Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


1. Party Time!

I'm Alisha Jliyah Rite. 18 year old senior. And my life changes here.

Alisha's POV.....

*Beep* *beep* *beep*

I open my eyes and grabbed my phone knocking down my clock.


I whisper and saw it was Leia.



Leia is my best friend she's a girly girl I'm not we are both popular and both on the cheer team and she's a REAL party Animal.

"Shut the hell up well you! And no I'm not going!"

I whisper yell in the phone.

"Then I'm coming up."

"Stop! Don't! I'm coming! Just stay your loud ass down their."

"Yes! Hurry the party starts now."

I roll my eyes and hang up finding some party clothes

. Then I climb down getting my phone jacket and pepper spray just incase. I go to her car and get in the passenger seat.

"Who's party?"


"I thought you hated his guts."

"I do. His brother killed my father."

"Then why are we going and what's his brother name, who is his brother?"

"Damn. You ask lots of questions. Just shut up and we'll be here soon as you know it."

"Gosh. Don't have to be mean."

And we arrive I get out and his house is huge. We knock and he's their.

"Hey Dylan!"

And I hug him.

"Hey AJ, and Leia."

She rolls her eyes and pushes him so we can get inside and she goes off straight to the bar.

"Heavyn why does she hate me?"

"I don't know it has to do with your brother killing her father."


And he walks away. Weird. I go to the bar and pass people grinding on each other kissing people I don't even know drunk people, others having sex. Yeah it's just crazy up in here. I got a beer and said to myself,

"This is gonna be a long night."

And I sign and drink the beer down.

-Five Minutes Later-

By now I'm drunk I had about five drinks when someone said.

"You're a real drinker."

He's voice was low and in my ear and deep.

"Is that suppose to be a bad thing."

"No, not at all. I think it's sexy. Dance with me."

And he pulls my arm to the dance floor stops and starts grinding on my ass. And he nibbles on my neck making me moan. And then someone pulls my arm very hard. And I open my eyes and saw it was Leia.

"What the fuck! I was actually having a good time!"

I yell at her.

"I know. B-but s-tay away from him he's Dylan's Brr-other. He's a killer and a drug dealer."

She was drunk so I rolled my eyes and I didn't believe her and left. I was coming back inside when he grabs my arm and pulls me outside and slow dances with me.

"What's your name Shawty?"

He says in a sexy deep tone in my ear.

"I'm Alisha. You?"

"Bieber. Justin Bieber."

After he said his nam he kissed me. It was a bit sloppy and I could smell the beer from his mouth I could taste it to cause he tongue kissed me. We explored each other's mouth when he just randomly walked away and I was alone in Dylan's back yard. I went back inside and touched my lips then my neck and felt a hickey. Fuck! I looked at the time and it was 4:00 am. FUCK! And I grabbed Leia and took her keys and we left. I drove home and let her stay over cause she can't drunk drive so I helped her climb up to my window and I punched her face so she would shut up and she was knocked out. Yes! I changed and helped her change and I put her in my bed and I got in to finishing brushing my teeth and fell into a DEEP sleep still thinking about that Justin guy.

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