Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


11. Finale

So guys this is it! The final chapter of LOVE FINDS ITS WAY.

I know this turned out to be more short a story than even I had expected, but this is how I had originally planned the plot to be. So I guess I wouldn't like dragging it more and more like a tv soap till it becomes boring.

A quick thanks from the bottom of my kidneys (okay, heart!) to all of my Lovely lovely readers for your undying love and support, and keeping me motivated throughout the story.(Special mention, my awsum reader aenna. Love you for your immense support from the very beginning. :*)

Tamanna's POV: (Yup! Surpriiiseeee)

Pratik, where do I even get started about him? I met him in college around four-five years back and for me, it was love at first sight. We instantly became friends and remained as friends for as long as a year, till Pratik realised, he too, liked me back. I would never, ever forget the day he proposed to me. We had gone for a movie that day and he all of a sudden went on his knees, proposing me in front of all our friends and also the other people around. Everyone was cheering for us, while I wiped the tears of happiness formed in my eyes. It was, the bestest day in my life. And just a start, to all the beautiful moments that came after that. He changed my life, for the better.

It had been two long years since we started dating, and we were utterly and hopelessly drowned in love. I met his family once too, when he invited me home, on one of his birthday. He introduced me as his 'friend' at that time for obvious reasons. My God! He had such a wonderful family. Caring mom-dad, a sweet sister and a lovely Pratik. Picture perfect family. This is it! I was really happy and felt so blessed, that not only had I found a perfect boy, but also a more-than-perfect family. And I was the lucky one, who would be married into this family one day. ie. after me and Pratik get settled in our respective careers. He becomes a successful businessman and me, a famous model.

I still clearly remember the day that brought turmoil to my perfect life. It was Valentine's day that day, and me and Pratik had gone to our regular spot - Bandra Bandstand - our favorite.

Snuggling into each other's arms, we were discussing about our fairy-tale life and our equally fascinating future. He suddenly blew up when I mentioned about my career plans and that I had got a modelling contract with an agency. I didnt tell him before only because I wanted to give him a surprise. I thought he would be happy by my success, but I was so wrong! He wasnt ready to listen to anything and just said one thing - that I shouldn't do this assignment. This was something, I never ever thought would happen. Tears welled up my eyes when he behaved like that. For me, Pratik was important but so was my career.

I was so mad at him, that I broke off all my relations with him after that. I wouldn't receive his calls, wouldn't answer his messages and be just out of his reach. I thought, a guy who cannot understand my dreams, cannot be in my life. I changed my city and went to Delhi, from where I got another contract and I moved to US for a year.

It was after going there that I realised how much Pratik really meant to me. I still didnt see a reason why he was against me going into modelling, but I guess, everyone has their own thought process. Maybe, I shouldnt have behaved in that way and broken all my relations with him. Maybe, we should have talked it out and resolved our differences. Because now, I've realised that there was no way I could fall in love in anyone else. He was the only one I loved and the best thing to do would be, to meet him, and resolve all the differences with him. Yes! He's the only one and I just couldn't wait till I got back to India, and got him back into my life.

I came back with much excitement and called him right away. His phone wouldnt connect so I came in touch with one of our common friends, Arun. My world came crashing down when he told me, that Pratik already got engaged two months back and was about to get married soon. I just cant explain how much my heart pained to hear that. I still dug out his number, and his office address. 

'He surely must've been pushed into this'  My heart said constantly, when I went to meet him. Seeing him indifferent by my presence and in fact, him repelling me, hurt me. But I had somewhat prepared myself for this. Knowing him, I knew he would be angry, but that'll melt in sometime. But, it didn't. It only made me more and more frustrated.

How can he do that! I love him and he's just mine! He cannot love another girl. He has to love me. And marry me! He cannot just leave me crying and be happy with someone else. That cant happen. I'll make sure that dosent happen.

I started thinking what I could do to break their relation. Yes! I dug out his fiance's number from Arun and called her. Surely, after knowing the truth, she would leave Pratik. 

"Is this Riya?" I asked.

"Yes. May I know who's speaking?" 

"Tamanna. And to be precise, your fiance's girlfriend." I said with confidence, and felt her getting shocked at what I said.

"Ex-girlfriend" She corrected me, leaving me shocked at how quickly she composed herself back. 

