Stay with me

When Corisa watches her family die, and then saves the lives of the most famous boy band in the world, her whole world changes after that. Will it change for good or for worse? Will the boys tear down her walls and discover everything that she tries to hide from everyone? Will she fall for a certain boy who loves her back, and boy that she never wants to leave?

“Stay with me”


3. Whats next?

Harrys P.O.V.

2 weeks later.

Dead. The boys told me I was dead. They told me this girl came on the bus and saved us all. She saved me. The boys and I have all healed for the most part, just the few cuts and bruises. The press is going crazy, they all want to know the girl that saved “One Direction” but it’s kind of hard because she has been in a coma for 2 weeks. 2 weeks, the boys and I have taken turns staying at the hospital. I wonder if she knows we are here, and can hear us. Does she know her parents are dead? Management did a background check; she is 18 years old, she from London, Ontario Canada, She has been type 1 diabetic since she was 10 years old, and has she lost the only family she had. She has no one, nowhere to go now. We decided that we owe it to her to let her stay with us. I just wish she would wake up. She is so beautiful, even with bruises on her face. She lost so much blood in the accident, she smashed her head somehow and cracked her skull open, and broke her leg severely, no one knows how she even managed to get to us, let alone save us. Did she fight all the pain just to save us? Did saving us making it worse for her? From everything that we have gathered, she is a huge fan, even her phone case, it made me laugh when I first saw it, I guess she is a Marcel fan, her case says “Cute as a button, every single one of you.”  The memories of that music video just make me grin like a Cheshire cat. It was by far one of your best videos. I wonder what she thought of the video, did she cry, and did she laugh? I wonder what her laugh is like. “Harry, mate? You okay, you’re smiling like an idiot” Louis said snapping me back to reality. “I was just thinking about her” I replied. “Haz, it’s like you’re in love and you don’t even know the girl” he chuckled. “I feel like I do, I don’t know there’s just something about her. You know I dream about her, she’s yelling at me to stay with her, it seems so real, I wonder what her real voice sounds like. There’s just sometime about her, that says “You don’t know me, and you never will” but I want to.” I rambled. All the boys just stared at me for a minute. Then Niall bursts out laughing “Mate you got it bad.”


Corisa’s P.O.V.

All I could hear was a familiar laughter, a laugh that I hear every day when watching different interviews, but that’s impossible, why would I be in the same room as Niall?  I opened my eyes, and looked around me. There were 5 beautiful boys sitting around me laughing at something. Something was different about them though? They all had bruises and cuts all over them, they were all pale and on edge, and looked extremely tired. I wonder why. Then it all starts coming back to me, England, the trip to Bristol University, the accident, my parents – their faces, my mom’s last words, the bus, the boys, Harry. No, no, no, no, no this can’t be happening! It can’t be real, it can’t, their still here they have to be... I begin to sob, suddenly the boys look at me and come rushing to my side trying to comfort me. “Li go get the doctor” Zayn said.

4 hours later

“and that’s everything that happened” Louis finished. They all finally calmed me down, I’ve just sat here quietly listening to the entire story of what happened the day of the accident and from when I passed out until now. I shudder thinking back to when the accident happened.

Flashback-  “MOMMY, DADDY PLEASE! I cried,  “Corisa.. I... I love yo..uu. Me and daddy are going to a bee..tteeer place.. We love you.. We are both so proud of you, you can do anything you can put your mind too. You incredible heart. Stay Strong, Go find help! I Love You Babygirl, We both do…”

Present- Tears streamed down my face. “Corisa its okay, everything’s going to be okay” Harry hugged me and reassured me. The doctor walks in “I proud to tell you all your test are coming out great, you’re doing much better than we thought you would. We can release you in about an hour; we will get you some crutches for your foot, and a prescription for pain medicine. You need to make sure you have someone taking care of you at home, you might be tired a lot, don’t worry about it, and just take the rest you need. But you also need to take care of your diabetes, take it slow; don’t be eating anything you shouldn’t be eating right now, especially since your body isn’t used to real food at the moment. We have changed your bolus dosages. If you’re having any problems just give me a call and we will fix them up.” The doctor says as he hands me a card with his number. “Okay Thank you doc” I replied. He just smiled and left. “What’s going to happen now” I ask the boys. “I was only going to be here a week, I don’t have any of my stuff, it’s all at the hotel. Oh no all my stuff, what did they do with my stuff?” I rambled. “You’re going to stay with us; we have taken care of it all. We got all your stuff from the hospital; it’s all at the house.” Harry told me. “Oh no! I can’t impose on you like that! I’ll figure something out, I will call my friend Nathan or something everything will work you” I stuttered. “You’re not imposing, we owe you, and you saved our lives, now were saving yours. Anyways we have a room already for you, and Perrie, grabbed a bag of clothes from your stuff and brought it to the hospital to change in to, you’re coming with us and we are not taking no for an answer” Zayn said. “Fine” I stubbornly answered. I pushed the covers off, and just stared at my cast, its looks so plain, I stared at it with disgust. “Don’t worry love, we’ll make it look pretty for you” Zayn chuckled. I laughed back in response, at the fact that he knew me so well already. I gave him a little smile, and then got out of bed trying to balance myself on one foot. Liam who was the closest at this point got up and helped me to the bathroom, and brought my things with them. “Just holler when you’re done, and I’ll help you out” He said. “Thanks” I said gratefully. I slowly took off the hospital gown and changed into the outfit Perrie brought me. Oh my god, Perrie Edwards picked out my outfit. Okay fangirling done. Once I finished getting dressed, I carefully stood up and brushed my teeth, then threw my hair into a messy braid. I opened the door, “Liam” I said, and he came and helped me to the bed. “There you go, nice and easy.” He said. Louis walked in with the crutches. “Alright my lady, let’s put your shoes on… well shoe I guess… and hit the road, I got your prescription, and crutches and your free to go.” Louis said as he helped put on one of my shoes. The boys grabbed my stuff and we walked, well I crutched out the door, to the car. We all go in the van and drove away. After about 15 minutes we drove up a gravel road up to a beautiful gated house. There was paparazzi everywhere flashing cameras at us, we slowly drove through them into the gates to where we couldn’t be seen anymore. “Wow that was crazy…” I mumbled. “I know how you feel, it can be quite overwhelming, but you will get used to it” Niall comforted me. He helped me out of the car, and I just stared looking at the house. “Welcome Home” Harry smiled.


Heres what she was wearing this chapter.


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