24 youths stand at a bus stop, each with a number.
Number 15 looks at you briefly.
Number 9 pretends not to see you staring.
Number 21 flashes you the middle finger.
Before you move on, you get a chance to do the impossible. To see into their minds for a second. To learn who each of these numbers really are.
Do you take it?
Of course.

This is a little writing experiment for me at the moment. November is a bad time for writing for me, so instead of focusing on one massive story, I will focus into the little ones. Maybe one day these will evolve into something bigger.
To do this, I'm going to be inspired by music. Each person has a different song. The songs I'm using are the hourly songs from the new Animal Crossing. Seems like an odd choice, but I recommend you listen to the music yourself.

24 youths stand at a bus stop.
Do you know who they are inside?


3. Number 2

Marcus Tyler was the type of person that liked the comfort of home. He hardly ever strayed from the normal and he often kept himself to himself. This was often confused for either shyness or laziness or general quirkiness, but he knew that really he just liked safety.

He wasn’t exactly rich or poor; from a good home or a bad home; smart or, how would I put this, lacking in brain power: he was very average. He wasn’t popular or lonely, fun or boring. But one thing Number 2 was, though, was that he was happy.

“Number 2 is... average. Quiet. He needs to speak up more. Be more ambitious.” They would say on every school report.


“You wanna come over today Number 2?”

“Sure Jack. What time?”

“How about 11?”

“Hopefully Am, rather than Pm!”

“Yes Am, stupid!”

“Mum and Dad are out so I’ll have to get the bus in.”

“Cool. I’ll be waiting.”


Number 2 had spent that day doing normal, 14 year old boy things. He took the bus to town to hang out with his friend, and they had played several video games involving shooting each other, shooting strangers, and swearing at said strangers. It was fun. It was something they often enjoyed. I don’t blame them. They were very normal teenage boys.

After all, they could never have this much fun at school.

At school, Number 2 often felt overlooked. He never spoke to anyone, and they never really spoke to him. This was okay. He was never one of those people that liked to speak out, or put himself out there in the public eye. However, what he didn’t know was that he did get some attention. He wasn’t just overlooked. People wanted to get to know him, but they never really could because of how much Number 2 was shutting himself off from the world without really realising it. Mostly, the ones that wanted to get to know him were female. Looking at him, I can’t really blame them. Shame he didn’t really have these types of feelings yet.


As he stands by the bus stop, he mostly stares out at the street blankly, with a placid expression. He seems to be in deep thought. He sometimes will smooth over his dark brown hair, a similar colour to mahogany. His head was relatively rounded, while his body was very angular and square, yet slightly chubby from his lack of physical activities. On anyone else, it would have seemed mismatched. For some reason he could pull it off. Today he had on a chunky, Superdry hoodie he had received for Christmas from his rich aunt Susan. He liked to wear it put because he believed it made him look rich. It really didn’t matter to him most of the time, but as it was nearing December he supposed he would be likely to see some school friends wandering around underneath the grey, November skies. To him, at least, it made sense. On his green hoodie, was a big white number 2 in a blocky font. He shoves his large hands into his pocket as a sudden chilly breeze made him shiver.


Number 2 and Sam were very close at school. They had a small group of friends, but none of them were as dear to him as Sam was. Sam had helped him through the tough transition into secondary school. Without him, Number 2 would have been alone for his years at Hawkdon. Being alone at primary is acceptable, but it’s not what you need at secondary.

Sam and Number 2’s group consisted of six people. They all were pretty similar. They were the type of people that liked the comfort of home. They hardly ever strayed from the normal and they often kept themselves to themselves. This was often confused for either shyness or laziness or general quirkiness, but they knew that really they just liked safety.

They weren’t exactly rich or poor; from a good home or a bad home; smart or, how would I put this, lacking in brain power: they were very average. They weren’t popular or lonely, fun or boring. But one thing Number 2 and the rest of them were, though, were that they were happy.

There were Number 2 and Sam, of course, and there were four others. There was Peter, a quiet boy that often had his head inside a book. There was Shen from China, who was quite loud compared to the rest of the group. There was John, the one friend that took every single word in a dirty way. And lastly there was Matthew, where in his mind food was the one thing that could take away life’s problems. They all got along quite well, and they all were very happy together. They all knew that Number 2 was liked by quite a few females (as many of them had asked Sam or one of the others for advice on how to get him interested, in which they replied “So far, it has proven impossible.”) so they were very prepared in case he was suddenly carted off to a world where teenagers acted like adults and they all worried about what the others thought.

In a couple of months Number 2 will almost be dragged off to that world. Suddenly the feelings will turn on inside his brain around the time of his 15th birthday. When Alice walks into his life they will soon end up together. It’ll be a struggle to keep true to themselves, as she was falling victim to the trap of high school popularity, but they will make it through if Number 2 stays grounded.

This future seems very likely, unless Alice comes in at the wrong moment. But the odds say that Number 2 may keep his wish of staying out of the limelight, and I hope that he doesn’t have to lose her to sustain it.

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