Stay with me

When Corisa watches her family die, and then saves the lives of the most famous boy band in the world, her whole world changes after that. Will it change for good or for worse? Will the boys tear down her walls and discover everything that she tries to hide from everyone? Will she fall for a certain boy who loves her back, and boy that she never wants to leave?

“Stay with me”


8. I Like you

Corisa’s P.O.V.
The next morning I wake up. Harry is lying on his back and my head is on his chest. His arm is wrapped around me, holding me to him. I feel my head rising and fall with his chest every time he breathes. I lean up slightly. His head is turned to the slide with his mouth open a little bit. He lays there peacefully sleeping. I kiss his neck. He turns his head to the other side and frowns, still asleep. He sighs once he settles his head. His grip around me tightens a bit. I smile at him and kiss the other side of his neck. He turns his head again. I'm giggle a little and kiss his neck and suck his skin gently. He lets out a really small and quiet moan. I look up at him. His eyes slowly open. “Good morning to you too” he chuckled. It was perfect, I could lay here forever.

Harry’s P.O.V.
"Corisa. I want to talk to you about something. Well a lot. But I want to start out with this." I say. "Oh. Ok. What is it?" She asks. "I like you and well, do you like me to or was I just some fuck?" I ask. She laughs a little. "Yes I like you. I don’t just screw any guy" She says and straddles my lap and wraps her arms around my neck. “What about that guy at the club.” I asked. She sighs. “Nathan is someone I used to date; he is the only person that truly knows everything about me. I trust him; he also was my first.” She told me. "What's this about anyways?” she asks. "I want to be with you. I want you to be mine. I want you to be my girlfriend." I say quietly. She smiles. "Are you sure? I’m damaged goods, more than you know." She says. "I do. I want that. I really like you. It not anything I can’t handle, From now on you will have me no matter what, and you’re not damaged. You have just gone through stuff, but I will help you through it, I promise. “I say. She smiles and kisses me. "So?" I ask. "Will you be my girlfriend?" "Of course I will." She says and hugs me. I hug her back. I look at her. "What?" She asks. I just smile at her and pull her onto the bed with me. I pull the covers over us and hold her in my arms. She's mine. Corisa Miller is mine. Nothing could make me any happier. She's playing with my necklace. "Why do you cut?" I ask quietly. She looks at me. Sadness flashes through her eyes. "I just got to point in my life where I was so hurt, I couldn’t handle the pain.” She says. "What happened though?" I ask. "A lot. Bullying, never being good enough, a past abusive relationship, fights between me and my mom." She says. "Oh." I say not wanting to push it too far and upset her. She looks back at my necklace. "Were you and your Mom close” I ask. She nods. "Tell me about her." I say and twirl a piece of her hair around my finger. She nods. "She was a lovely woman. Heart of gold, crazy Christian though, my parents were pastors, so I always had to be the perfect pastor’s daughter. She wanted me to grow up and follow in her footsteps, but that’s not what I wanted. And she just never got over it... She was always doing things for others. Everyone that knew her loved her. I love her. As upset as she made me, she was my rock and my anchor, I did everything with her.” She says. I nod. "I'm sorry." I say. She gets really quiet. "You can tell me things. I would tell you everything. Don't be afraid to tell me stuff." I say.
"Nathan is the only person that knows things, he doesn’t know all, but he knows things. Basically, When Nathan moved back, I started dating a new guy named Luke. At first it was amazing, he made me so happy, then all of a sudden he started to get really jealous and mad, at first it was just calling me names and such but then, he started to hit me. I didn’t know what to do. I’m the type of person that feels like I can save that person, that’s why I never broke up with him, I wanted to help him. After months of lying about how I had broken bones and bruises everywhere, I finally told one of my friends. Then she told someone, soon enough everyone knew, and they all turned on Luke. Everyone wanted to kill him. But instead Luke committed suicide. I blame myself every day for it. I started getting depressed and stuff. And it started to go downhill. Nobody ever noticed that I was always upset, when people were around I tried to hide it...” She says. "How bad did you get?" I ask her. She hesitates. "Worse than I thought I would get." She says honestly. I'm glad she's telling me. I thought it'd be harder to get her to tell me. "How bad?" I ask. She doesn't reply. "Is that when you started to hurt yourself?" I ask quietly. She looks up and her eyes meet mine. "I..." She stops and looks down. "I was hard on myself. I thought it was my fault. I didn't eat. I was never in the mood to eat." She says. "So that was when you started to hurt yourself?" I ask again. She nods. "Don't let that change your mind about me. I was so weak, I’m still weak. I thought hurting myself would make things better, I know in the long run it doesn’t, but for those few minutes when I do the first cut, and feel like all my problems are gone.” She says. I move my arms from around her and lean up a little bit so my face is hovering hers. She's now on her back. "Corisa. That would never change my mind about you. At all." I say. I kiss her lips and stand up. I start to unbutton my pants. "What are you doing?" She asks. I don't reply. I pull my pants down some so she can see my things. "I understand what you mean. I was weak too." I say and run my fingers over the scars on my thighs. She leans up and looks at them. She reaches out to touch me then pulls her hand back. "It's ok." I reassure her. She reaches back up and runs her small finger across my right thigh, just under the bottom of my boxers. She looks at the scars for a few seconds. I pull my pants back up and button them. I lay back beside her. "I thought hurting myself would help too. I thought it would make the pain in my chest go away. I made myself believe that it did. But I was only fooling myself. It's ok to be weak sometimes. Not hurting yourself, but being weak is definitely ok." I say. She lays her hand on my cheek. "Where did you hurt yourself?" I ask. She looks down. "Please tell me." I say. She doesn't reply I reach my hand down to her thighs. I lay my hand on her tiny thighs. She looks at me. I let my thumb rub against her bare skin. "How'd you know?" She asks. "I thought I saw a mark the first night, when you were wearing those shorts. I thought I was just seeing things, but once you said that you cut, it all made sense." I say. I sit up and look at the tiny scars on the inside of her thighs. I look back at her. A tear escapes from her eye. "I did it in a place no one would see." She says quietly. "I did too." I say.

