24 youths stand at a bus stop, each with a number.
Number 15 looks at you briefly.
Number 9 pretends not to see you staring.
Number 21 flashes you the middle finger.
Before you move on, you get a chance to do the impossible. To see into their minds for a second. To learn who each of these numbers really are.
Do you take it?
Of course.

This is a little writing experiment for me at the moment. November is a bad time for writing for me, so instead of focusing on one massive story, I will focus into the little ones. Maybe one day these will evolve into something bigger.
To do this, I'm going to be inspired by music. Each person has a different song. The songs I'm using are the hourly songs from the new Animal Crossing. Seems like an odd choice, but I recommend you listen to the music yourself.

24 youths stand at a bus stop.
Do you know who they are inside?


2. Number 1

Rebecca Skirrow sits in her room. She sniffs as the sharp blade crosses her fragile skin. She lets out a slight whimper and a single tear falls from her eye. It was never meant to be this way.


Number 1 had long, wavy blonde hair that she often left to float down by her hips. Her eyes were a soft blue colour, and she was relatively small for her age. Most other 13 year old's towered above her small stature. Her freckled face never wore a smile, even when she was just a toddler. Despite her angel face, she never felt anyone else could see it. There were many times when she herself couldn’t see it.

She was very quiet around other people. She kept her head down and covered her long face with her hair. She was naturally an above average student, and her hard-working attitude kept her in the top classes. She was never comfortable up there. But she managed.


“Number 1...” He croaked as she wept. “Number 1... Please, do not try to follow me, and do not try to be me as you live. You need to carry on. Don’t... Don’t forget me. But don’t let me... Drag you down. I... I love you.”

“I love you too daddy.” She whispered, stroking his white blonde hair. His suffering would soon be over. Hers was just beginning.


Number 1 used to feel much more comfortable in dresses before she realised she needed to hide the scars littered across her arms. Most days she would wear long sleeved shirts or jumpers, but today she wore her favourite dress. It was light pink and fell down to her knees. A dark pink ribbon held it to her frail figure, barely, and below that the fabric curved outwards before hitting another stretch of pink across the hem. It was covered in light spots that brightened the eyes. It was her favourite. It was her best. Apart from the non-existent sleeves that let her pain show. Her only cover was a dark pink cardigan that complimented the dress. On each button on the cardigan was a curly 1 in silver writing. She looked stunning.


“Are you fucking retarded?”

“Please James.”

“No. I want to know. Because there must be a reason why you are so full of shit.”

“I didn’t say it, I promise.”

“You shit stirrer. It’s your fault that Madison thinks I cheated.”

“Please. It wasn’t me.”

“She told me you fucking liar. You bitch better come clean or else I’ll fight ya. I mean it.”

“James, it wasn’t me.”

“Too late Number 1. Too fucking late.”


Number 1 never got a diagnosis – in fact she never got any help from anyone – but really she had Major Depressive Disorder. She just thought she was sad. She blamed it on hormones or periods. But it wasn’t. It was more than that. She never told anyone about it because she was afraid that people would judge her or tell her it was normal. In fact, telling someone should have been the first thing she did.

Instead of hiding away.


“Number 1, we never talk anymore. What’s up?” Carlos asked her. She looked past him, into the field in the distance.

“Oh, not much.” Carlos tilted his head and his mouth quivered.

“I don’t believe you. We’ve known each other for so long Number 1 that I know when things aren’t okay.” Number 1 laughed nervously. There was a silence. “Are you thinking about your dad again?” She remembered. She had blocked out her dad’s unexpected murder. But this could be an excuse to distract Carlos.

“Yeah. I...” She trailed off.

“I’m not surprised. It’s the 5 year anniversary next week, right?” Was it? She had forgotten. But it was. She nodded. “Gosh.” Carlos looked out into the field and grabbed Number 1’s hand. A year ago this would have made her heart race. Now, when things finally looked like they could happen between them, her emotions had died. “I remember that day so clearly.”

“It seems like yesterday.”

“I know. We were walking about town, playing about on the street, skipping in-between the cobblestones. Your dad shouted for us to be careful. We laughed and ran even faster ahead. We reached the end of the main road and turned back, just to see him caught in gang crossfire...” Number 1 sighed as the memories flowed back into her mind. What would her dad think if he saw her today? In this state?

“Anyway, if you ever need to talk to me, let me know.” Carlos stood and swept his floppy black hair to the side of his face. He slipped off the tree branch and walked into the field. She watched him until he was out of sight.


If only Number 1 knew he liked her too. Then she would find hope. She would tell him everything. He would get her a councillor. She would slowly stop the scratches on her arms. They would be together until their death days.

She just doesn’t know that part of her future yet.

All she knows now is a life that is spiralling rapidly downhill. She believes that things can only get worse from here on in. Oh how wrong is she.

She is getting to the point where she sees suicide as her only option. Her time is running out. Today she bought a new blade and a rope from the town shops, as well as laying flowers down by her father’s blood stains as she does every time she comes into town. No, she won’t do it tonight. She’s planning in a week. Carlos better hurry up and tell her. He plans to tell her on Christmas Eve. But he has to keep her breathing until then.

I can’t tell which future Number 1 will embark on. It looks as if right now it could swing either way. I’m just hoping for her sake that Carlos reaches her in time.

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