Love The Way You Lie

Niall Horan and Kenzie Payne have been best friends for 15 years! But all that changes when they play a game of Truth Or Dare with they boys...


3. ~Chapter Three~

Kenzie's P.O.V 


"Well that was fun" Liam told me as he faced me.

"Keep your eyes on the road, Liam" I told him pointing to the road.

"Whoa im sorry, mum" He chuckled while i giggled.

"Well we dont wont a car crash, do we" I said smirking at him.

"Whoa Kenzie keep your eyes on the road" He told me with a very serious expression. We then both
started cracking up. "Anyway it was fun right?" Liam askd me once again this time his eyes on the road.

"Yeah it was, but" I started.

"But what?" Liam asked me confused.

"Nevamind" I said pulling down my mirror on the sun flap.

"No really what is it?" He asked me again.

"Its nothing" I told him fixing up my hair."Ehh gross i look like a mess" I said.

"No you dont, you look fine" Liam told me. I smiled. "So whats the matter?" He asked me again.

"Nothing" I said again.

"Its something, now tell me" He said shutting my mirror and looking at me. I pointed to the road to remind
him. He looked at the road then straight back at me with one of those looks which i hated. I wondered if Zayn was
teaching him. I had to tell him otherwise he would keep annoying me about it.

"Ok" I finally gave in. He looked at me to carry on. So i did. "It kinda felt like Niall was ignoring me, you dont think he actually
was, do you?" I asked him.

"No of course not. Nialls your bestfriend he wouldnt be ignoring you" He told me.

'Well it darn right felt like it" I told him. He sighed.

"Kenzie dont get upset" He told me. "Nothing can break you and Nialls friendship. Even if he was ignoring you, your forget about it
and it will all be the same again" He told me not keeping his off the road.

"Yeah, but i dont know what i did!" I told him squeaking a bit.

"Kenzie like i said he probably wasnt even ignoring you. Maybe he was just having a bad day or something" He told me. I guess Liam was
right, well he was always right he always made me feel better no matter what.

"Yeah, i guess your right" I told him.

"Oh Kenzie im always right" He said mocking me form this morning.

"Shutup, Liam" I told him.

5 Minutes later

"Ok, bye" I told Liam as he dropped me off.

"Text me when you need picking up" He told me i nodded and waved as he pulled out of the driveway. I ran up to the front door and knocked on it.

"Kenzie, hi come in" Sky's mum Chloe said.

"Hi, Chloe" I said hugging her.

"How are you, my girl?" She asked me. I smiled. I loved Chloe she was like a mother to me she cared for me like
a mother would to her own daughter. and she helped me through alot when my mum and dad died. She helped me
through everything.

"Im good. And how are you?" I asked her.

"Thats good. And im great thanks for asking. Sky's upstairs in her room" She told me i smiled and mouthed thank you as
i ran upstairs to Sky's room i didnt bother knocking.

"Kenzie!" She said hugging me.

"Hey" I said pulling out of hte hug. "So why did you need me here so quick?" I asked her. She smiled.

"I like Louis" She said.

"Omg Sky thats great" I said giving her a hug. Her smile quickly turned into a frown. "Sky whats wrong?" I asked seeing she was

"Im just scared that he wont like me back" She told me. I smiled remembering all the times Louis would ask about her.

"Dont worry, im sure he likes you" I told her.

"You think?" She asked me.

"I know" I said to her as her smile returned. Sky was also very pretty lets face it all my friends were pretty i felt left out.

6 Hours Later


"So anyway i was meaning to ask you what Sky wanted?" Liam asked as i joined him in the lounge.

"Oh it was nothing really" I told him.

"Oh" He said grabbing a chip from my packet.

"SkylikesLouis" I quickly said before turning to face the T.V

"Wait, what she does?" Liam asked me. I nodded.


"Thats great" He told me. I nodded.

"Im gonna go call Niall" i told Liam as i ran up to my room. I went through all my contacts untill i found Niall's i clicked it and after
two rings he picked up.

"Hello" His irish accent sang through the phone. Lets face it hes adorable.

"Hey Niall" I squead into the phone.

"Oh hey, Kenzie" He said sounding down.

"Uhhh do you wonna talk for a bit?" I asked him. It was silent before he answered.,

"Oh sorry Kenzie i cant" He told me.

"Why not?" I asked him a bit upset usually Niall always wants to talk to me.

"I have to help my mum with the chours" He said. I sighed.

"Ok" I said. "Call me after?" I asked.

"Yeah, maybe im quite busy" He told me.

"Alright, bye" I said i waited for him to say bye beautiful like he always does but this time he didnt even say bye he just hanged up.
I sighed and chucked my phone on the bed. Why was Niall ignoring me was he mad at me or something? I thought to myeslf.
I mean what did i do? I walked downstairs and sat next to Liam.

"That was quick" Liam told me keeping his eyes on the T.V

"Yeah uhh we just didnt really have anything to say to eachother" i told him not wanting to tell him what really happened.

