Love The Way You Lie

Niall Horan and Kenzie Payne have been best friends for 15 years! But all that changes when they play a game of Truth Or Dare with they boys...


5. ~Chapter Five~



"N-nothing" I told him. He walked closer to me.

"Well i heard something" He spat at me.

"I told you it was nothing" I said trembling inside.

"Tell me what you said" He told me codly.

"Niall stop" Liam told him standing up.

"Niall if you heard what i said why do you want me to say it again?" I spat at him.

"So you can say it to my face" He said getting louder.

"Niall stop it" Liam repeated himself.

"Ok fine, but you asked for it" I said. "Your a dick" I told him feeling pretty proud of myself. Louis tryed to push me back.

"Well at least im not a whore" Niall said smirking at me.

"Niall you better stop there" Harry joined in trying to hold him but Niall pushed him back.

"Niall!" Liam yelled at him.

"Whore?" I asked him surprised."Your such an asshole" I told him.

"Guys stop" Louis said.

"What?" He asked.

Niall, you heard me" I told him. He was about to say something when Zayn cut him off.

"For gods sake, guys would you both just shutup and stop?" Zayn yelled at us. Niall gave me a look and sat back down on
the couch. I sighed and got up and headed upstairs.

"Kenzie, arn't you watching the rest?" Louis asked me.

"Not with that ideot" I said not turning around meaning Niall. I went upstairs and fell on my bed with my head in the pillow and
screamed into it.


Liam's P.O.V

As Kenzie ran upstairs i looked at Niall and slwoly got up and followed her upstairs. I walked into her room not bothering to
knock. When i walked in i saw her face in her pillow.

"Kenzie" I said quietly as i walked in. She didnt answer so i sat down on her bed next to her. "Kenzie talk to me please" I
said to her. She turned over with tear stains on her pillow and her face. "You alright?" I asked her. She shook her head and
wipped her eyes.

"No" She said with a bit of crack in her voice. "Im not" She said as i sighed.

"What was that even about?" I asked her. The,ve been best friends for 15 years and i,ve never seen them fight like this.
"Kenzie?" I asked.

"I dont know, ok?" She told me. I knew she was upset because she would always get mad when she was upset.

"So then why are you guys fighting?" I asked her.

"Its just that...i dont know he was ignoring me, then all this happend" She told me. "Hes mad at me i think" She said.

"Then why dont you talk to him about it?" I asked her.

"Well its kinda hard to do that when hes ignoring me!" She informed me raising her voice. It was silent for a bit untill i
decided to go back downstairs. I walked downstairs to see Niall gone and the rest of the boys talking.

"She ok?" Louis asked me. I nodded.

"He ok?" I asked meaning Niall.

"Yeah hes fine, just left" Louis told me as i nodded.

Hurt Me With The Truth, But Never Comfort Me With A Lie


Ok really sorry about the short cahpter
i will update soon! Byeee :)

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