Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


2. I couldn't believe my eyes

Alisha's POV.....

I woke up and saw that Leia was gone and their was a note on my forehead.

Heyyyy!!! Bitch!!!! I had lots of fun with you baby girl! Thanks for letting me crash your house fo a lil. C Ya @ School Bitch!!! Don't b late. Lolz. YourHomie~ XxLeiannexX

I laughed a little and threw it away brushing my teeth doing my hair putting clothes on and grabbing a apple some pills and water and my backpack with my keys and left kissing my mom on the forehead.

I go into my black charger and head to school. Soon as I get their people where staring at me and Leia came in the car with her hair messy and her shades on. She took out a cigaret and started to smoke it. I took it out of her mouth and threw it out,


"That won't help you. Here."

And I gave the pills to her and the water. And she said,

"This shit isn't gonna work."

"That shit isn't gonna work. And when this pill dose work do come crying to me."

"Believe me I won't honey."

"Leia lets just go before we are late."

And we both got out and she said.

"Have you've noticed that people are staring at you?"

"Yeah thanks. I never knew."

I say being sarcastic. She hits my arm playfully and says.

"Alisha I'm serious. What did you do last night."

"Uh... Kissed a guy named Justin Bieber. He's the one who left this hickey on me."

And it showed it to her and she was surprised.


"I...uh....kissed Justin Bieber."

she yanked my arm to the girls bathroom locked the door took her shades off and she was dead serious.

"Alisha listen to me. Never EVER go near him. He killed my dad and he's a drug dealer. He has killed girls before. Just please be safe. I love you to much to know that something happened to you."

I've never seen her this serious.

"I love you to."

"If you do. Then what ever you do stay far and I mean FAR away from that house you promise?"

Leia says.

"But why are people staring?"

"Cause all of them went to Dylan's party and someone must had seen and told everyone. But listen. DO YOU PROMISE?"

"Yes I promise."

And he hugs me tightly. I hug back feeling her warmth again.

"Okay that should be a lesson learned."

And we walked out together going to all our classes together but 6th and 7th.


"Alright girls we are ready for this coming up Friday!"

I say to the team. Leia and I are the captain of the cheer team I'm the head she's the co-captain.

And everyone cheers.

"Everyone hands in."

Leia says with her little Texas accent.

"Ugh but-"

"Zanth. Shut the fuck up and get your fat ass over here and like I said, hand in, or Zanth you're kicked off the team."

She says threw her teeth. And it almost makes everyone laughs but we all kept it in.

"Fuck you."

She says under her breath and rolls her eyes and Leia snaps and says.

"Get your busted fucked up ass out of the team. You're done! You can say fuck you what ever you want but I say you're threw. Get your shit and leave. I'm tried of your god damn attitude, hell everyone is! So get to stepin' bu-bye now."

And she didn't move she put her hands on her hips and signed.

"You can huff and puff and blow the fucking school down. But last time I checked you were off the fucking team! Here let me help you if you don't understand."

Leia grabbed her cheer stuff used her lighter and started afire and brunt her cheer stuff and took it out with water and Zanth stopped her stubby legs up the bleachers and Leia said.

"Go bitch ain't nobody like your white trashy ass."

And we BRUST into laughter and Leia turned and looked at the girls and said.

"Anyone else?"

And no one said anything.

"Exactly...practice dismissed."

And everyone grab their things and left. I was going back to my car while saying bye to the rest of the girls when my car didn't have any gas. Shit! I'm screwed!

"Piece of shit!"

I slam the door and kicked it making a dent. I took all the thing out and out it in my cheer bag and some in my backpack and walked home. It was getting dark and darker. Over here it gets REAL dark. And theirs about four street lights on and I have 2 and a half miles to go. Ugh! I was going to take a short cut when I herd something in that alley.


It sounded like a man.


"Shut the fuck up! No one is gonna help you."


"Yeah keep screaming. No body will."

"Bro. Johnny just wants the money, please man. Just do it."

"Fuck you!"

And the boy slit the guys throat and I saw everything and when I got a real close look it was the guy Justin. Fuck Leias right and I gasped. FUCK!

"Who's there?"

Justin says and I drop my stuff and run back where I came from. But Justin got my arm and slammed my back to the bricked wall and I winced in pain.

"Please don't hurt me. Please."

"Shut up! What were you doing at this time of night shouldn't you be sleeping?!?"

And he put the knife up to my neck.

"How about if you left me go I won't tell?"

"Haha. The little shit thinks I'm stupid!"

He yells. Making tears fall down my cheek. Then I tried to move but then he put a gun up to my head and I stopped crying and he said.


He yells and I say.

"Go ahead shoot me. I bet it will make you feel better Justin."

"How the fuck do you know my name?"

"Cause I was that girl at the party. But since I'm gonna die at lest I had a little fun. But go ahead shoot me. You shot my friends dad you killed other girls and men why not me?"

And he let me go and I kicked the gun out of his hand and punched his nose kicking his manhood and I ran away.

I couldn't believe my eyes. But why did he stop. Leia was right. All of these thoughts went in my head. And I won't be going back their ever again.

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