Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


8. Hospital

Justin's POV....

"So why weren't you here last night. Where's my money!"

Johnny says putting a gun to my head.



They come and start punching me and kicking me and I couldn't see or breath then my phone rung. And Johnny took it out of my pocket.

"Ooo, Alisha....I see, I see. So you spend time with her and NOT GET MY MONEY! So you know what gonna happen?"

"...if you hurt her....I'll kill you."

And he bends down and says.

"Do it."

And I spit blood into his face and say.

"Go to hell. She has done nothing to you!"

"Boys hold him up."

And he takes his jacket off and his boys hold both of my arms pulling me straight up and Johnny puts on rings and throws out his thick cigarette and starts to pummel me.

"You kill one of my guys! You fucking forget my money for love! What else is it huh?!? I ask you one fucking thing and what do you do? FUCK IT UP! Next time your late on something the girl and your brother is gone. Just like how your mother and sister died."

And they let me go and I groan in pain. Then I hear footsteps and he's gone. My ribs hurt, my face feels numb. I can't move my left leg that well and my vision is horrible but I still get up and head straight to the hospital trying my best to run for her.

I finally make it and my shirt is almost covered with blood from my nose and my mouth but I kept going until I make it inside and I go to the front desk with my bloody hands and the nurse is surprised she gasped and said.

"Oh my! You need a doctor!"

"No! I need to...see...Alisha!!!.... Alisha...Jliyah...Rite!"

"Okay sir. She's in room 110 just go straight down the wall to your left."

And I start to limp to the room and I see Dylan and Leia standing outside the door and there hugging and Leia is crying. Oh no! Dylan sees me and says.

"What happened to you?"

"Nothing! Where is she!"

"She shouldn't see you any more!"

Leia says.

"She's in there you can see her but she's not waking up."

I open the door and she's laying there peacefully with oxygen going to her nose. I go to the side of her bed with tears in my eyes. And whisper while holding her hand.

"Alisha please don't die. I'm so sorry I wasn't here in time. I'm so sorry. Forgive me pl-please. I love you."

An I kiss her forehead lightly and a doctor comes in.

"Are you Mr. Bieber?"

"Yes! Yes I am. What's the news! Will she die?!?"

"No she won't. She's just been vomiting over and over again. And she hasn't had food all day so she passed out. And this could lead to Pregnancy or Anorexia. Which she could have a baby or be starving herself."

Why would she starve herself?!? She's perfect. Every boy wants her every girl wants to be her. But why would she do it. And pregnancy I could see why...

"Thanks d-"

And her eyes twitched. Then she opens them and those green beautiful eyes look straight at me.


"Oh baby! You're awake! I thought you were gonna leave me forever. I would have to kill myself also."

And I hug her.

"What happened to you?"

She says holding my face. I look up at the doctor and he leaves.

"I forgot to money. And they beat me."

And she starts crying.

"I'm so happy your alive Justin. Are you okay? I swear I wish there was no such thing as gang or drug dealers or anything like that. So you could be with me."

And we kiss.

"I'm sorry I didn't get to you Alisha. I'm so sorry. Please please please! Forgive me."

And she giggles.

"I still had my friends with me. And I forgive you. No matter what."

"Great baby."

And I smile and kiss her forehead. And let Dylan and Leia come in and Leia went shooting pass me to Alisha.

"Alisha babe I'm so sorry I got mad at you in the car! I'm so sorry please forgive me Ali! I won't do it again! I'm so so sorry. Please forgive me! I'll do anything!"

Leia says begging.

"I forgive you only if you forgive Justin."



"Fine. Justin I'm not mad at you anymore. I forgive you."

And she rolls her eyes at me and hugs Alisha tightly. Then the doctor comes in with a wheel chair.

"Soooo Ms. Rite. You aren't pregnant. But you do have Anorexia. Which is really bad. Who lives with her?"

"I do doctor sir."

I say.

"Okay makes sure she eats every three and a half hours for 2 weeks. Start tomorrow. And give her this once a day in the morning for the next 2 weeks on her leg starting today."

He gave me the needle and I bent down to Alisha while she was on the wheel chair and she looked at me nervously and I held her hand and she looked away and squeezed her eyes shut. And I did it slowly and pushed in the top of the shot putting in the stuff. And slowly took it out and kissed her leg that was just under her knee and put a band-aid over it.

"Now you get it! You guys can leave when ever."

"Thanks doctor."

We say and he leaves. And I ask her.

"Why do not eat?"

And she frowns and Leia whispers to her.

"It's okay Alisha. She doesn't wanna talk about it right here and now."

"I'm her boyfriend."

"And I'm her best friend been there all her fucking life! And right now what I just said was she doesn't want to fucking talk about it. Don't you understand what I'm saying to you?!? Or do you just hear monkey noises coming outta my damn mouth! Cause last time I checked we weren't in a damn Zoo! But I can translate what I said in monkey just for you!"

She snaps and Alisha says.


"I'm sorry but your dumb ass of a boyfriend doesn't get things."

"It's fine I'll tell you but not now."

And Leia glares at me.

"What did I tell you! Does anyone listen to me. Do I have to explain EVERY fucking thing I say in a different language! And you didn't listen Justin you are just like 'oh I'm so cool that I kill people for a living and the next girl I fall for I'll kill also and I'll kill people's fathers cause I don't have one that's how stupid I am,' but no."

Leia says in a boys voice at the part were she was talking about me.

"That's why I killed your fucking dad! So he wouldn't make more of you!"


Alisha's yells.

"You know what! Heavyn I love you to death but that was just totally wrong! I don't know how you like that piece of shit! But after that I would never like him again. I don't care if it takes you away from me. But I don't stay around mother fuckers how kill people!"

She says with tears streaming down her eyes. And we leaves slamming the door and Dylan runs after her.

Alisha's POV.....

"What the fuck! Why did you have to say that!"

"What? She called me a killer? Her father was in the way he tried to save me but I shot the wrong person."

"At lest she wasn't lying."

"Babe I'm sorry."

"Let's just please go home. I don't feel like fighting."

And we do. This was the worst day of my life. I didn't know dating Justin was gonna make my best friend hate me and leave me. Was I making a right choice of dating him or dose it cause more drama and danger? I'm so confused.

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