Stay with me

When Corisa watches her family die, and then saves the lives of the most famous boy band in the world, her whole world changes after that. Will it change for good or for worse? Will the boys tear down her walls and discover everything that she tries to hide from everyone? Will she fall for a certain boy who loves her back, and boy that she never wants to leave?

“Stay with me”


4. Night in.

the house, ^

her outfit ^

Chapter 4;

The boys immediately gave me tour of the house, but they decided I was too slow on the crutches so they showed me the house as I was on Liam’s back, All the boys fought over whose back id go on, but I felt like it would be best to go on Liam’s because he looks the strongest and I’m pretty heavy.. I don’t want to be more of a burden than I already am. This place is huge, and so amazing. I’ve always dreamt about what their house looks like, and it has defiantly gone beyond my dreams. We finally came to the last part of the tour. “And this is your room” Harry said when opening the door. I gasped. I was speechless. It was beautiful. I started to cry. “I can’t accept this, I don’t deserve this. Its too beautiful and perfect and” “Corisa just say thank you already, and get your pajamas on and meet us downstairs so we can get to know you” Niall cut me off and laughed. “But” I said. “No buts, you saved our lives, and from everything that has happened, you deserve this.” Harry told me. “Okay thank you” I hugged each of the boys. They all turned to go to their own rooms to change except for Harry. He just stood there until everyone was gone. “Can we talk?” he asked. “Yeah come in” I replied.  He walked in and took a seat beside me on the bed. “How are you holding up” he asked sincerely. I froze; he is the first to actually ask. Do I let him in? No I can’t, not yet. “Doing good, it’s not easy, but ill manage, I always do.” I smiled at him. Hopefully he will buy it. He looked at me like he was not so sure he believed me, “Well then that’s good! I’ll let you get cleaned up and changed and settled in. El and Perrie unpacked your clothes, and also went and bought you more clothes, shoes, makeup and shower stuff. We set up your Mac and i-Pad with our Wi-Fi and stuff too! All your clothes are in the closet to the left there and your bathroom is over there! Yell if you need any help, okay?” He said. Well that was easier than I thought; hopefully all the boys are this easy to fool... Wait did he just say he bought me a whole new wardrobe? “Thanks Harry, seriously, thank you” I called as he shut the door behind him!

