Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


7. Restarting Life

"I'm coming, I'm coming" I repeated, replying to the constant ringing of the doorbell, rushing towards the door.

I was shocked to see Pratik standing outside. His tensed face somewhat relaxed when he saw me.

"Pratik? How come you are here.. So early in the morning?"

He just came inside and wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. "Thank God you're fine Riya! I was so tensed"

"Tensed? but why? What happened "

"You havent picked up any of my calls since last night. You dint even reply to my messages. I got so worried you know"

I snapped back a little, breaking the hug, "But I dint receive any of your calls or messages."

"What? What are saying? Hows that possible!" He exclaimed.

"Aree.. I'm sure. Wait I'll show you my mobile. It hasnt even rung since last night." I began searching for my mobile here and there, jumping from living room to bedroom and every possible place where I could've kept it. Suddenly, realization dawned upon me, "Oopss! I guess I've forgotten my phone in the car itself." I banged my hand on my forehead.

"Ohh God! And here I was so scared, thinking that you would still be upset, about last night"

Something pricked my heart when he mentioned about last night. Coming closer to me, he cupped my face with his hand. "Riya..I.. I know I've hurt you a lot. But I..I promise... I...." I put my hand on his mouth.

"Pratik, please .. Lets not talk anything about last night. I just want to erase it from my memory, like a bad dream. Please?" He took my hand in his, and softly kissing it, he gave me an assuring smile.

I wrapped my hands around his neck, settling in his arms, wanting to forget everything else around me. He too, wrapped his hands securely around my waist, but all of a sudden, he snapped back. 

I gave him a confused look, "What happened?"

"Riya.. We're standing in the living room itself. What if somebody comes and sees us like this" 

The sweet and innocent way he said this, made me chuckle. I purposely again put my hands around his neck, and he again snapped back, looking left and right to ensure nobody is coming.

I couldnt control my laughter any more. I pinched his cheeks playfully "Awww Pratik, you're toooo cute. There's nobody at home baby. I'm alone."

His face finally relaxed and lips curved into a smile, a gorgeous one.

Putting his hands around my waist, he said "Riya.. 1 more thing. I have a surprise for you today evening. So be ready by 6. OK? I'll come to pick you up."

The thought of again going with him, made me happy, But what made me most happiest is that he had planned something for me today.

"Surprise?? Woow.. where are we gonna go today?" I'm sure I sounded pretty much excited.

"That you shall know in the evening." He winked, and handed me a bag which he had got with him. "And I want you to wear this today."

My eyes widened with excitement! Now this is just tooo much happiness for me to digest. I mean, Pratik, my Pratik, have bought a dress for me today! I can't ask for anything more now. 

I again went to him and wrapped him in a tight hug. There's nothing more in the world that I want now. Coz my whole world is in my arms right now.

"Ok then, I'll leave now. See you in the evening." Putting a hand on my cheeks, he leaned in to kiss my forehead. Then turned around and left.

I looked upwards, silently thanking God for such a beautiful start of my day. I went and opened the bag, it was a beautiful knee length chiffon purple dress, with a diamond-studded belt at the centre, and flowy layered frills downwards. What a beautiful choice! I thought and smiled to myself. :)


The purple color of the dress brialliantly complimented my skin, giving me a glow of its own. I accessorised it with diamond-studded mettalic earings, silver stiletos and a beaded white bracelet. I'm not much fond of make-up, so I just applied lip gloss,  kaajal and eyeliner. Hair, I preferred to leave it open, as it was freshly washed, giving a fresh look. I observed myself once again in the mirror, and let me admit, I loved what I saw. 

Perfect! I'm ready for tonight!

I took out my phone to call Pratik, and ting-tong goes the bell. What timing yaar, I must say!

His jaw dropped when he saw me at the door, and I loved that expression of his. "Riya, you're looking outstanding!"

I couldn't help but blush, I'm sure my cheeks must have turned bright pink by now. He himself was looking jaw-droppingly handsome in his white T-shirt, black jeans and grey jacket.

I went close to him and whispered in his ears "Someone's looking super awsum!" He blushed, holding my hand and dragging me along "Lets go now"


"Hiii lovebirds.. welcome!" A group of people came to us, cheering, when we reached our destination - a discotheque. I looked at Pratik, holding tightly to his hand. I saw him smiling at me "Dont worry. They're my friends Riya. You always wanted to meet them naa!"

Ohh! Friends! of course. I've always wanted to meet them, but never got a chance to do so. Everyone was cheering to us, happily welcoming me to their group. Most of them were singles, some were committed, but we were the only couple who were officially into a relationship.

We went inside the discotheque, which had a smoky environment, the disco lights too dancing on the loud music. The place was quite crowded with groups of young people dancing like there's no tomorrow. Pratik held on my hand tightly, giving me a feeling of security. We finally found a decent place where all of us could dance freely, and not bump into each other. 

Pratik and me were dancing so close, that I could literally feel the heat of his body against mine. Our eyes were only focused on each other, not caring about the world. His smile, was so comforting, that I knew, that in this crowd of people, there's someone, who is mine, just mine! With who's presence, my world is so beautiful.

I was brought back from my chain of thoughts when the music suddenly went off, and also the disco lights. The pitch darkness of the hall scared me. "Pratik! Pratik! Where are you?" He did not reply. I knew the people around me were his friends, but as I didn't know them well, this was scaring me even more. "Pratik! Where are you? Please say something!" 

Suddenly, my eyes closed shut in response of a beam of bright light, falling on me. I put my hand in front of my eyes. Now the light was so bright, I couldnt see anything, but could hear a very familiar song, playing softly in the background. I finally opened my eyes, and what I saw, made my jaw drop, and put my hands on my mouth, in just awe. I saw Pratik bent on one knee, right in front of me, extending his right hand towards me, with a smile, that filled my heart my with love. I realised that it was him, who had already made arrangements such that a spotlight fell on us, and my favourite song, be played in the background.

I felt a tear of happiness forming in my eyes, blurring my vision for the moment. I heard everyone around me cheering for us. I wiped my tears, putting my hand on his. He got up and held my other free hand, placed it on his shoulder, and gracefully put his hand on my waist. With that, our bodies starting moving, to the rythm of one of my favourite songs, "Ab mujhe raat din, tumhara hi khayal hai.. kya kahu pyaar me, deewano jaisa haal hai..!"


Pratik's POV :

Days rolled on, bringing me more and more closer to Riya.  I was looking at her photograph on my table, lost in her thoughts. I can't believe this is the same girl, who once I did not even want to meet. With whom, I was tied into a bond unwillingly, just for my parent's sake. And now, this is the same girl, who is the reason for my smiles, who has filled so much love in my heart, that there's no place for any sorrows. She's the only reason, for the brightness in my life.

The sound of my mobile ringing, brought me back to the present. An unknown number was flashing on the screen. I picked up the call, "Hello."

"Hi baby!" The voice from the other end, literally left me paralysed for the moment. It was a familiar voice, which always sounded like ringing bells to my ears, which made my heart go racing uncontrollably. The voice, which I was dying to hear from the past 2 years. The voice of my first love - Tamanna...!


Oopss..!! A sudden twist in the romantic tale.. How was it guys??

I know I took a lott of time, but I wanted this chapter to be super-special & super-romantic! And personally, this was one of my mostttt favourite chapters that I've written!  I hope you all enjoyed reading this chapter as much I enjoyed writing it! 

As usual, waiting for your responses :D

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