Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


9. What's wrong?

Pratik's POV:

I was standing near my bedroom window, thinking of the events that happened today. How my feelings were changing for Tamanna. I dont exactly hate her. I cant. But I also dont love her the way I used to. The reason which seperated us, was it her fault or mine, all these things are irrelevant now. But how do I make her understand this!

I heard my phone ringing, bringing me back to the present. I walked towards my table, and looked at the name that flashed on the screen. It was Tamanna.

I battled inside my head whether to pick or not her call. I took a deep breath, finally deciding on picking the call. "Hello"

"So when have you decided to tell her about us?" I understood she was talking about Riya.

"Listen Tamanna.. I.."

"If you cant gather the strength to tell her, I can help."

"Thats not required."

This is gonna be difficult! She just wasnt ready to accept the fact that I, had now moved on. In fact, I myself was feeling strange that I'm repelling the girl who I always wanted to be mine.

"Tamanna, just listen to me. Look, we've shared many good moments together. And for the old times sake, please stop what you're doing. I have loads of respect for you in my heart, but now, we cant be together. Please accept that."

She didnt say anything for a long time and then just disconnected the call. I sighed, laying down on my bed.


2 days flew by. Wedding preparations had already started in both the homes. I was sitting in my room, doing some work on the laptop. 

"Hey bro. Look what I've got!" Sneha chirped entering my room.

I looked at her amusingly. She was seeming so happy.  "What's it?"

"Your wedding invitation card! Isnt this amazing!"

"Woah! They've already come!" I grabbed it from her hand and went through it delightedly. It was exactly how I had told them to make it!

"Its beautiful!" I was still admiring it excitedly. More than its beauty, it was my over-whelming happiness that made it look a little more beautiful than it actually was!

 I was so lost in admiring the card, I didnt even realize when Sneha left the room.

I took my phone to call Riya. She'll be so happy hearing this.

It took a long time before she picked up the call.

"Hey Riya! Guess what happened today?" Excitement was dripping in my voice.

I heard her sigh before speaking "What happened?" Her voice sounded so plain.

"Woah! First you tell me what happened? Why is my princess sounding so low?" This was actually new to me, because otherwise, she was the more over-enthuziastic one between us.

Again, there was some silence between us for some time, before she said "Pratik, we need to meet."

"Err... Ok.. But what happened sweetheart?"

"Can you meet me at my society garden right now?" She asked.

Society garden? That means, she didnt want me come home. What could be the matter.

"Ok. I'll be there in half an hour. But at least tell me what happened?" I said.

She didnt tell anything more except that we needed to talk. I sighed, worried that what could've happened?

I changed my clothes and drove off towards Riya's home, wondering, what's gone so wrong that's disturbing my angel so much?


Updated after a really lonnnggg time! Just wanna tell my readers that I HAVEN't given up on this book. Thank you all you awsum ppl for giving your love to this book. As you all know, this book is really special for me. Thanks everyone once again. 

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