Stay with me

When Corisa watches her family die, and then saves the lives of the most famous boy band in the world, her whole world changes after that. Will it change for good or for worse? Will the boys tear down her walls and discover everything that she tries to hide from everyone? Will she fall for a certain boy who loves her back, and boy that she never wants to leave?

“Stay with me”


1. The Accident

Even though I am 18, I love spending time with my family. I don’t know what I would ever do without them! I am a total daddy’s girl, but a mommy’s girl as well. Everyone in my family is really close! Right now we are in England, Its been my dream for years to come here, I plan on living here someday, hopefully soon. At the moment we are on our way to Bristol University to check out the University. When I was little there was this boy that moved down the road from me named Nathan and we were best friends and we always dated, we were one of those relationships that were off and on but we were always great friends through it all. He moved back to England a few years ago, I haven’t seen him since my 16th birthday. We have always talked about going to the same University, and we both have decided on Bristol University. My parents are not too happy about me wanting to move to England for University they would rather me stay in Canada with them but they are willing to check the University with me. As we leave the busy streets of London in this car we have rented for our stay here, I slowly began to drift of listening to my One Direction music..

*half an hour later*
I woke up hearing my parents scream, with the car gone out of control. Then *SMASH* everything went quiet..I looked around and there was glass everywhere, blood everywhere. I was about to faint just at the sight.. I could feel blood running down my face, my head was pounding with sharp pain, as well with my leg, it had sharp pain shooting up it every time I tried to move it. I wanted to call 911 that is Canada’s emergency number, hopefully my parents would know the emergency number for England.. “My parents” I gasped...

“Mom? Mom? Dad?” I said.
I heard a light whisper.. “Corisa.. I.. I love yo..uu. Me and daddy are going to a bee..tteeer place.. We love you.. We are both so proud of you, you can do anything you can put your mind too. You are by far my greatest accomplishment! You can save lives, You can changes lives, you can save lives, you have an incredible heart. Stay Strong, Go find help! I Love You Babygirl, We both do…” my mother mumbled as she closed her eyes again and stopped breathing. I sat there and screamed and cried begging my parents to breathe again. I listened to what my mom said. “Go get help.. stay strong you can save lives..” I didn’t understand what she meant by that but I got out of the car carefully. I saw the bus that we got in an accident with.. I crawled across the street slowly scared for what I was going to see next . As I got to the bus door and climbed up, I noticed the driver was not breathing, I stood there with tears streaming down my face, first my parents, not him. But then was soon distracted by yelling from the back of the bus. I slowly crawled to the back not knowing what was to come. As I got to the back I couldn’t believe my eyes. I wanted to fan girl at that very moment, but I wanted to cry for the scene I was looking about as well. It was horrifying, something that I would never forget, something that made me feel like I was going to faint.

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