Love Finds Its Way

Riya and Pratik are all set to get married. Where Riya is head over heels in love with Pratik, Pratik on the other side still hasnt got over his past relationship. What will happen when Pratik's ex-girlfriend comes back??


5. Birthday (contd)

I was taken aback when we arrived at our first destination for the day - Bandra Bandstand - A place, I never ever wanted to visit again. Coz it was here where I last met Tamanna, the place where we finally broke up, the place which holds my most fondest as well as my most heartbreaking memories. All the memories of the past started coming in front of my eyes.. our never ending talks, the first kiss, bike rides, romantic moments, the big fight, the break-up.. every single moment spent with Tamanna, started filling my heart.

"What happened honey?? Come!" Riya took me out of my reverie. She was holding the car door for me to get down.

She held my hand and took me to the small garden area nearby. I still hadnt completely come out of my thoughts. 'Why did Riya have to bring me here only.' I thought to myself. But then, I cant blame her; it wasnt her fault too. 

As expected, the place wasnt much crowded, just a few couples here and there, lost in their own sweet worlds. 

Riya sat under a shady tree and pulled my hand, gesturing me to sit. I sat by her side but was still in my thoughts.

"What happened sweetyy?? Didnt like the place?" 
I just nodded my head and trying to bring a forced smile to my face, I said "Nah.. nothing like that dear. Its a beautiful place"

"Are you sure? I mean.... you're not looking comfortable"

I didnt answer that, instead , just took her hand in mine and softly kissed it. "Riya.. I want to tell you something. In fact, since many days I wanted to confess this but.."

She cut me mid-way "Is everything ok?"

The innocent look in her eyes were stopping me from opening up. Her otherwise cheerful face had now become tensed.

"I'm sorry dear, I just got lost in my own thoughts. But trust me, I am really very happy" Was all I could say. But that was enough to get her smile back on her face.

She was now relaxed "Thank God! I got so tensed why you suddenly became quiet. Anyways, I know how to brighten your mood. but for that, you have to close ur eyes"

"What?? Eyes..  But why yaar"

"Please Pratikkkk.. Pleeaassee Please close ur eyes naa"

"But Riya.."

"Please naa Honey..  "

Okay!! I finally gave in. I could sense she was removing something from her bag and setting up something.

"Okay! Now open ur eyes"

What I saw really amazed me. She had got a small heart-shaped cake with a musical candle at the centre, which was playing the birthday song. And with the cake, she gave me a new rose. This time, a baby pink one.

"A baby pink rose - symbol of innocence"

I took the clue and just read the card. It said

'For my sweet, cute , 
        Adorable baby'

She did it! She again filled my heart with excitement and happiness.
I couldnt help but smile.

Riya handed me a knife to cut my second cake of the day. We sure received a few glances from people here and there, thanx to Riya singing "Happiee birthday to youu" on top of her voice.

I tried to shhuusshh her , but being in control was out of even her control. She was soo happy and I let her be.

At around 1pm, we left bandstand and were on our way to the Phoenix Mall.

We had lunch there and after that, she told me she had booked movie tickets for us in the mall itself.

"Pratik.. honey please get some popcorn and coke for me.. I'm going inside." She didnt even wait for an answer and went ahead.

I shrugged and headed towards the popcorn counter. There were a few people in the line so it took me around 10 mins to take the popcorn and reach the movie hall.

The lights were on so it wasnt hard for me to locate Riya there. I walked towards her when I saw she had kept another rose on my seat. This time, a peach one.

She promptly took the tray from my hand, letting me to pick up the rose. 
It read,

'My only desire in life is
Being a part of YOU'

She was holding my arm strongly and leaning on it. Looking at her innocenr face, I couldnt concentrate throughout the movie. The only thought that was coming to my mind was that I'm cheating on her. Thats it.. I am gonna tell her everything today. I cant stand this constant guilt from within. I m sure she'll understand me. Or at least I hope so.

Evening 8pm

After dinner, I told her I wanted to go to the beach. She wished to go into the waters but I insisted we sit on the benches nearby, where no one else was there, so we could get our privacy.

I battled inside my head as to how to bring up the topic. I moved my hand involuntarily through my hair, face tensed, opening my mouth to say something then again closing it. Riya sure must have got the idea that something big is coming.

I took her hand and softly placed it on mine. I looked into her eyes, which were twinkling under the moonlight, and asked, "Riya, have you been in a relationship before? As in before we met?"

She started laughing at my question "Relationships!! Yaa of course! A long lonngg list of boyfriends. In fact, the list is so long that I dont even remember half the names"

I just looked away from her in the opposite direction. I knew she was'nt talking this seriously. But I wasnt in a mood to joke now.

She look at me and maybe realised that I was asking very seriously. She immediately added "No Pratik.. You are the first and the last person in my life. And I'm sorry. I thought you were asking just like that."

"Riya, I want to confess something today" I did not look into her eyes, I just couldnt. " I... I was in a relationship before you entered my life. I really... really used to love her a lot." And I told her each and everything about Tamanna and me. She silently listened to whatever I said. When I finally looked at her, I saw that she wasnt looking at me, but staring at the deep dark waters. Her bubbly totally expressionless. I held on to her hand more tightly. "I know what you might be thinking. That why suddenly all this? Thats because, you are going to be my wife now, we'll be sharing all our lives, together. I wanted our bond to be crystal clear.. No lies.. and no hidden truths"

She still did not look at me. Her silence was hurting me now. I really wanted her to speak up. Even if that meant cursing me, or blaming me or whatever else in the world. I just couldnt see this cute angel in such a state.

"Riya.. Riya please say something"  

I put my hand around her shoulder and she almost immediately turned around and hugged me, tears flowing from her eyes. I hugged her tight and let her cry her heart out.

She finally broke her silence, with her voice cracking, I could say she had gulped down her tears in her throat, "Pratik, I really appreciate your honesty. You told me things which I did not even ask. But.. but I want to know something. Please dear.. please be honest this time too"

"Yaa of course. you can ask anything you want to"

"Where do I stand in your life?"

I cupped her face with my hands and looked deep into her eyes and said "You really are very special to me Riya. I really want to forget my past and move on in life.. WITH YOU.. FOR YOU. Will you be strength?"

She nodded and smilingly rested her head on my shoulder. I was glad that her smile was back on her face again. I lifted her chin up with my hands, and once again our eyes did the talking. There was no need for words now. Emotions had already started to take over. Leaning closer to her, I closed my eyes and then.. I kissed her.


Hey guys, read my new story "Just Friends" and tell me how it was. Hoping to get some replies this time.

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