Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


3. Why Hurt Me?

Alisha's POV......

I wake up with a smile on my face, happy that it's Saturday and ugh, I gotta go with Leia to the Gym. I look at the time and it's almost 12 shit! I'm suppose to be their at 11:30 am. I hurry brush my teeth throw a sports bra on and some black sweat pants that say cheer on the side in blue and I throw my hair into a bun and grab my shoes a water and a apple and run out the door taking my dads car. I look at my phone and I have five voice mails thirty texts and ten calls. Fuck! I put the keys in the car start it and Zoom down the street making some screeching noises and I get a text from my dad.

From AlishaBestDad:


I giggled and didn't text back cause I don't do the texting a driving thing.

I finally arrived and got out the car bumping into someone. He looked liked I saw him somewhere but couldn't point who he was. But I say.

"Sorry sir."

And I picked my stuff up and ran inside. Soon as I get inside I see Leia with her blond hair in a high curly pony tail and sweats with a pink tank top on.

"You're late Ali."

"I'm so sorry. My car at night it broke down so I had to walk and I didn't get home until like 1:30 am and it's the first time I've been late. I swear it won't happen again."

"It's fine I would never get mad at you."

And I signed in relief.

"Shall we get started?"


I say and we go and stretch our legs doing the splits in the air and on the floor. After we get done with stretching we do 50 push-ups trying to get to hundred which is our goal and then we do 75 sit ups trying so hard to reach our goal which again is 100. Then we lift weights and run on the track thingy. And she says,

"Wow... It felt like...nothing...."

"Yeah we've been.....doing this for....10 years..... It feels like nothing cause our stomachs are numb so it's like nothing to.....us....."

"But....we are still.....tried.....remember when you...and I passed out....after a week....of this."

She says laughing.

"Yeah..... It's was classic....I couldn't feel my legs at all...."

"Haha..... Me either..... I needs to go to the bathroom. Be right back....stay here."

She says and leaves.

And what do I do I rome around the room when I found a room with a guy punching a punching bag with his fist wrapped up. I gotta admit he looked sexy. But I couldn't see his face. All I saw was his bare back with every muscle showing with him punching very hard. His trainer was yelling at him making the boy punch harder which made me smirk. Then he stopped and grabbed a towel and wiped his face still his back showing. Then he grabbed his water bottle and drunk it down and turned around and saw me and I gasped and got down hoping he didn't see me and I quickly went in the back of the gym. It was Justin again. He was the one who helped me up when I bumped into me. Fuck why do I see him AGAIN!

When I made it to the back I turned around and he said.

"Look, what you saw was none of your business the day. I didn't mean to kiss you I was drunk at that party I wasn't thinking next-"

I cut him off saying.

"Just leave me alone. What people say about you is true!"

And he grabbed my arm and pulled me close to him and his chest hit mine.

"Don't cut me off. Anyways you bitch, don't ever take a gun away from a person like me, And last-"

"Last let me the fuck go. Who do you think you are telling me what to do. What am I your child?! Fuck No! And I can cut you off how ever I want to. And I know you're angry, and all you want to do right now is hit me. So go ahead do it. I bet that will make you feel better huh. Dose killing random people and hurting random people help you? Cause if it dose you really need to get a fucking life or some damn help."

And then he slapped me and he said threw his teeth.

"I can touch you how ever I want to. Now tell anyone and that will be two times worst. Got that slut?!"

And I just held my cheek and cried and he said louder making me jump.

"I said got that! And stay away."

And I nodded quickly. And he threw me down leaving the gym threw the back door. And I got up and went back where Leia was and she said.

"Finally! Where in the hell were you missy iv-"

And she stopped and saw my tears and saw my cheek.

"What the fuck! Who did this to you."

And she wiped my dark red hair out if the way and I said.

"I-I tripped seeing a hot guy and the pole hit my cheek."

I lied, Leia started to giggle a little and then she brushed into laughter and she said.

"Where is this guy?"

"He left."

"Haha! I'm sorry but that's just funny! But let's get you cleaned up sugar."

She said with her thick cute Texas accent. And I giggled. We went back to her house in my car and when we arrived I got a kiss on the cheek from her most sweetest mom on my bruised cheek and I winced in pain in the inside but outside faked smiled. I texted my dad I was gonna sleep over he said okay and we just hung out the rest of the day and We talked about people and one direction and boys and crap just what happened at sleep overs and then she went to sleep and I was still thinking why he would hurt me like that. I shouldn't be thinking of him he's danger. Just stay away Alisha. And I doze off.

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