Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


8. Tamanna

I felt my hands tighten its grip on the phone. My jaws clenching tightly, my eyebrows coming together in a frown. "How are you honey?" The voice that I had always loved to hear, was now aching to my ears. I did not wish to hear it anymore. In fact, I did not want to talk to her anymore. "I think its a wrong number" I tried hard to keep my cool when replying. I was about to put the phone down, when I heard her say, "Of course its the right number. And You are the right person. Its just that now you do not feel the need to talk to me. Right?" "Think whatever you want to. I dont care" "Yes of course. Why would you care now, after all, you've got a new muse for yourself." " Why the hell should I talk to you? After what you've..." "What I've done? Or what you've done Mr. Pratik?" She snapped back and continued, "Anyways, I'm at your office gate right now. And I'm coming up to meet you." "But I don't want to meet you." I said, totally pissed off now. She let off an evil grin, "You dont have a choice darling. You'll soon receive a call from the receptionist. Tell her to let me in." "I wont do that" "You WILL." She said and disconnected the call. I was dumbstriken for a moment, What the hell did just happen? And how in the world did she find out my new number, my office and most importantly, why the hell is she back now? All of a sudden? But wait, isnt this the thing that I've always wanted to happen? Or always prayed to happen? Then why am I not wanting to meet her? Why this strange repelling feeling for her now? But whatever it is! I just DO NOT want to see her face now. I heard the phone ring. I knew what it was for, so I just picked up the receiver and said, "Let her in" I took a deep breath to calm myself. Fine! Good that she herself has decided to meet me, and now, I'm going to make her regret her own decision. I heard the door knob open. I directed my gaze in the opposite direction, straight out of the window. I felt her enter the room. She locked the door behind her and walked slowly towards me. My heart was beating faster and my breath, getting heavier with all the mixed feelings; anger, betrayal, heartbreak and many unexplainable emotions started passing through me. "Hi Pratzy" I flickered as she addressed me by my nickname, the one which she used to call me in those old days. "Pratik, it is. PRATIK." I said, snapping my head in her direction. My heart skipped a beat when I saw her. She was still as beautiful as she was in college. Our eyes locked, and for a few moments I felt myself getting carried away by her presence. I got back to my senses, looking away from her, "What do you want now?" Taking the chair opposite to mine, she said "You very well know what I want, dont you?" My fingers clenched into a fist under the table. I was trying my level best to stay calm, gulping down the rising anger. I looked at her again but didnt say anything. She leaned on the table, pushing herself in my direction and said, "YOU. I want you and nothing more." For the first time, I could see the sincerity in her eyes. Before it could melt me, I got up from my chair and walked towards the window, my back facing her. "Thats not possible now. And you know that very well." I felt her getting up from the chair and her footsteps getting nearer. "Stop! Just stop there." I said sternly and turned towards her. This must be stopped. Before she starts getting on my nerves. I took a deep breath and said, "Tamanna, I do not want to argue with you, coz this arguement wont lead us anywhere. Just understand that now, I've moved on. And what you want, is just not possible." She ignored my statement and put her arms around my shoulders, "I dont think so." I pushed her arms away and said, "I dont care what you think. But I think I've made myself clear." I moved past her towards my chair. "Ohh. So this is that girl who you think you'll spend your life with" I didnt notice when she followed me and took Riya's photo frame from my table. I grabbed it back from her "Yes. She is the one. Got your answer? And now, the door is right there. " "Huhh.. What has happened to your choice darling? I'm sure she's CERTAINLY not your choice. Your standards are too high sweetheart. And I know that. But dont worry.Now I'm back. Now you wont have to settle for that Middle-class behenjee" "Enough Tamanna. Mind your language. I'm not saying anything that dosent mean you can speak anything that crosses your mind. And dont you dare say a word against Riya. I'm warning you" I pointed my finger angrily towards her. "Of course I will say. Its me who's picture should be here on your table. Its me who you should have been engaged to