It is nice to finally be alone… It’s the first time I’ve been alone since I woke up. I grabbed my crutches and went to the closet. It was huge, and adorable, I can’t believe it’s mine… I grabbed my matching grey shorts, and sweater pajamas. My mousie slippers, and then I searched for bras and underwear, when I finally found them; I found this cute matching grey bra and underwear. Perfect I thought. On top of the dresser there was an assortment of iPhone cases, I found this cool cat one, I took my phone out of my pocket and changed the case. Oh my goodness I thought. I hope none of the boys saw my “Cute as a button, every single one of you” phone case, they probably will think I’m some crazy fan. Well I am, but that’s not the point. I grabbed the stuff and tucked it under my chin and held on to my crutches to go to the bathroom. Slowly but surely I finally got there. I put the stuff down on the counter, and looked around. Wow, it’s huge. My room, closet and bathroom are probably bigger than my own house back home. No exaggeration. I looked in the mirror, and just gasped. I looked terrible. How are the guys even talking to me, I’m so ugly and bloated. I’m starting to recognize this feeling. It is a feeling that I thought I had overcome. But I guess you can never overcome depression, but can only hide it and work through it. “I have to be strong, I have to be brave, I have to act like nothing is wrong and everything is alright.” I told myself in the mirror. You see I’m one of those girls who you think is one of the happiest girls in the world, that nothing can get me down; I have a bubbly personality that everyone loves. Usually I would say that I’m not depressed, I can still smile at pretty things, and laugh when jokes are funny. I can still talk to people, and enjoy nice days. But when I go inside, when I’m alone, there is something broken about me, and I fall into a sadness so sweet, that it engulfs me. I look in the mirror, and I don’t like what I see, and the tears always fall and when I’m falling asleep. I am not depressed, I’ve just been sad for a while, but I can still find the light, I can still smile. But now I’m not so sure. My family was my world; I don’t know how I will survive without them. I sat on the floor and just shook while I cried. I started to undress and unclip my pump off my pants. I grabbed all the shower stuff and crawled to the shower. There was a seat in the shower and a waterproof bag to go over my cast so I could shower. I pulled myself into the shower onto the seat, and turned the shower on and continued to cry as the water flowed down on me. I grabbed the razor and began to shave my right leg, then shaved the top of my leg before the cast on my left foot, then went to do a quick shave on my armpits. I felt so disgusting having to shave 2 weeks of body hair. They clearly don’t cleanse you that well when you’re in a coma… I just stared at the razor, not quite sure what I was going to do next. Next thing I knew I had a blade in my hand from the razor; I slowly brought it to the top of the inside of my thigh. I just sat there for a few minutes crying still feeling all the pain, then I pushed the blade into my skin and swiped across making the first cut. I saw the blood coming out of it, and started to feel numb; I did one more swipe, then another, a total of 3 cuts. 1 cut for my mom, 1cut for my dad, and 1 cut for not being able to save them. I watched the blood flow out, I stopped crying and starred. I washed away the blood and continued to shower; it felt nice to wash my hair. As I finished, I made sure washing away all the blood, I let the water flow over the cuts to make sure there was no trace of blood. As I got out, I dried myself off and got dressed and attached my pump back on. I threw my hair up in a bun, grabbed my phone and headed downstairs. Once I got to the stairs, I put the crutches down on the stairs and sat down; I went down the stairs one by one on my bum, dragging the crutches with me. I think I am finally starting to get used to these stupid things.  As I got up and used the crutches to walk to the living room where everyone is, Louis asked “Mac and Cheese good for dinner?” “Absolutely” I replied. He gave me a bowl, and I looked up to him and smiled. “Did you check your blood yet?” he asked? “No, not yet” I said as I looked down. It reminded me of my mom and how she was always nagging on me about my diabetes. He noticed me look down and said “Don’t worry I’ll go get it.” As he ran off to my room to get my meter out of my bag. He came back and handed it to me. “Thanks” I said. Everyone sat around the TV, and watched me. I opened up the case, and took a strip out and stuck it in the meter, I pricked my finger and watched the blood come out of my finger, it reminded me of my relapse in the bathroom. I felt weak. I quickly shook the feeling, knowing everyone was watching me. I stuck the finger with the blood to the strip and waited for the results to come up. It counted down 5, 4,3,2,1. There it was 6.2. Perfect. I smiled and clicked the eZ bolus button and punched in the carbs for my food, and then punched in the insulin and clicked deliver. The boys just stared at me confused of what I just did. I explained to them what a pump is, and how it delivers my insulin through a tube that connect to an infusion site on my body, rather than taking 4 needles a day. They all looked at me rather interested. The night consisted of watching The Hunger games, debating who our favourite was, Gale or Peeta. Zayn and Liam picked Gale because he knew Katniss the longest and could actually hunt. Niall picked Peeta, because he fell for the love story between Katniss and Peeta just like me. Then there was Harry who picked Peeta just because he worked in a bakery then Louis who picked Peeta just because Harry did. A true “Larry” moment. I just laughed to myself witnessing this.  The night seemed to carry on with lots of laughs; it was nice to get my mind off of everything, who knows maybe being with the boys will be good for me. The phone starts ringing and Liam gets up and answers it. “Hello, oh hey Simon….Yeah she’s here, she’s doing really well... Okay… Tomorrow at 9:30 am... Okay, see you then sir. Bye” He said, while hanging up. He came over to us, and scratched his head then checked the time, it was midnight now. “Simon wants to meet Corisa tomorrow at 9:30 in the morning which means we need to leave by 8:30 so we should probably head to bed.” He told us. I was in shock; I’m going to meet The Simon Cowell. Why does he want to meet me? Am I in trouble? The boys must have noticed me freaking out. “Don’t worry love, everything will be okay, Simons nothing to be nervous about, he may seem scary but he is more like a puppy” Zayn told me. I smiled back at him for his attempt at reassuring me. “Okay then, we better go to bed...” I said and got up and grabbed my crutched and started off to the stairs. I think they were all shocked at my positivity all of a sudden, Niall just laughed “I like this girl” he chuckled. I laughed and just stock my lounge out at him which made him laugh more which caused all the boys to laugh at our immaturity. I held the crutches on the floor to support me while I jumped up the first step. “Do you need some help” Louis laughed at me. “No I can do it” I replied back stubbornly. I got up halfway up the stairs before I gave up. “Can you all stop laughing at me please” I whined at the guys who were watching thinking this was the funniest thing they ever saw. I dropped to my knees and threw the crutched up the stairs, and crawled up the stairs on my knees. When I finally got up the stairs I grabbed the crutches and stood back up and hobbled back to my room, I heard the boys still laughing as they returned to their rooms. I got to my bed, and got under the covers, and turned on my phone for the first time. I had a bunch of missed messages just from friends that were fans of the boys. I deleted them all knowing all they wanted was to know the guys. Which annoyed me considering my parents had just died and they never asked about how I am doing or anything. One message stood out the most. “Corisa, I’m freaking out, first I thought maybe I did something and you were made at me and that’s why you never showed up to meet me at the university, then I saw the news, and saw your parents pictures show up and I put it all together! How are you? I know you, love, don’t do anything you will forget, stay strong, everything will get better! I’m always here! Let me know when you’re out of hospital! I couldn’t come see you because the place was filled with high security because of the boys.  I miss you like crazy and I need to see my best friend! Remember I am always here for you! Ps. I know you love those boys, don’t fan girl too much ;) love you corissy Xxx” I cried reading the message over and over again. “Too late babes, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean too, it just happened…  But I love and miss you crazy nattypoo. No attacking here, I’ve managed to stay calm, but there are spoiling me like crazy, not that I don’t love it, but I feel bad, they shouldn’t be spending all their money on me. GUESS WHAT? I meeting Simon Cowell tomorrow, ahhhhh freaking out, but it has been a long day. I’m going to head to bed now, Miss you. Xxx” I push sent, then turned my phone off and placed it on the charger. I laid there and went over everything that happened these past weeks. I started to cry hysterically. “Corisa, you okay love” I heard Harry ask as he walked in carrying a glass of water and pills in his hands. “Here is your medicine love” He said as he handed me the pills. I wiped away the tears, and took the pills, and thanked him. He started to walk away. “Harry wait” I cried. He turned around and looked at me. “Can you please stay with me tonight, I don’t want to be alone” I cried out. He walked towards me and got in on the other side of the bed. He scooted towards me and took me in his arms. “Of course love, always.” He whispered and kissed my forehead. I cried in his arms as he rubbed my back until I fell asleep.


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