24 youths stand at a bus stop, each with a number.
Number 15 looks at you briefly.
Number 9 pretends not to see you staring.
Number 21 flashes you the middle finger.
Before you move on, you get a chance to do the impossible. To see into their minds for a second. To learn who each of these numbers really are.
Do you take it?
Of course.

This is a little writing experiment for me at the moment. November is a bad time for writing for me, so instead of focusing on one massive story, I will focus into the little ones. Maybe one day these will evolve into something bigger.
To do this, I'm going to be inspired by music. Each person has a different song. The songs I'm using are the hourly songs from the new Animal Crossing. Seems like an odd choice, but I recommend you listen to the music yourself.

24 youths stand at a bus stop.
Do you know who they are inside?


4. Number 3

Melissa Cray had childlike innocence. She was brought up in a very sheltered world and hardly knew about the everyday troubles that she would face in only a few years. People would mistake this for selfishness, stupidity or ignorance. She was just naive. She was allowed to be, I guess.

Number 3 had come from a very rich family.  They owned a very large stately home just outside of town, which many people would give everything to take from them for themselves. She never felt alone in the huge maze of brickwork. The old house was warm and welcoming to her, and it kept her in the safety of her innocence. Plus, she has 5 sisters in which to share the house with. She had 2 older sisters, 2 younger sisters, and a twin that was closer to her than almost anyone else in the world. The 6 of them would often journey out together into the massive gardens or they’d explore one of the many rooms they had not yet entered. They never had nothing to do. They always could find some game to play.


This was the first year that Number 3’s mum let her go out and do her Christmas shopping alone. Now, at the grand old age of 12, she could take the bus and traipse around the town without supervision. It wasn’t like she couldn’t afford to in previous years, but her mother had finally felt confident that Number 3 could be safe. I’m pretty sure that most mothers would not feel the same way if they had Number 3 as a daughter.

Luckily, the day had gone swimmingly for Number 3. She had successfully bought something great for each of her sisters, her parents, her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. The total price of nearly £500 was not anything that fazed her. In fact, she had spent less than she intended too. Still, there were her friends gifts left to buy. Another fun shopping trip she could embark on, all on her own! Even as she stands at the bus stop at the end of an adventure, she can’t help but smile and shiver as the next one comes into view.

She sees the stranger across the street looking at their shopping bag, so she decides to do the same. She’s proud to see each and every gift fly out the bag and shine at the world.

“Gold jewellery set for mum, cologne for dad, big Lush box for Rosie, panda shaped iPod dock for Carrie, giant rabbit from Build-a-Bear for Mandy, a Sylvanian Families house for Tasha, and a long blue dress for Anna...” She says in her chirpy voice as she goes through her haul. Each and every present is different, and at the end she produces 3 rolls of wrapping paper and numerous ribbons. She smiles as she thinks of how good this Christmas will be for her family. Anna- Number 3’s twin-too, has this year been cleared to go on a shopping trip, and hers was to be happening tomorrow. Plus, Rosie and Carrie, both 15, had theirs already. Rosie always knew exactly what to get the adults, while Carrie knew what the kids would like, so Number 3 could expect a more childlike and suitable present from Carrie. Rosie always acted older and tried to encourage Carrie, Anna and Number 3 to act more like their age, so the Christmas presents this year would probably reflect that.

Number 3 shivered again – because of a cold breeze rather than her excitement – and she fastened her coat and tried to shorten her neck so she could escape into the world of her coat. Her neck rubbed against her favourite necklace, which she wore all the time: it was gold and had a number 3 on the heart shaped charm at the bottom. She shivered again. Normally, her mum would snuggle her in close when the lack of heat got too much. Now she had to cope on her own for a while.


Number 3 went to a private school not too far from her house.  She could do all sorts of cool and crazy things there. They had a private pool, a golf course, a river flowing right through the grounds: and all this was open to the Cray sisters. Number 3 really enjoyed life at her school. She was incredibly popular (mainly because of her wealth, which was something she never quite understood) and she was often able to coast along with the school work. She only put in what was necessary, although she was perfectly capable of doing much more than that. This was okay in the Primary sector of the school, because Number 3 was sweet, rich, and most of the teachers adored her. Now, in Year 8, her teachers were beginning to tire of this. Soon, she’ll receive a reality check. The teachers will get tired of her coasting and she will gradually move down the sets until a tutor is called in. Then, she’ll wake up. Then she’ll realise the meaning of work. Then things will get difficult for her as she is suddenly given lots of responsibility. She will be able to handle it. She has one of the few futures that I can see for definite.

Rosie will work as a doctor. Carrie will work in childcare. Number 3 will become a wealthy business woman. Anna will become a lawyer. Tasha will work as an astrophysicist. Mandy will inherit the house. Although she is last in the line, every other sister will refuse to take it. They learn, each at different points, that their sheltered lifestyle is not the right way to live. They get houses in the town and try not to let their rich parents interfere. Mandy never gets this message. She has 6 daughters of her own and the cycle begins again.

For now, Number 3 is enjoying her rich lifestyle and her innocence. Every child dreams to be a princess, and Number 3 got her wish.

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