Relatable Things

This movellas is about things that are relatable with everyday life. Each chapter will be based on one thing with each update. Please read and like/fave if you enjoy it!


6. Horror films

This was requested by: mrsniallhoran00 ( Her second suggestion) Its kinda going to be a rant but it aint. Horror Movies Horror's are amazing. Especially when your up for a scare. I watch them quite a lot actually. You know what I hate about them? You can predict what wll happen. If someone goes into a room and there is a killer in there, they will die. At one point in them, they hear a noise and get out of bed to see what it was. Urm no, you stay in bed and hide under your covers or at least hide in a closet. The this about them that annoys me the most is how they are all more or less the same. Why not make them different. If there is a movie producer that is reading this now (Which doubt) Make a horror movie that hasn't been created before and make it so you can literally pap ya pants and not so you sit there knowing what will happen and can get bord through half way through. Over all they are amazing but rubbish at the same time. It really depends on the one you watch really. If you don't like them, you don't. If you love them like me, you love them. I wont judge you on what you like or don't like! A/N- There ya go. Horror movies are complete. Comment a subject to do it on. What do you think of it so far? Like Comment Fave
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