"I didn’t do it just there though, I started on my wrists but it never scared. Until one night, me and my mom got in a huge fight and I went upstairs and cut without even thinking. That one scared, that’s why I always wear these bracelets here...” She says as another tear falls from her eyes. I swipe it away with the back of my finger. "I cut myself a lot. On my wrists then up on my ribs under my boob. My wrists didn't scar much expect for that last time. My thighs did. Now it's just a reminder how weak I was and how bad my life is." She says. "What about the ones on your ribs?" I ask. "It was one of those days, when you look at yourself in the mirror and you dissect every bad thing about yourself. I got so upset that I carved fat and ugly under my boob. Thankfully It only left a faint scar, so you can only see it if you’re really looking." She says. I scoot my body down on the bed and lift her shirt up again so I can see her ribs. I place small kisses over each little scar. I kiss her wrists and her thighs. I look up at her and she's watching me with tears falling from her eyes. I move back up to her face and kiss her gently. "I'm sorry this happened to you. You don't deserve it." I say and kiss her neck softly. "You're so beautiful. Please don't do it again." I say "I won't. I promise." She says. "As long, as you don’t do it again?" "I won't." I say. I kiss her neck again and then her jaw. I move my lips to her ear. "Let me make you feel better." I say quietly. She looks over at me. ”I want to please you. I want to take all your pain away" I say. "Harry. You don't have to." She says. "But I want to. I really like you and want to make you feel better. Let me please." I say to her. "Ok." She says quietly. I reattach my lips to her neck and kiss her skin. I lay my hand on her stomach again. I move my hand to her thong and slid my hand in some. I slide my hand further in and slide my middle finger up her center. She moans quietly and bites her lip. I rub my finger against the sensitive area that she seems to like. I circle my finger slowly. She moans again and grabs my bicep. I look up and her eyes are shut and her mouth is opened slightly. I take this as my opportunity to kiss her and slide my tongue into her mouth. When I do, her hands shoot up and she wraps her fingers into my hair. I move my finger faster. She moans against my lips. I move my finger down and find her entrance. "Please." She says quietly against my lips. I slide my finger into her and she gasps against my lips. I smirk knowing that I have this effect on her. I slide my finger slowly in and out of her. She bites her lip and moans again. I kiss her neck and suck lightly on her skin. She pulls on my hair some. I speed my finger. "More harry." She instructs. I add another finger and she moans. She pulls my face away from her neck and connects our lips back together. The kiss is heated and sloppy. But I don't mind. I curl my fingers inside her and hit her G-spot. She moans out loudly. "Shit Harry. Do that again." She says. I do it again and she moans loudly. I move my fingers to where I hit that place every time I push them into her. She presses her lips harder to mine and bites on my bottom lips and lets it slide between her teeth. Shit that was so hot. I move my fingers faster. Her moans become more frequent and I feel her start to tense around my fingers. Her hips buck upwards into the same rhythm as my fingers. She moans out loudly as I feel her release around my fingers. I slow my fingers, allowing her to ride her orgasm out. Her lips slow on mine. She moans lightly with every time I slide my fingers into her. When she comes down fully I pull my hand out of her shorts and grab onto her face and kiss her. After a few seconds I pull away. She looks at me. I smile and she pulls my face down to hers as she kisses me hard. For a brief moment she pulled away from me. “I’m normally not the kind of person to say these things, oh what am I kidding I am totally the person that would say this” She laughed. “You have really dreamy eyes.” She continued to wrap her arm around my neck to pull me back into a kiss once again. At this moment I came into realization that this moment between Corisa and I was real life not dream that I was beginning to think it was. She slid her tongue onto mine really slowly and I started to move my tongue again in the pattern of hers. I felt the need to be closer to Corisa, I needed to feel her and be as close to her as I possibly could be. I pulled us into a sitting position where Corisa was on my lap really close to our groin areas. Her breasts were pressed against my chest. Her hands were still wrapped around my lower back. I was starting to grow excited from our kiss. Corisa’s hands started to grip me even tighter and my growing groin was starting to press into her even harder so much it started to become painful. I wanted Corisa so badly, in an odd way the pain in my groin region sort of turned me on even more, I started to love the friction that was happening between Corisa and I. I guided my hands to her hips and started to move her hips in circular movements. Slowly at first but as I felt myself become harder I increased my hand movement amongst her hips to increase