Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


3. Coming closer

That night after going home, the first thing I did was open the gift that Riya gave me. When I saw it.. My eyes bulged out!! Literally!!! She had given me a coffee mug, on which our names had been beautifully carved.

"Pratik & Riya 

Made for each other!!"

Woow.. She invests so much of time and effort in choosing gifts for me. I was truly amazed.

There was note in there too.. It read

"You brought a meaning to my simple life, and made it beautiful with your presence.. You make me smile even when you are not around. But more than anything, You made me Complete!"

I could feel a small tear forming in my eyes. So many emotions flooding me at the same time.. Happiness, contentment, satisfaction.. and also a strange feeling, which I never got when I was with Tamanna.. the feeling of security, the feeling of being loved..

'Thanx for the most amazing gift.. Really loved it.' I texted her.. I knew she would be jumping in her bed from happiness, coz I got an immediate reply.. with loads of smileys

'Thank God you lyked it!!! :) :).. Superrrr duperr Happieee :D :D'

I dont know why, but I had this sudden urge of hearing her voice. So i called her.

'Heyyy sweetuuu' she spoke in her ever so cheerful voice..

'Riya.. I m just stunned!! I mean, how do u even get such ideas??'

'Well.. thats nothing much actually.. Just a small effort, to keep u reminded of me.. so that when you see ur coffee mug every morning, you can 'us' together." That sentence of hers, brought a smile to my face.

'What a beautiful thought. You must be thinking naa.. ye kaise insaan se meri sagai ho gayi (translation- what type of a man I got engaged to)??'

'Heyy!! You dare say anything to my hubby-to-be.' she said protectively.

I still continued 'Your 'hubby-to-be' actually deserves that'

'Achaa.. and why is that so?"

I took a deep breath before replying, 'You care so much about me dear.. you may still not exactly know about my likes and dislikes, but you try so hard to bring a smile on my face. And trust me.. you are quite successful at that. And here I am! I've never done anything special thats makes you happy'

'You dont need to anything sweety. Just your presence in my life, is more than enough for me.' I could feel the sincerity in her voice.

Her voice, her thoughts, her talks, kept lingering through my mind even after we hung up the phone. There is this new form of enthusiam in me. Am I falling for her?? Maybe. Maybe not! But whatever it is, Riya definitely is a becoming an intergral part of my life.


Two months have passed since then, and tomorrow, is a big day for me. Its my birthday tomorrow. I knew Riya must be planning something huge about it, because off late, I've seen her and Sneha talking on the phone for long long time, as if they were planning something. Of course they denied it when I confronted them. So all I could do was - Wait and see what happens.

It was 11:55pm on the clock when I received Riya's call. Reason: She wanted to be first one to wish me, before anyone else could.

'If I called you 5 minutes later, your phone probably could come busy. How can I let someone else wish u before me?' She said in her baby like voice. I chuckled at that statement of hers. She was such a sweetheart.

Just as the clock struck midnight, my bedroom door flicked open and I heard a chorus of 'Happy Birthday Pratik'!! Wooohh! Riya! Vishal! Mom-Dad! My mom-dad, Sneha!! Everyone was on my door, singing cheerfully for me. I was in for a huge surprise!

'Hey when did you'll come here? I mean.. I was just now talking to you on the phone naa.. I mean.. then.. how?? and when??'

'Woaahh.. Relax bro. Come with me' Sneha took my hand and literally dragged me to the living room. All others following us. OMG! So many flower bouquets and in middle, my favourite chocolate cake was kept wonderfully on the table.

'The phone call from bhabhi was to keep you locked in your room, so that we could make the arrangements here. Liked it?'

'Of course I did! Thanks, Thanks a lot all of you. This was so unexpected!' I was feeling so short of words at that time. But I sure was grinning ear to ear. I looked at Riya appreciatively. As if understanding my thoughts, she gave me a 'my pleasure'smile.

After the cake cutting and all the celebrations were over, when it was time for Riya and her family to go home, I stole a moment and took her to my bedroom.

I took her in my arms a held her tightly. 'Thank you.. Thank you so much.. you made my birthday so so special'!

'Your most welcome dear.. bt you know what? This is just the beginning. Keep guessing!!' she pushed me away playfully, winked and left the room, giggling to herself. Leaving me surprised!

1 thing is for sure. Tomorrow is gonna be a big big day!




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