Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


6. Broken Heart

Pratik's POV:

The journey back home was a silent one. Riya still looked disturbed and lost in her own thoughts. I too couldnt gather up the couage to ask her anything as I knew she still needs some time to digest the things I just told her.

The car entered my apartment, so I finally said, "Riya, first lets go to your house. Its already late. I'll drop you there and then come by ric."

"Its ok Pratik. I'll manage" she said plainly. I still kept searching for that twinkle in her eyes and the cheerfulness in her voice, which I couldnt find now.

"But its already late."

She didnt answer me, just looked down. I felt as if a tear was about to escape her eyes, which she was trying to hide.

I put my hand on her shoulder, "Are you OK?"

She took some time and then finally looked at me, "Pratik, I have kept your gift in the car dicky. Please take it."

"Forget the gift. You are not OK. I can see that in your eyes."

She took a deep breath, gulping down the tears in her throat  " I'll need some time Pratik. Please."

Me : "I'm coming to drop you. Thats it"

Her : "No. You go home. Mom must be waiting. We'll talk tomorrow. Bye"

Me : "But Riya..."

Her : "Dont forget to take your gift. Please. I insist....... And dont worry.. I'll be fine." She was trying hard to bring a fake smile on her face. 

I did not force her further and did as she said. She then quickly drove off. I saw her going, and felt heart become heavier than ever.

After reaching home, I went straight to my room and opened the gift. My eyes filled with tears. Literally.

It was a beautiful collage of our pics, together and alone, the pics of our first date,the ones at the beach, in the restraunts and many others, and in the center, the pic of our engagement day, with both of us proudly showing our rings. I rolled my fingers over the frame.. trying to take in the beautiful, fearless, cheerful smiles of Riya, which now seemed to be lost somewhere. I made to promise to myself.. its because of me that her smile has faded, so I will bring her smile back.

 I prayed to God, hoping she would be alright right now, which I know, she would'nt be.

Riya's POV:

"I'm too tired Mom.. I wanna sleep now. Talk to you tomorrow" Mom quizzed me how my day was, and that was all I could answer.

I locked my room and plopped straight on the bed, tears rolling out of my eyes... Whyyy.. whyy suddenly all this.. my Pratik.. my baby, my love.. he was hiding such a big secret in his heart.. all this time. Why he did not tell me before.. Why now all this?? when I love him so much.. Why God!! Why?

I hugged my pillow tightly to my heart, with the final rose still in my hand.. a red rose.. which I had visualised giving him by going on one knee.. and the message 
'LOVE YOU ALWAYS... WITH MY HEART AND SOUL'  written on the card.

I didnt give him this rose. I just couldnt. 
The fact that he was loved by someone else before, breaks me from inside. And that he loved some other girl.. shatters me completely. 

I too had received many guys proposals in college, which I never accepted. I would always maintain a safe distance from guys, so that nobody crosses the friendship zone and come near me. And for this, I was many a times awarded with many harsh titles like Miss. Arrogant, Miss. Attitude and so on. I did not pay heed to any of these just because I wanted to keep my heart safe, which I would give to my one and only.. the person who I would marry.. to my first and only love in life. But for Pratik.. I wasnt his first love. 

Tears were still flowing from my eyes uncontrollably.. and I did not realize when I dozed off to sleep.


My eyes were heavy from the constant sobbing last night. I got up and sat on my recliner chair, staring at the wall. I was now trying to make myself understand that what has happened, has happened. I cant change it. I just need to accept it.

At least Pratik is honest enough to tell me the things of his past. He also told me that he wants to forget his past.. and move on.. with me.. for me.. And I think I will him this chance. 

Today, I am feeling a new found respect for him in my heart. The bond of loyalty and trust becoming strong. Yes.. I am ready to accept it and move ahead.. with my love.


Toooo many emotions!! I know.. But this was much needed to take the story ahead.

What do you'll think guys? Do tell me.. I'll be waiting.. :) And haa.. the next chapter will be a happy one.. I promise :)

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