Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


4. See You Again!?!

Alisha's POV......

Damn it! It's Monday! I wake up with my clock beeping and I throw it to the floor and it breaks. I get up wipe my eyes and go straight to the bathroom doing my morning routine. Putting on some black sweat pants that say PINK in pink on the side of my leg then I put on a black batman sweatshirt and leave with a apple my moms car cause my dad goes to work and my backpack with my cheer bag. And leave hugging my mom.

I get in the car a zoom off in my mom fords Chevy 2014 one and it's a black one it's actually really cool. I arrive at school and get out, walk in this time people weren't staring at me. I finally felt normal. But I'm a popular girl, a nice popular girl. I walk inside of the school and say hi to everyone. They WHOLE school knows me. 9th graders, 10th, 11th, and 12th. All the graders know the popular kids but they know me most cause I'm ALWAYS nice and I stand up for people. I make I to my locker and someone slams into Leia's locker and makes me jump I look and saw my best friend Cody.

"What is it now Cody."

"I wanna take you out. I missed you since you become a popular kid. I only have one class with you I never get to speak with you not Leia. Can we please just hang out ill take you to dinner."

"Lunch is fine. I missed you Cody, sorry about ditching you."

"It's fine as long as I get to take you out to Lunch. But we still have class."

He says with his Irish Accent.

"It's a half day dummy. Today is the 12 graders field day/we get to choose what we wanna do while others stay and learn. Only about four weeks which is one month left and we'll be heading our own ways. But me and Leia we are going on a rode trip you wanna come?"

"Ohhhhh! Sure where?"

"To California. We got excepted to it and we just wanna check it out first. And if not their then New York and we will just keep on searching"

"Cool when?"

"Right after school ends."

"M'k count me in."

And I giggled. We hung out together for the whole day just me him and Leia it was like the old days. Then it was finally time to go home and I said to Cody.

"Pick me up at my house I just need to get ready."

"What time tho?"

"Umm.... 12:30."

"K bye love."


And we both drove off with him going to his house and me going to mine. I arrived and my dad was here. I walked in and I hugged my mom and dad and set my bags down and said,

"You guys remember Cody?"

"Cody who?"

My mom said.

"Cody Simpson."

"Oh, your best friend."

My dad said.


"What about him?"

My dad said with his eye brows up.

"He's taking me to lunch."

"Okay. Be safe."

"I will."

And I ran upstairs finding something to wear. I finally did and go in the shower for fifteen minutes then did my hair and wore this.



and I hear I honk check myself once more and run downstairs shutting the door behind me and run to Cody's car. I get inside his car and he stars at me with a shocked face like a 'DAMN' face. And I giggle and kiss his cheek and he blushes.

"You ready bad boy?"

I whisper in his ear and he blushes more and backs out and drives to the place.

"You look amazing."

I giggled and said.

"I try."

"No you are! Now I could see why everyone likes you."

And I smile.

"Aw thanks Cody."

He arrives at a Café and opens my door I thank him and I hold his hand while we walk Inside.

"Table for two please."

And the waiter leads us to our tables. We thank him and he says.

"Let's start with the drinks. What would you like beautiful?"

I blush and I see Cody glaring at him. So I say getting closer to his ear.

"First of all I'm taken bad boy. He's my boyfriend. And I would like a Margarita make that a dirty, dirty one with a little sexy on the side."

And I grab his belt and he jumps in shock and blushes badly and says.

"Ah! Now what would you like sir?"

"I would like water."

And he looks at me then his note pad and walks fast away. And I giggle. And Cody asks.

"What did you say?"

"Nothing I just think I made him think of dirty things of me."

And Cody laughs and I could feel eyes glaring at me. I turn my head and block out what Cody was saying and saw Justin. Ah Fuck. I'm screwed! He sits down with a guy and I'm scared out of my mind. So I say cutting Cody off.

"..I have to go."

And I get up grabbing my phone and correcting myself.

"But... Ali we haven't even got our drinks yet."

"Just please I want to leave. I'll hang out with you tom-"

-to be continued-

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