Stay with me

When Corisa watches her family die, and then saves the lives of the most famous boy band in the world, her whole world changes after that. Will it change for good or for worse? Will the boys tear down her walls and discover everything that she tries to hide from everyone? Will she fall for a certain boy who loves her back, and boy that she never wants to leave?

“Stay with me”


7. Please Harry

When Harry comes back to me, he smiles. He sticks up the outfit he has chosen for me for bed. A One Direction nightgown, he smirks at me. I laugh.  "I'm drunk." I say. He laughs a little. "It's ok. I am too." He says. He sticks my arms through the arm holes, then puts it over my head and pulls it down. When he is pulling the shirt all the way down, I hide face in his neck. I giggle and run my fingers through the back of his hair. I feel his hot breath on my neck as he wraps his arms around me. "We should do something fun." I say. "Like what?" He asks. "Well, the way you got all jealous at the club over Nathan and made me leave, kind of turned me on." I say. "Naughty...” He smirks. I laugh a little.

"You just have that effect on me." I coo in this hear. "Do I?" He asks and raises an eye brow.  I nod and bite my bottom lip. He leans his face to my neck and leaves an open mouth kiss on my skin. I feel his breath against my ear. I push him back onto the bed and grab his pants and tug them off. I get on top of him, straddling his waist. I lean my face down to his and kiss him hard. The kiss heats up instantly. His tongue is in my mouth, playing with mine. His hands are on my waist. He pulls my hips down towards his, making his dick rub against me. He moans deeply into my mouth. I can feel him getting hard against me. It's such a turn on. He flips us over and he's between my legs, hovering over me. He connects our lips again. One of his hands is beside my head, holding him up. The other one is on my hip. I grab the hand on my hip and place it on my boob. I squeeze his hand so he squeezes my boob. I hum against his lips. He gets what I want him to do and he squeezes me gently. I smile against his lips and wrap my arms around his neck. He gives my other breast some attention and I moan. He pulls back. "Can I try something?" He asks. "Of course. What is it?" I ask. "I erm..." He stops. I find it cute how even though he's drunk, he's still too embarrassed to say what he wants to do. "Do whatever you want. You don't have to tell me." I say and give him a reassuring smile. He pecks my lips and pulls back. He puts his fingers in the waistband of my underwear. He looks at me. I nod and he pulls them down it took him a second longer than it should have because he had to take off around my cast. He drops them on the floor and turns back to me. He looks me in the eyes. I feel his finger slide up my center. He doesn't break eye contact. I bite my lip as I feel his finger move against me. He pushes his middle finger into me carefully and I close my eyes and let out a small moan. He moves his finger around inside me until he finds the place where my body wants him the most. I jerk when his finger pushes against it. He wiggles his finger against it. I moan and force my eyes back open. He's smiling at me. He pumps his finger into me a few times.  He pulls his finger out of me. I want to whimper at the loss of contact. But when I see him scooting back some and lying on his stomach with his face close to my center, my insides feel like they're on fire. I watch him closely as he leans his face towards me. His tongue slides out past his lips and licks a strip up my center. I moan and let my head drop back. He wraps his arms around my thighs and pulls me closer to him as I feel his tongue moving against my most sensitive nub. My hips involuntarily jerk up. He swipes his tongue quickly across my clit. I look back down at him. His eyes are closed as he sucks gently on me. He opens his eyes and he stares into mine. Small moans escape my mouth as he works his tongue on me. He moves one of his arms away from my thigh and slides his middle finger into me. I arch my back when he does. His warm breath hits my center causing my breath to hitch in my throat. He puts his mouth back on me as he adds another finger. The familiar feeling in my lower stomach starts to appear when my stomach starts to tighten. I reach my hand down and grab a handful of his curls. I squeeze his hair tightly. My back arches and my toes curl as I moan out. My orgasm hits and sends a wave of strong pleasure throughout my body. I pull slightly on Harry's hair as he slows his tongue and fingers while I ride my high down. When I'm done, he pulls his fingers away and gives my center one final lick before his face appears in front of mine. His eyes are dark. His face is hovering above mine. My breathing is heavy. He kisses my cheek and jaw. I take his shirt off, and then I run my fingernails softly up his bare sides. Goose bumps rise on his skin. "My turn." I say to him. He nods and kisses me. He moves to go underneath me. I straddle his waist again as my lips find his. They move sweetly against each other. I reach my hand between our bodies and palm his hard on over his boxers. He takes in a breath; I put my other hand on the side of his neck and face. I palm him harder as he gets stiffer. I slowly undo his jeans, and start to take them off.  