Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


4. Birthday

Riya had given me strict instructions that today I had to take leave from office and my whole day was officially hers. She wanted me to spend my whole day with her; Just the two of us.

So there she was at my door; sharp at 10am.  

"Woohh.. Someone's looking sexy!" She said with a wink, as soon as I opened the door for her.

"Sshhh... slow.. slow!!" I gestured her to speak slowly as Mom, Dad and Sneha were all sitting in the living room itself, just a few feet away from the door.

She came inside, took my Mom-Dad's blessings and greeted Sneha too. After having tea and breakfast with the family, we were set to leave.

"Come let's go! Even I am ready." Nopes! This wasn't Riya; this was Sneha.

I couldnt believe it "What?? You're coming with us?" Me and Riya started looking at each other. Of course, we couldnt even deny her to come with us.

"Ya of course!" Sneha persisted.

"Ermm.. but.. but Sneha.. you..." I was stumbling with my words when Riya said,  

"Of course you are coming Sneha.. Come.. Lets go." Poor Riya; she had to say this. After all Sneha was my sister.

So me, Sneha and Riyasettled down in Riya's car, with of course, Riya driving. I remembered her telling me on the phone yesterday, "Tomorrow is ur day my Prince Charming! I will be doing everything from driving, to deciding the venue, to plan the things we are gonna do.. etc etc.. So you just have to sit back and relax!"

"So; where are we going?" Sneha seemed to be more excited than me. Its funny how sometimes our own siblings seem like a disturbance to us!

I knew Riya wasnt going to disclose the location. As expected, she just said, "Thats a surprise."

"Acha bhabhi, take left from the next signal." Me and Riya shared a puzzled look with Sneha, but she persisted that we take a left. After a few minutes of driving, she signalled Riya to stop the car. And then suddenly got down.

"Whats going on? Why did you get down?" I was truely puzzled now.

"Coz you dont want to take me with you. I am disturbing you both naa." 

Now that hit bull's eye. My inner voices were yelling a yessss, but I obviously couldnt say that. Before I could come up with a good diplomatic answer, Sneha started laughing hysterically. She pinched my cheeks saying, " Aww Bhaiya! you are tooo cute! I obviously wasnt coming with you'll. I just wanted a lift till college.. But you both are such cutie pies yaar.. You'll didnt even refuse me once. soo sweet."

We still tried to convince her to bunk college and come with us, but she refused and went in, giving me and Riya our much needed time and space.

Now that the two of us were alone in the car, Riya had a special twinkle in her eyes. As if she wanted to say something. Then she put her hand in the driver door pocket, took out a yellow rose from it and handed it to me, blushing of course.

"Hey woow.. whats this?" stupid question! I know! But the words just slipped out of my mouth.

"A yellow rose, symbol of friendship." she said with a sweet smile.

The rose had a small note attached at its base. It read,



Such ideas, only Riya could do it for me! She already brightened my day with even such a simple thing.

Some more time passed by in the car. I still had no clue where we are heading.  

"Give me some tissue papers from the dashbox honey." Riya said.  

I opened the dashbox and wooh.. Box of chocolates.. wrapped beautifully in red ribbons!! It looked so beautiful.

"Now before u ask me again ur 'WHATS THIS'.. let me answer already that this chocolate box is for my special special prince charming! Liked it honey?"

Who in the world wouldnt like it? Its not about the chocolates, but so sweetly she planned small small surprises for me. 

Finally the car halted. Our suppossed destinaion had arrived. Just as I was about to get down of the car, he held my hand and gestured me to wait; and then took out another rose from the door pocket. But this time, a white rose.

"A white rose.. Symbol of purity" She said, handing it over to me. This time, without asking anything, I opened the card attached to it.

It read 

'May our relationship be as pure and divine.. always!'

Needless to say, I was again overwhelmed by her love.

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