Love The Way You Lie

Niall Horan and Kenzie Payne have been best friends for 15 years! But all that changes when they play a game of Truth Or Dare with they boys...


4. ~Chapter Four~




I opnened up my locker and took my books out and felt a pair of hands cover my hands

"Hey Harry" I said turning around and hugging him as he took his hands off my eyes.

"How did you know it was me?" He asked.

"Well first off all, your the only one that does that to me and second your hands smell like tacos" I joked.

"But i havnt had tacos today" He chuckled.

"Harry, im joking" I told him.

"Oh" He said. i smiled and scruffed up his hair with my hand. "What do you have first?" He asked.

"Science" I told him.

"I got math" He told me frowning.

"Anyway Harry why did you want to know?" I asked.

"What?" He asked me.

"Well were a year apart so we dont have any classes together" I told him. He shrugged. The rest of the day went pretty fast.
Niall didnt really sit with me, but i thought that was because he couldnt. At lunch i found him and went up to talk to him.

"Hey Niall!" I said. He turned to face me and gave me a slight smile. "Wonna go eat lunch?" I asked him.

"Im not hungry" He told me. My mouth dropped open like really i swear it hit the ground.

"What!?"I said. "Niall Horan not hungry?!" I said. He nodded" Wow, thats a first, are you sure your ok?" I asked him he nodded.
"Oh well i was wondering if you wanted to come over after school or something?" I asked him smiling.

"Nah" He said.

"What?" I said unaware of what he said.

"I dont wonna" He told me yawning. I started to get really pissed off with him. I let it slide the first times but now he was really
pissing me off.

"Look Niall i dont know what your problem is, but why have you been ignoring me and being so mean?" I asked him. He just stood
there in silence. "See!" I said. "Niall were mean to be best friends and right now your acting like a total jerk to me!" I said almost yelling
at him. "I mean like why, Niall?" I asked him. He opened his mouth to say something but just shut it again. I sighed and walked past



I walked inside and dropped my bag on the floor.

"Liam im home!" I yelled, but got no reply. I went into the kitchen and had a drink. When i was finished i put my glass in the sink and sat
down on the couch and watched T.V for about an hour. When i heard the door open.

"He Kenzie" Liam said walking in followed by Louis. I was about to reply when Louis inturrupted me.

"KENZIE!!!" He yelled running and flipping over the couch and almost landing on me. I laughed and he hugged me. "How was school?" He asked.

"Boring" I said. I really wanted to tell him about Niall, but i didnt want to stir something up because knowing Louis he would say something to

"It couldnt be that bad" Louis said joining me and Louis on the couch.

"Uh yeah it was" I told them both.

"Well then were gonna cheer you up" Louis said with a giant grin on his face.

"How?" I asked.

"We invited the boys over and were going to watch a movie tonight" Louis told me as Liam nodded.

"Sound good?" Liam asked.

"Yup!" I said.

"Well there gonna be here in half an hour, sooo i would go and get ready" Liam told me.

"Half an hour?" I asked surprised. They both nodded. And quickly ran upstairs. I went into my room and realized Niall was part of the boys. Maybe
he wouldnt ignore me i thought. I quickly had a shower and got dressed. I ran downstairs to
see Harry here already. He was facing the opposite way and didnt see me, so i decided to surprise him by jumping on his back, which was what
i did. "HAROLD!!!!" I screamed as i jumped on him. He stumbled but quickly got his balance back.

"Hey beautiful" He said hugging me. He was about to say something when the door opened revealing Zayn, but being followed by Niall. I hugged

"Hey Love" He said still hugging me.

"He Zaynie" I said. Smiling.

"Im older than you" He told me. I smiled. I was going to hug Niall but he was in the kitchen looking for food.

"So should we watch the movie then?" Zayn asked, we all nodded. I sat down nezt to Louis with an empty spot next to me. Niall came out of the kitchen
with food.

"What movie are we watching?" He asked with food in his mouth.

"Close your mouth" Harry told him. He looked at Harry and carried on.

"So?" He asked.

"We were gonna watch paranormal activity 4, if you guys wonna?" Liam told them.

"Ok cool" Niall said.

"Were just glad its not Toy Story" Louis said. Niall was about to sit in th spot next to me, when he saw i was sitting there and sat in a different spot.
I gave him a dirty look. When he wasnt looking of course. I sat there and thought to myself. I might just give up on Niall.

"Are you scared, Kenzie?" Louis asked me half way through the movie. I nodded. "Come here"He said. I went closer to him as he cuddled me. It
actually made me feel alot better.

Nialls P.O.V

I got really jealous when Louis started to cuddle Kenzie. Wait what am i saying!? Who cares she dosnt like me anyway. I decided to get up and grab
more food i walked into the kitchen and grabbed a bag of chips. As i walked past Kenzie she asked me something.

"Can i have?" She said putting her hand out. Who the hell does she think i am? I ignored her and walked past.

Kenzie P.O.V

I watched as Niall ignored me and walked off. 'Dick' I thought to myself.

"What?" Niall asked as he turned around. In a cold voice. I looked at him confused, then i had realized that i said that...

out loud


Hurt Me With The Truth, But Never Comfort Me With A Lie

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