right now. But you, you did not even think about me before moving on." She banged her hand on the table. "Stop showing me this attitude of yours. And oh yes, it would definitely have been your pic over here on my table, and you would have been in ny life, had you not left me for your silly modelling career. You already knew I did not like it. But you made your decision. You chose your career over me. Ruining my dreams, my life, my everything" "ohh! I ruined your life?? I bloody waited for you all my life, hoping that one day you'll come back to me, and when I got back to India, I get to know that you've already moved ahead in your life! And you still have the guts to blame me for ruining your life! You have ruined my life. What the hell am I supposed to do without you haa?" She spoke and the anger started to rise inside me. "Tamanna, dont forget it was you who had left me that day. I tried so much to find you. I called you so many times. Did you ever feel the need to at least reply to me? Did you ever think how I would be living without you? NO! You never did that! All you thought was only about yourself, and your 'so-called' career. Now just because you must be feeling lonely, you felt the need to call me and get me back. But now, I DO NOT want to get back to you. You get that? " I lost all my cool and blaberred all that was there in my mind. She walked near me, taking my hand into hers, she said "Whatever differences we have, we'll resolve them soon. But one thing is for sure. No other girl can ever take you away from me. And thats a promise." "Then you also listen carefully. I'm very much happy with the girl in my life now. I wont let you succeed in your plans. And that, is a promise." I said. "Huhh! We'll see that!" She said with a smirk. "For sure." I pointed my hand towards the door. "I wont let you go so easily from my life. You're Mine. Just Mine." She turned and left, leaving me flabbergasted. She came like lightening and went like thunder, destroying me and my thoughts from the very roots. ------------------------------ I dont know for how long I stood near the window, staring at the world outside. Why the hell did she have to come now. But one thing I can be sure of. That whatever she does, I'm not going to be affected by that. I've promised to Riya that no one can ever come between us. And I'm gonna keep my promise. I felt someone's arms embracing me from behind, breaking my chain of thoughts. I immediately knew who it could be. I held her arm forcefully, pushing it away saying "How dare you come again? I already told you that I..." I mouth got zipped when I saw who it was. Riya was standing there with her mouth wide open, and a confused expression on her face. Oh freak! How am I going to cover this up! "Again? But I only came just now. Are you ok?" She caringly put her hand on my cheeks. I took it in my hand and kissed it lightly. "Yaa.. I'm fine" I tried to give her an assuring smile. "But you just said...." I cut her mid-way. "Sorry dear, was just a bit stressed out. Really sorry." "Thats fine sweety" She said, snuggling into my arms. "But if you want to share anything, I'm always there to listen." She affectionately moved her fingers through my hair, which made me relax and forget all my worries. Bending down, I kissed her forehead. "Thanks sweety. That really comforted me. By the way, how come you're here, suddenly?" "Oh yeahh! I almost forgot! Guess what? I have a good news!" My baby doll was back to her enthuziastic self. Seeing her happy face formed a curve on my face. I asked "Good news? What good news?" She wrapped her arms around my neck and looked straight into my eyes. I could clearly see her eyes twinkling with happiness. "Guess what! Our wedding date has been fixed dear. Papa just now had a word with panditji. Isnt it exciting!" "Wooahh! Yaa of course. Thats..thats great news. When is it fixed. And by the way, nobody told me about it!" I faked a frown. She pulled my cheeks "Awww.. My darling baby, nobody told you because I had told them so. I wanted to see this expression on your face when I tell you the news." She looked so adorable when she said that. "And its fixed on 16th of April. Just two months left. JUST TWO MONTHS! I'm soo excited!" She wrapped me in a tight hug. I too, held her strongly in my arms. Yes dear. Just two months. Then I will be all yours. And no one will ever even think of stealing me from you. I smiled and burried my head in the crook of her neck, wanting to forget everything that happened moments ago. ******************** Helloooozzz... An update after a loong loooooong time. How was it guys. Do vote and comment. I'll be waitinggg :) :)
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