"So Pratik has already told you about me?" I asked. If he did, surely means I still was there in his heart. Or at least on his mind.

She took a deep breath "Yes."

"What has he told you about me?"

"Tamanna, I know both of you were in a relationship, but that's a matter of past now. He has moved on and I'm sure he's happy with me."

"You wish darling. I'm sure all that is just a drama he's putting on. He still loves me."

"If that's the case, I guess its best if we ask him only." She said. Wow! she's an easy catch! Silly girl!

I dont know why, but I lost my confidence that time by the way Pratik reacted in the office and I thought, asking him is a bad idea!

"There's no need to ask him anything. He'll deny that. I'm telling you he loves me. And its not a thing of the past darling, I met him just two days back. And he.."

"What?" She interrupted. Oh! She dosent know about it! Great!

"He didn't tell you about our meeting? Umm well, I guess that explains a lot!" Now it was her turn to be shocked! I smiled inwardly, loving her silence.

She spoke after sometime, shock and hurt evident in her voice "I truly love him. And true love is never selfish. Nothing is more important for me than his true happiness. If its with you, I'll back off, for him.  I would never want him to sacrifise his happiness for me..." Her trailing statement somewhat pricked my heart. Nothing I said affected her but when she realized, that maybe she's coming between me and Pratik, she said she'll back off, for him. 

Even after we hung up, that thought started to haunt me. What was I doing? I know I'm doing this just for my love, but is it really worth it? Pratik clearly told me that he dosent want to come back to me. And I could see that in his actions to. True love is never selfish. I would never want him to sacrifise his happiness for me..  Her words started to ring in my head. How could I be so selfish? Was my love turning into an obsession? Was I really ruining his happiness? I couldnt sleep whole night in this guilt.

In the morning, I decided its best to talk once to Pratik and discuss this. Though I'm more than sure that he will want to marry Riya, he has clearly moved on, but still, my crazy heart refused to let go of that 1% chance that maybe, he still loved me.

The buzzing of my phone brought me back to the present. It was Pratik. "I want to meet you today, Tamanna." His voice sounded so happy, ringing with excitement. For a moment, my heart skipped a beat, in hope.

"Umm.. sure. Come home"

He was reluctant at first, but after me insisting, he agreed. I dont know what he's coming for, but today, I'm just mentally ready that whatever he said, I'll just accept it. For him. 

After what seemed like forever, he came. Dressed in casual blue shirt and grey jeans, he looked absolutely hot like always. Only, he wasnt smiling fully. He looked a bit nervous.

"Come in."

I offered him a coke and we sat down to talk. It was a bit awkward though, as we hadn't spoken properly in a long time. And it was more awkward that this was just a talk. No hugs, no pecks, nothing. Something just felt incomplete. I ignored the feeling and concentrated on what he had to say.

He was looking a bit in confusion "You can speak your heart Pratik. Its ok." I said, looking in his eyes.

A small smile formed on his face as he relaxed a little. "Tamanna, I guess you already know why I'm here. That day, when you came to meet me, I guess I.."

"It wasnt your fault Pratik." I interrupted, taking him by surprise. "And I guess, it wasnt mine too. It was just the love that we..." My eyes started to fill and I immediately looked down.

"That's where I think we both are going wrong." He said. "That we thought we loved each other. But I just thought about it the whole of last night. Was it really love that we shared? And I got only one answer - NO" 

I looked up to his eyes in disbelief. He continued "Tamanna, if it was love, do you think it would be easy for you to leave me and go for two long years? And me, would I be able to move on so quickly? NO. I know we shared a beautiful relation, but it surely wasnt love. And that's the reason I've come here. Initially, I was angry at you for coming to me and calling Riya and doing all that stuff. But now, I'm honestly no more angry with you. I respect you and care a lot about you. And I want you also to realize that what we shared was just mutual attraction and nothing else. I want that you too, realise this, and find your true love. I realised what love is, only after I met Riya. I hope you too, find your love soon. Its just not me." His words stabbed my heart like never before. I didnt pick my head even once, I didnt want him to see that I truely loved him. 

Seeing that I wasnt replying, he came close to me and placed his hand over mine. "Are you getting what I'm saying?"

