An English assignment, about slender-Man.
*Slender-Man is not real, and this have NEVER happened before (just so you know it!)


1. Slender-Man

Have you ever thought about what makes us so freaked out about going trough a forest or a graveyard, I never did, until the night when I was remembered about it.

It all started as a dare a this party I was at, I didn't really know any of these people, but I knew, that they could party like hell. At some point, this loser of a freshman, suggested that we should play truth or dare. And of course I volunteered to be in the game, it always ended with that some chick or dude would pass out. And we would draw wired things on their body, and then post it online. We started the game, and it was something like, 'drink three shots as fast as you can' or 'change clothing with the person to your left' or 'tell us you biggest secret' and it was as boring as it sounds, until I was chosen. "Jane, truth or dare?" the freshman asked. "dare" I said with all the confident I could. "okey..." he said. While thinking of what I should do, it would properly be easy "dig a body op that have been buried at least 10 years" WHAT? What did he just say? Dig a body up!? No way in hell I'm gonna do that! I thought to myself. All of the people at the party just stared at me, and I just sat there with my jaw hanging low. "Take it, or get killed by the boogeyman." The freshman said, wait, did he just say the boogeyman? "I take it." Fuck! what did I just say, I don't wanna dig a dead body up! "okey, lets go!" The freshman said while he smiled as wide as you would ever could, I stood up and started to walk to the door, I could hear that the Freshman followed me, I stepped out in the could autumn weather and shivered, it was pretty cold, and I did not bring a jacket to the party. The freshman ran up to my side, "are you ready to dig that body up?" what is wrong with this dude, I thought. "Why would you give me this dare? 'It's creepy like hell!" I said to him, I stared at him while I waited on his answer. He started to laugh, I stopped in my track and stared at him, why was he laughing? There is nothing funny about this. He looked at me with a wild look, "did you really think, just a minute, that you should dig a dead body up?" he asked me, I looked at him confused, "what do you mean?" I asked "I don't want you to dig up a dead body, I just wanted you to come with me alone. You see, I am not who you think I am," he turned around, so his back was facing me, a loud sound of crashing bones ran trough the air, and the freshman in front of me began to ache his back in ways, that couldn't be comfortably. The shirt, that he was wearing, was now being torn apart, and he began to grow, all of his clothes was totally destroyed, and he turned around to face me. I can say that even in my wildest fantasy I didn't imagine this, in front of me stood the one and only slender man.

I began to run, I ran as fast as I could, but I knew that no matter how fast I ran I would get caught, I reached the graveyard, and it was almost identical to the slender man game, and I was scared like hell. I looked back while I was running, I didn't see anything, but that was the point about slender man, he could transport himself from one place to another. Just in the moment I moved my head forward again. I saw a glint of white an black in the dark. I ran in another direction than before, and stumbled over a gravestone, I fell, with my head first in the mud, I tried to stand up, but I couldn't, I kept slip in the mud, and fell again. I heard a noise in one of the bushes to my left, I looked up, and there he was. His long tentacles of arms, rushed to me, the cold took over me and I fell in an endless sleep.

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