Love The Way You Lie

Niall Horan and Kenzie Payne have been best friends for 15 years! But all that changes when they play a game of Truth Or Dare with they boys...


1. ~Chapter One~

Kenzie's P.O.V                                                                                                                                                             

"Morning, sleepy head" I said to Liam as he walked down the stairs and entered the kitchen.

"Morning" He replied opening the fridge. "Whats for breakfast?, anything special? He asked me. I forrowed my eyebrows at him.

"Ceral" I told him. He gave me a look. And grabbed the ceral box from the bench and made his cereal. I smiled when he grabbed a fork
"Still afraid of spoons?" I asked him. He turned to face me.

"Kinda, well yeah i guess" He said as he sat down next to me. I smiled at him when i got a text.

"Hey wonna go see the boys today?" I asked him as i finished reading the text.

"Yeah sure, whos place?" He asked.

"Harry's" I said over looking the text. He gave me a smile.

"Go get ready" He told me.

"Yes dad" I said rolling my eyes, and running upstairs. I would always call Liam my dad when he was telling mw what to do, which was always, even though Liam was my brother. Yup thats right Liam is my older brother, my ver annoying and responsible brother. But i love Him. I finished getting dressed.  I came back down stairs and cleaned my bowl and waited for Liam.

"Done" He said coming out of his room wearing his jeans and a blue top i looked at what i was wearing Liam looked at me funny.

"Hey were only going to see the boys, nothing special" I told him.

"Your right" He said grabbing his keys.

"Im always right, Liam" I said patting him on the back as he opened the door and i quickly ran out. I heard him mummble to to himslef and i smiled to myslef as i jumped into the car.


"Hey beautiful" Harry said giving me a tight hug. I looked up since he was quite taller than me.

"Hey Harold" I said sqeezing his cheeks.

"One year" He said holding up his finger to show me. "Your older than me by one year and you have to do that" He whinned at me. I smiled. Having an older brother wasnt so nice when Liam treated me like a baby, so i use my age against Harry. Hey you cant blame me, Harry is like my younger brother.

"Hello love" louis said hugging me and giving me  a kiss on the cheek.

"He lou, been good?" I asked him. Then he gave me a face.

"What?" I asked. He pointed to his cheek. I sighed and lent forward and kissed him on his cheek.

"Whoa guys, next thing we know your be up to tear 15"

"Hey Zayn" I said hugging him.

"Hey bubb, how ya been" He asked me. The thing i loved about these guys were the nicknmaes they gave me.

"Good, you?" I asked he nodded.

"Good, good" He said scruffing my bun up.

"Yeah, thanks" I said fixing up my hair. He smiled at me and walked of to say hi to Liam. I looked over to see Niall smiling at me.

"NIALL!!!" I yelled as i ran over to him and wrapped my legs around his waist. He chuckled.

"Hows my best friend?" He asked as he put me down. I smiled.

"Awesome. And my bff?" I asked.

"Couldnt be better"

"Are you sure you guys are just bestfrends cause the way you just did that...."

"Zayn" I whinned at him as i nudged him as he walked past. He laughed. "Were just friends" i said pushing him through the door.

"Yeah, yeah i know' He said as he went inside. I looked over at Niall who had his arm out. I linked my arm around his and went inside.

"So what do you wonna do?" Zayn asked me. I looked at him.

"Why are you asking!?, there are ohter people here ya know" I said.

"I know" He said. "But your the girl" He told me giving me one of those 'Zayn' looks that i hate. I playfully punched him on the arm.

"I dont kn0w" "Boyseys?" I asked after a long silence.

"So were boyseys now?" Niall said. I smiled and nodded, while Niall rolled his eyes.

"So girlzy" Harry said smiling. I looked over at the boys and we all started cracking up. We were all just cracking up when i tryed to stop it.

"Girlzy?" I said inbetween laughs.

"What the hell Harry" Niall laughed, i looked over at Niall and laughed more.

"Well what else was i suppose to say?" He laughed.

"Um Kenzie" Liam said. And we started cracking up again. Well not that we had stopped.

"Oh Harry" Louis said patting him on the back. I smiled as Harry gave a pouty face.

"Oh its alright Harry" I said trying to make him feel less stubid.

"Yeah i mean i,ve heard alot of people say girlzy before" Niall said chuckling. I giggled.

"Yeah totally" I said.

"Ok so what do you wonna do?" Zayn asked again.

"What about Truth Or Dare?" Louis said. I smiled and looked at the rest of the boys who nodded.

"Truth Or Dare it is" Liam said.

Hurt Me With The Truth, But Never Comfort Me With A Lie


Ok so sorry for the little
cliff hanger. But i hope you like
it so far.

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