I sit back up and I put my fingers in the waistband of his underwear. I leave them, and lean in for a kiss. "Please." He whispers against my lips. I kiss him while I grind onto him. He moans as I start to palm him again. "Patience." I say. He reaches down and stops my hand from pushing against him again. "Please do something; your hand is torturing me right now." He says. I realize my hand is laying on his crotch. I smile and kiss him. I lean up and grab the top of his boxers. I look at him and he nods. I pull his boxers down, freeing him from the tight material. I drop his underwear beside my clothes that are on the floor. I look down at him. His dick is lying on his lower stomach. It's pumping slightly. He looks at me. I move down some and straddle his legs. I pick his dick up in my hand. I start from the tip and slowly push my hand down his shaft. He groans quietly when I do that. I pump him a few times. I smile up at him. He bites his lip. I look at him again before I lower my head down. I lick from the base of his shaft to the top. I swirl my tongue around the tip before I enter him into my mouth. His breath hitches as he watches me. My hand works the bottom of his shaft while my mouth sucks lightly on his tip. I bob my head slowly, taking him further into my mouth each time my head went down. He moans and he holds my hair away from my face. He watches me. I look up into his eyes as he struggles to keep them open. Small moans leave his mouth as I hallow my cheeks around him and take him deeper. His tip is touching the back if my throat. I hum so my throat vibrates against him. He moans and jerks his hips forwards, causing him to slam further down my throat. I gag and pull back some. He moans loudly, so I go back down and put my mouth back around him until I gagged again. I suck in his tip hard and my hand moves quicker on him. After a few seconds, he moans more frequently. He squeezes my hair. He starts squirming his hips around. I pump him quicker and bob my head faster. I know he's close. I take him further into my mouth and hum against him again. His body tightens and he moans out loudly as he lets himself go. I feel him shoot his load into my mouth and I swallow it as I continue to bob my head and pump the bottom of him. I let him ride out his orgasm and slow when I don't feel any more liquid release from him. I pull my mouth away. I pump him slowly. I feel him start to go limp in my hand. I let him go and kiss his lips. When he opens his mouth, I let some of his cum I had in my mouth, go into his. I want him to taste how good he tastes. His mouth closes as he swallows what I put into his mouth. I pull back some. He looks at me. He's still breathing heavily. He puts his hand on my cheek and kisses me softly. He leans up some and stares at me; I take the nightgown off, and unhook my bra and let it fall to the floor. "Harry. I need you now. I want to feel you in me. Please. I want to do this." I say. He looks at me. "Corisa you're drunk." He says. "So?" I say.  "We can't. That's not fair." He says. "What do you mean?" I ask him. "You don't really want this. You're drunk and horny. Your body just makes you crave that. It wouldn't be fair if I let us do that. I don't want to take advantage of you." He tells me. "You aren't. You're drunk also and I want to." He I tell him. "That's not taking advantage of me." I say as I give him another kiss. "Not tonight Corisa, I know if you were sober right now, sex is not something you'd want to do. II know it's the alcohol talking right now." He says. “Harry please, I may be drunk, But I know this is what I want! I need. Please Harry. I can’t handle this anymore. Ever since my parents died, I felt so broken. That’s why I cut, that’s why I got drunk. Please I need this. I need to feel love. Please Harry” I cried. He looked at me for a second. “What did you say? Did you just say you cut?” He sat up and asked. His face filled with worry. Shit I thought. He wasn’t supposed to find out. “Harry please, I need you right now, and we can talk about that later. I need you right now. Please Harry.” I cried. He kissed me. “If you’re with me, you will always be loved” he says while kissing me. He flips us over, so I’m underneath, he stares at me waiting for my approval. Once I give it to him, he kisses me then lines his tip up at my entrance before he carefully pushes himself in. I close my eyes and moan with pleasure when he enters me. He pulls back and thrusts forward again. I moan again and grip his arms. His thrusts start slow but gradually speed up. I moan out and let my head drop to his chest. He moans deeply into my ear as his thrusts quicken. "Fuck." I moan out. I move my arms around him and my nails dig into his back. My chest is pressed to his as he thrusts deeper. I moan again and I squeeze his back more. He thrusts faster and harder. He moans again. "Shit." He curses. I whimper at the sound of him cursing. I feel my legs start to shake as he rams himself into my g-spot. I hold onto him like he could disappear any second.  His thrust got faster. I moan out louder than I meant to. He is biting his lip hard and moaning softly. Seeing is face while moaning just makes everything so much better, this is honestly the hottest thing I've ever encountered. "More harry. I-I'm so close." I say. He leans forward some and places his hands beside my head. His pace speeds to an unbelievable rhythm and it leaves me gasping for breath. I moan out, probably being too loud. I don't care at this moment in time. All I can think about is the fact that Harry Styles is amazing at this. I feel myself start to tighten around him before I lose myself and come undone. I'm a moaning mess. My head turns from side to side as my back arches. My eyes are shut tightly. His thrusts get sloppy. I grip onto his back and dig my nails into his skin. He tenses and moans out before he hits his climax. He thrusts sloppily. I thrust my hips up to meet his. He slows while he comes down from his high. We both moan softly with every thrust. His eyes are shut tightly. His face is about a foot above mine. His eyes open and he slows his hips. I pull his face down towards mine and kiss him. This was amazing. Definitely help me get my mind off of my parents. No. Don't think about that. Stop. He pulls back some before he pulls out of me. I moan softly one last time. Both of us are breathing heavily. He stares down at me. This was just amazing. I curl up against him and he wraps his arms around me. He kisses my forehead and twirls my hair around his finger. I kiss his chest. He plays with my hair for a while. I can't help but smile. Tonight was perfect. Drunk or not, it was amazing. I fall asleep with a smile on my face in the most beautiful boy's arms.

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