24 youths stand at a bus stop, each with a number.
Number 15 looks at you briefly.
Number 9 pretends not to see you staring.
Number 21 flashes you the middle finger.
Before you move on, you get a chance to do the impossible. To see into their minds for a second. To learn who each of these numbers really are.
Do you take it?
Of course.

This is a little writing experiment for me at the moment. November is a bad time for writing for me, so instead of focusing on one massive story, I will focus into the little ones. Maybe one day these will evolve into something bigger.
To do this, I'm going to be inspired by music. Each person has a different song. The songs I'm using are the hourly songs from the new Animal Crossing. Seems like an odd choice, but I recommend you listen to the music yourself.

24 youths stand at a bus stop.
Do you know who they are inside?


1. Prologue

24 youths stand at a bus stop.

It is a late afternoon in the last remains of autumn, so the sky is beginning to fade to a darker shade of grey. The matted clouds remind you that the darkness that is approaching is nothing new. Your day of early Christmas shopping has been one of drizzles and pathetic droplets that could not gather enough force to even be classed as rain.

As you wait for your bus to take you away from the flashing lights and joyous carols, you take a look around at the people waiting alongside you. There is nobody. You are alone. Across the other side however, is a group of 24 youths keeping themselves away from each other. Obviously not friends. The bus you were waiting for was one of many stops when it got past the town. They could easily have a stop all to themselves.

You notice that each one has a number on an item of their clothing. One has the number 17 on his dog tag. One has the number 3 on her necklace. One has the number 8 on his snapback. What is odd is that each teenager has a different number. What is very odd is that they go from 1 to 24.

Number 15 looks at you briefly.

You didn’t notice how much you were staring.

You look away for a second and try to distract yourself with your winnings from the shopping trip.

A pink cardigan for mum.

A bit like the one Number 14 is wearing.

A chocolate tool set for dad.

The same colour as Number 19’s hair.

A bouquet of flowers for grandma.

Like the one Number 5 is hiding behind.

Number 9 pretends not to see you staring.

You put down the bag, facing defeat. No matter how much you try and distract yourself, the intriguing youths by the bus stop keep dragging your attention back to them.

Number 21 flashes you the middle finger.

Well, maybe they aren’t grabbing your attention on purpose.

What could be going through these people’s minds? You wonder. They all seem so unique to you. They each have a certain energy that emitted from them. Some were bubblegum pinks, others royal blues, and all had something underneath that were shades of black that they hopelessly tried to conceal. What you would give for a single moment in which you could learn who they truly are.

I can give you that chance.

“If only it were that simple. It’s impossible.”

It is for most. Not for me. I can give you that chance.

So now you have a chance to learn. You have a chance to find out who these 24 young people are.

“Who are you?”

That doesn’t matter.

“Of course it does. I deserve to know.”

I cannot tell you. All you need to know is that I can give you the chance to see what these youths are thinking. You can see who these youths really are.

“I don’t trust you.”

That is valid. You don’t have to. You don’t have to see the minds of these people. But if that is what you want you will have to trust me.

“If I say no?”

Then you will never hear from me again.

“If I say yes?”

Then you will get a once in a lifetime opportunity.

So what will you choose?

If you choose ‘no’ then stop reading. Your journey is over.








































You’re still here. You must have chosen ‘yes’.

You have made the right choice.

24 youths stand at a bus stop.

It’s time to know who they are inside.

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