Relatable Things

This movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave if you enjoy it!


14. Larry vs Elounor

I choose this topic for a reason. We have Larry: Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles and we have Elounor: Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder. 


Elounor shippers are saying that the Larry fans are breaking Louis.... True or False? Its False...... Its the Elounor vs Larry thats breaking him. I ended up getting into a argument about it with a ex best friend and she said just because i ship Larry am not a true fan. If you prefer larry more that Elounor then thats your opinion. If you prefer Elounor over Larry then thats your opinion. PEOPLE HAVE THERE OWN OPINIONS. JUST BECAUSE THEY DONT LIKE THE SAME THING AS YOU DOSNT MEAN YOU SHOULD HATE THEM. 


Yeh, Harry and Louis have a Bromance. Yeh, Eleanore and Louis are dating. Who cares apart from them pethetic people who says your a fake fan/ directionator for shipping the oposite to other people. Just deal with it



Am a strong Larry shipper and if your a strong Elounor shipper then good for you. Thats your opinion. Am not going to judge you.


So comment below who you prefer:



See we many different shippers we have.



Love ya


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