Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


9. Beaten

Alisha's POV.....

It's been two weeks and Justin has been getting worst my parents are looking for me and Leia is still upset at me. I moved in with Justin and his brother and I feel like I've become a problem.

I wake up lonely then I frown and go to the bathroom brush my teeth and wash my face then I go threw Justin's and my dresser and pick out a simple outfit.

I guess you would call that simple.

I put my hair in a bun and go downstairs with my phone in my back picky still no sign of Justin?!? were in the hell is he? So I call Dylan up he picks up and I say.

"Hey Dylan. Have you seen Justin?"

"Uh.... no I have actually ill be home in minute we could probably search for him."

"Okay. Thanks."

"Welcome Ali. Bye."


I hang up then my phone buzzes from an unknown number. I look at text shocked and scared of what it says.

From Unknown Number:

Thanks for Justin. Now I know both of you and I have your number. Try to tell anyone and a bullet is going threw Justin's head. Better be glad I didn't kill him now. If you don't give me my money by the end of this week. Tick tick boom.... Is all I have to you for you and Justin.

And I drop my phone crying badly. He has Justin!

Justin's pOV.....

"Now that I know you have a girlfriend looks like both of you will be giving me my money."

Johnny says.

I spit out blood from getting beaten. And said.

"... please don't put her in harm.... I ppromised her I would pprotect her..."

Johnny bends down and says.

"I want my money. And if you won't give it to me. Then who will?... Your girlfriend."

"Pplease.. I'll have it in. I promise... Just don't hurt her."

"Watch me."

And he punches my stomach again and I fall back down to the floor and he leaves laughing with Tony and Anthony saying back at me.

"Your time is ticking Justin! Use it wisely!"

And I'm left alone. I feel like I failed her. I promised that I wouldn't put her in any of this bullshit and now I did. She's probably gonna leave me. As I struggle to get up I barley crawl back home.

Alisha's POV......

As I'm holding my phone in my hand shaking afraid to move or do anything someone comes bursting threw the door sayig.

"Alisha! Alisha!"

And I jump and see its Justin and he's on the floor beat up. I put my hands over my mouth then I lift him up and put him on the couch I go grab a first aid kit and a glass of water and I say.

"Justin! what the hell happened! I was so worried!"

"...He....beat me....."

"Let me help you."

"No! No! All I want is you.... Laying with me. I don't need that.,,, I just want my baby......"

I put the band aids down and get up lifting Justin's head and sitting on the couch laying his head gentle on my lap and I look down at him and tears escape from my eyes. Then my phone buzzed again. I looks at it and it said.

From Unknown number:

Keep your lips shut. I know where you live.

And I start to shake in fear. Then Justin looks up arms and says.

"Baby....what's wrong....?"

I wipe my tears quickly and lie saying.

"Nothing just happy your okay and halo your back."

"Pplease....dont...cry baby."

Then I bend down and kiss his lips he kisses back and I felt guilty about how I lied to him. But he lied to me. He said he wouldn't put in this shit! But I shouldn't be angry when he got beaten up just for money.

Justin closes his brown eyes and then I was worried then he started to snore softly and I smiled.

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