"Oh, weird cause usually you guys have heaps to say to eachother" He told me. I didnt say anything i just nodded. "But you guys
sorted out your little problem then?" He asked me. I nodded.


"Ok good. So school tomorrow" He told me i sighed. Liam didnt have to go to school he graduwated last year with Zayn and Louis graduwated
the year before. So it was just me Niall and Harry, but me and Niall only had one year left which was good. Except Harry still had another year
to go through.

"Oh god i dont wonna go" I whinned sinking into the couch. Liam laughed.

"You have to go, its school" He chuckled.

"Well yeah i know that" I told him. "Im just gonna miss having my big brother there" I said giving him a hug.

"Stop being such a kiss ass" He told me. I laughed.

"So what i just said meant nothing to you?" I said in amusement.

"Of course it did" he told me kissing me on the cheek. "But your still going to school" He said smirking. I sighed. i,ve been sighing alot

"Dammit, i really thought that would get me out of it" I said with a little sarcasim.

"Why dont you call louis and tell him about Sky" He asked. I smiled and ran upstairs again. "Im guessing thats a 'sure'!" He yelled.

"Yup" I called back at him. I grabbed my phone off me bed and went through my contacts again. I stopped on Niall's and sighed
i later found Louis's and called him.

"Hey love" He said after picking up.

"Hey boobear" I said he chuckled.

"Dont tell Harry you called me that" he said.

"Dont worry, wouldnt dream of it" I said while giggling.

"So what you doing?" He asked me.

"Oh you know, just calling a guy named Louis, you dont know him" I told him, i could tell he was smiling on the other end.

"Well your right i dont know him, but i,ve heard hes a very goodlooking guy" He replied in a very serious voice. I laughed. "So school
tomorrow" He said.

"You had to bring that up!" i said.

"Whats so bad about school?"

"Its school" I whinned at him.

"Well yeah" He said.

"Hey louis guess what!" I told him remembering why i had called him.

"What?" He asked i smiled.

"When i was at Sky's house guess what she told me" I said still smiling.

"Im tired of guessing just tell me" He whinned.

"Ok, ok" I said. "She told me..she likes this guy" I said.

"Oh she does?" Louis asked sounding disappointed.

"Hmmm yeah she does" I said pretending to sound sad too. It was all silent all i could hear was the loud breathing of Louis.
"AND THAT GUY IS YOU!!!!!" I yelled really loudly.

"Owww, Kenzie" He said.

"Whoops, sorry" I replied whispering.

"And she does" He asked. I nodded and then remembered i was on the phone.


"Thats so awesome, im so asking her out now!" He told me excitment in his voice.

"Go for it Carrot Man" I giggled.

"Thanks" He sang through the phone.

"Your welcome. I hope you you both get married and have a carrot wedding" I laughed.

"Hahah me too" He said. He sounded very happy.

"KENZIE COME ON DINNERS READY" I heard Liam yell from the kitchen.

"COMING" I yelled back at him.

"What?" Louis asked me. I laughed.

"Sorry, Lou i gotta go" I told him.

"Alright, see you later" He told me.

"Bye" I said about to stand up.

"Oh and make sure you tell me how school was" he said. I could tell he was smirking on the other end.

"Dont worry, sadly i will" I replied to him.

"Alright, bye" He said.

"Byeee" I said before hanging up and running downstairs.



"WAKE UP LAZY BUM!!!" I heard Liam yell knocking on the door and opening it.

"5 more minutes" I yelled back at him, even though he was right next to me. Hey i was tired i didnt know what was happening.

"No, hurry or you will be later for school" He said. I moaned and rolled over so my head was in my pillow.

"Then can i have 10 minutes?" I asked him. I suddenly felt the blankets being slid off me. I tryed to pull them back up
but Liam is much stronger than me.

"Go get ready" He told me.

"Uhhh" I moaned at him.

"And to think i was going to get you ice cream after school" He said.

"Im up!" I said slowly getting out of bed as Liam made his way downstairs it took me about 15 minutes to get ready. When i was
done i quickly ran downstairs trying not to fall over.

"Lets go" Liam said as he hopped in the car. He drove in silence before he dropped me off. "Bye, be good" He said kissing me on
the cheek.

"No promises" I joked to him as i hopped out of the car. I watched as his car drove off. I started to walk slowly down the halls hopping
to find Harry or Niall. But instead i found someone i did not want to find.

"Hey slut" i looked up to see Samara Hanson the school bully.

"What do you want?" I asked her codly with some hesitation in my voice.

"I dont wont anything from you, who would your disgusting" She spat at me. I stayed silent. "Virgin" She mummbled under
her breath as she walked away even though i heard it. Yeah i was a virgin and thanks to Samara everyone knows. I kept walking
not looking up. And thought the rest of the day would fly by and everything would be fine.

but what i didnt know was that my living hell had just begun.

Hurt Me With The Truth, But Never Comfort Me With A Lie

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