Dangersouly In Love

I'm Alisha. I love life but what happened when it all changes. My friends, my
Family, my life style, everything. And it all changes thanks to that guy....Justin.
(Also I changed the name from Heavyn to Alisha sorry)


12. Ballet +14

Leia's PoV....

After cheer practice was over Alisha said she was gonna go to ballet and I said okay and hugged her tightly trying to make her smile a little at lest. But it still didn't work she hugged me back and left walking.

I frowned and then I see Justin run up to me and say.

"Have you seen her, have you seen her, ill give you anything ill kill myself I just wanna see her please!"

"Whoa! first off relax! Second she's at ballet. At Carpender road. Over near that star bucks and that oth-"

And he hugged me and all I felt was bones and he let go running and yelled back.


And I just stood their wondering what the hell just happened. Did I REALLY hug the killer of my dad?!? Oh gosh. But I do feel really bad for him he said he would kill hisself if I told him. I guess I don't want that to happen. I'm so confused am I suppose to hate him or forgive him. I don't know what happened between me as Dylan we just came together quickly and now we are saying we love each other? I change A LOT!

Alisha's POV.....

As I head inside the ballet studio I go to the locker room and undress changing into practice clothes.

Then I go out seeing a line of the girls lining up to find their weight. This week we where suppose to lose 20 pounds for our next recital, the black swan, and I forgot about it so before I stepped on the scale I said.

"May I use the bathroom please."

And our ballet teacher Mrs. Heartthrob said.

"Sure but quickly."

I go and run inside the locker room and go to the bathroom bending down and force throwing up sticking my two first fingers inside my mouth.

Mrs. Heartthrob said that if you don't lose 20 pounds when a recital comes up then your off the team.

And this is why I have anorexia when I was at the doctors.

I then stopped washed my mouth and put a mint inside my mouth then I run out and I see girls crying already and leaving. And now theirs only 14 girls add me 15 there was 20 but dang. I step on the scale and I was 133 now I'm 117 and then Mrs. Heartthrob said.

"You didn't lose 20 pounds exact but ill keep you cause your one of my best dancers and you never screw up but this time you kinda did. Before the recital you need to lose 4 pounds or less or your done."

I nod my head feeling light headed. Then she said to everyone.

"I want to see the splits NOW! Then I want everyone to do the Black swan and the white swan and ill pick on person to do both."

Everyone did but Jessica. She couldn't do them anymore so now she's cut and NOW it's 14 girls.

Everyone finished their splits then she said.

"Now the swan Heather you first."

She says with her Russian accent.


Heather says with her raspy ugly voice. Ugh I hate her. She almost killed me cause she was jealous that I was star of the week and then the recital before this after the performance she stepped on my leg on stage and broke my leg. And now I'm not gonna let her get to me. Cause the only person who's gonna play that role is me. ..

She gets finished and the rest of the girl clap and do theirs then me last and I glared at Heather and did the black and White swan feeling powerful like nothing could bring me down.

After I finished with my pose of the black swans bursting its swings everyone claps loudly even Mrs. Heartthrob. And I give heather a smirk and she glares angrily and I just laugh to myself seeing how jealous she was.

After we practice that we did a John Legend song called Ordinary People and we needed a partner for it we all got one. While I was dancing with my dance partner I started to think about Justin and when I did that I started to cry and as my partner where against the wall doing the dances I started to cry harder.

When we finished I was glad and it was a relief but Mrs. Heartthrob saw me and stopped the music and pulled me over to the side gripping at my arm and said.

"What the hell are you doing!?!"

She whisper yells.

And I respond.

"I'm sorry just memories."

"Memories my ass you better get your act together or you aren't gonna be playing in the swan ballet got that?!?!... I said GOT THAT!"

And I jump and wipe my tears off and I nodded quickly and she threw her hand off of my grip pushing me and I went back to my place.

We finished our class with the swan AGAIN and the class was finished everyone left but me. I kept on my white ballet spandex dress and shoes and kept dancing without a partner feeling alone then I hear a door shut and I turn around seeing Justin.

"What do you want."

I snap.

"You danced beautifully. And you changed your hair."

"I wasn't expecting company."

"Well may I dance with you? Cause I know that piece my little sister danced it before she died."

"I'm sorry to hear about that."

"So may I?"

"Fine but I swear you mess up I'm gonna kill you."

He came behind me holding my waist and whispered in my ear.

"I miss you a lot."

The music started and we both started to dance.


(Like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Instagram post Justin sent on insta)

When we were against the wall I felt his bare chest on me and when I looked up at him I wanted to kiss him badly.

And when he picked me up he kissed me it felt like magic but I knew something wasn't right I pushed him away and grabbed my things and left.

"Ali wait up!! I'm sorry!"

And he pulled my arm turning me around and he still didn't have a shirt on.

"Justin please leave me alone and get a shirt on."

"No. I'm never gonna leave you alone until you take me back."

It started raining and I said.

"Justin your half naked! Your gonna get sick and its raining!"

"No. I'm not going anywhere but to your side until you forgive me."

And he came up closer bent down and kissed me again. Then he picked me up holding my bum, me wrapping my legs around his hips and then he walked inside the studio and he let go and I said.

"Could you put on a shirt before I forgive you?"

And he quickly did and when he did he was so wet his white shirt was getting damp so you could see his muscular body which was super hot. He smirked and said.

"Like what you see beautiful?"

I blush and then Justin says.

"So do you forgive me?"

"I guess so?"

And he hugs me tightly spinning me around. And he said.

"I promise you ill protect you with all my heart. Ill doge a bullet for you and I mean every word I say no lies."

I wrap my arms around him and say.

"I believe you."

And he kisses my lips holding my waist and I can feel him smile threw it. Then he picks me up bridal style walking back to his house without complaining and we make it to his bed and we start to make out. Then he makes his way up my underwear and rubs me making me wet. I moan loudly and then he bits my underwear and slides it off slowly. Then he comes up and kisses my neck sucking on my sweet spot and I throw off his shirt and he unzips my ballet practice dress and clips off my bra and I laid their totally naked and embarrassed and he says.

"Why still shy? This is second time."

"You're looking at ugliness that's why."

He comes up to me and kissed my forehead and says.

"Your the most beautiful thing on earth I've ever seen. And sexy when naked."

I blush and he whispers in my ear.

"Now where were we?"

And he smirks and goes back to making hickeys on my neck making me moan loudly. Then I say.

"I want you so badly."

And he started taking off his pants leaving him naked and he says.

"Before we do this you sure you want this?"


He puts protection on and he slides his dick into me and starts pumping in and out making me scream and going faster making me dig my nails in his back and then he flips me around and I started to grind on his dick and he moans loudly.

"Oh baby!!"

Then he grabs my hips and started going faster and faster.


"Hold it baby."

Then he flips me over and he goes super fast that I could barley catch my breath.

"Moan my name baby."


And he puts his manhood out and cums all over me I started to suck his dick roughly and he cummed more. Then he lays me on my back and slides two fingers inside my vagina and just kept on fucking me making me feel GREAT!!!


I screamed/moaned out and he did then I squirted on him and I screamed out squinting my eyes and he slurps me up licking my vagina and then his licks my whole body up to my mouth and then he just makes out with me then we fall asleep with me wrapped around his muscular warm arms.

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