat I came up with.


Please keep suggesting what you want m to do a chapter on.




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