I nodded, gulping my tears, and bringing a smile on my face "Yaa. I guess you're right. Never really thought about this." He gave a sigh of relief, smiling back happily.

"You were anyways not perfect. I deserve better!" I teased, making him grin.

"I was just so sure you would understand Tamanna. Welcome back, friend." He said wrapping his arms around me.

I returned his friendly hug "Yeah! Welcome back. FRIEND."


Riya's POV:

"Where are you taking me Pratik?" I asked, as Pratik cupped my eyes, walking me somewhere. He told me about his meeting with Tamanna today morning, for which, I was already jumping with joy. And to top that, there was some surprise Pratik had planned for me. You can clearly guess my excitement levels.

"Just a minute dear. We're just there." He said.

We walked into what seemed like a room. "Ok then. Here we go. Three, two, one and..."

He took his hand off my eyes, and what I saw, made my heart skip a beat.

It was a restaurant room, which was only lit by candles and decorated with red and white balloons everywhere. There was a table for two, set up at the center which had a huge Princess cake on it. On seeing closer, I saw that he had kept a photo frame near the cake, which had a picture of both of us in the disco that day, with him on one knee.

I turned towards him happily, but again, what I saw made me put both my hands on my mouth, in just awe. He was on one knee again, mimicing the moment in the pic, and elegently holding a box with a diamond ring in it.

"Riya, after what you told me yesterday, I not only realized my feelings for you, but also, that the stupid me, hadnt ever told those three magical words to the girl, who meant the most in my life."

I blushed happily, thinking, that I too, never realized he hadn't said that. I put my hand forward. He grabbed it gently, and slipped the ring on my finger, softly kissing it, making my cheeks turn a bright shade of red.

He stood up, standing really close to me. He slipped his hands around my waist, and I almost automatically, place mine around his neck.

He leaned in so close, I could feel his breath on my cheeks. It sent chills down my spine already.

"I LOVE YOU" He said, then looked deep into my eyes. Not that I needed to hear any more words. My heart was pumping like crazy looking into his eyes, and being in the arms of the man, who was all mine, from heart and soul. I closed my eyes, as he leaned forward, closing the space between us, and placing his soft lips on mine. Everything in life, seemed just so perfect! With my love in my arms and our favorite song, playing in the background

'Ab mujhe raat din, tumhara hi khayal hai....
Kya kahu pyaar me, deewano jaisa haal hai......'

                        ||THE END ||

So guys, as most of you had already guessed, LOVE FOUND ITS WAY. (no nobel prize for guessing that though, it was obvious :P :P)

I'm sure you weren't expecting the Tamanna POV right? But she isnt as bad as we thought, isnt it? Well I guess, nobody really is. Its just all because of this crazy thing called 'emotions' that makes us the hero or villan in someone's life. (Okay, I'll stop this gyan-giving here ;))

Oh!! This makes me realise, it ended :'( :'(.
It makes me so emotional and teary-eyed that from now on, I wont be able to get into the head of the super-enthusiastic Riya and the caring and sweet Pratik. I'll miss her cheerful smiles and his journey of falling in love with that smile.And this, being my first story, is and will always remain very very special for me. (Oh you all already that? So that means you really do pay attention to my little author's notes. How sweet! Love u for this:* )

Though there's one more reason why this story is so special. Its bcoz, as a young girl, I always used to think about my wedding and prince charming. But from the very beginning, since I was little, I had this fear that what-if, the person I marry, has a past? What will I do then, what will happen and sorts of those crazy thoughts.

I read somewhere that to take out your thoughts and fears out of your head, its best to write it down. That's how I got this idea of penning down (okay, okay! Typing down) my first story ever. So yes, you can very well say that the Riya in this book, was me. (And yes, I'm always the super-excited and super-positive one ^.^) Now I really hope I get my Pratik, my real-life prince charming soon.(minus the Tamanna of course!)

Moving on, I will be writing an epilogue for this one (Yiippiiieee) and that would be on the wedding date 16 April, so I guess I'll be uploading on that date only.

What else to say,  Ooopps!! I guess this turned out like a farewell speech, as if I'm retiring.. Lols.. No worries, that won't be anytime soon.

Stay positive, Stay happy, Stay blessed.

Jai Shree Krishna _/\_

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