the friction that was rubbing against my boxers. I started to deepen the kiss, and then started to rub my growing groin area all over Corisa’s area, so she could know just how hard I was. I moved my hands back to her chest and slid all the way down to her hips. She broke the kiss my eyes were searching for approval. Her pupils were full almost to the point where her hazel eyes started to disappear. Her eyes were full of want, which were screaming, “I’m so wet right now, and do something about it.” I smiled discreetly by pulling my hands back up to her chest and pushed her backwards, so she was now lying on the bed and I was sitting on her groin area still moving and rubbing our crotches. I had a full view of her bare chest, which turned me on even more. I slid my hands back down to her hips. I then leaned forward and kissed her collar bone, creating marks there and then moved down to her chest but wanting to go so much lower on her body. I lifted my body up from her crotch; she moaned in protest but stopped when my hands found their way to her pelvic area, stroking it. I started to kiss her hipbones. I lightly blew onto her crotch. Corisa put her hand on my head and tried to push it lower to her aching wetness. However instead of doing as she wished I moved my head up to her to her belly button and I lightly cupped her crotch. “Harry please don’t tease me!” She said in a low trembling voice, it was one of the sexiest voices I had ever heard in my life so I gave up on teasing her and returned back to her lower region. I placed my fingers on the top of her pelvic region then started to gently trace small circles on the top of her pussy. As I made my way down lower I placed soft kisses on every area I had traced. Corisa started to moan. Her moan was so sexy, so cute and yet so erotic at the same time. I lowered down to kiss the area where the folds of her skin met one another. But I still barely touched it. I moved my head to her inner thighs and kissed there for a few moments. “Harry! Please stop teasing me, I beg you!!” Corisa said in that sexy voice again. Then again I did as she wished. I pulled my head back up to where her pussy was once again. I slowly spread her legs so her clit was visible. I licked either side of her clit. Corisa proceeded to moan and shiver just like she had an epileptic fit. She pushed my head closer to her quenching area. I acted the way she wanted me to by starting to lightly lick her clit. It felt very good to have her inside of my mouth I looked up from her crotch and saw that her back was arched and her head was tossed back. She was so beautiful. I licked and sucked all around her quivering pussy. Moving my tongue around faster and faster till Corisa’s moaning got louder. Corisa’s hands were still tangled in my hair, accidently pulling it. By doing that she had created a pleasurable feeling in me which caused me to moan. She pulled my hair even harder, this time on purpose making me moan again. I guess she loved the vibration around her pussy, which was something good to know. I felt that Corisa was close to coming again so I started to kiss my way back up till I was kissing her lips again. I started to rub myself. Her lips were working my way around the dip along of my shoulder as I moaned her name. Her hand went down to my erection. “Did I make you this hard Harry?” I ignored her question as she very so gently squeeze my cock making more blood rush to my already throbbing erection. “Fuck yes, do that again.” I repeated through her action as she kissed down my body. She was now on top of me and found each of her knees placed on either side of me starting to bend over. She shut her eyes for a moment to slightly concentrate on pleasing me. My cock stood away from my body, pre cum decorating the end of it as she licked over the end tasting me. She circled around the tip making sure to fully take her time as I watched her actions. My fingers now matting with her hair. Her hands wrapped around my shaft as she started to toy and tease me from where my nerve endings were on my tip. “Look who is teasing now.” I said with a deep chuckle. At that moment she parted her lips and took me further inside of her. As she moved her head up and down my hands started to shake. I started to thrust my hips causing my erection to hit the back wall of her throat. I started to mutter profanities as she started to choke from my dick at the back of her throat. Her mouth left my length; she started working her lips now along my sweat dampened skin till she met my chest. My hands wrapped around her thighs as I pulled her closer up to my waist. She reached in between our bodies grabbing my cock just before positioning it at her entrance. I flipped us over so I was on top again. She continued to grab my erected cock and positioned at her entrance. I roughly penetrated her from that point on. Giving her no second to adjust I worked my hips faster and took force in my thrusts. I grabbed her head board for support, and continued to move even faster and harder. “Corisa you are so tight.” I breathed along her neck tickling her tiny hairs. I pulled closer into her deeply inhaling her smell, her perfume, a faint hint of vanilla and berries. A smell of which made me dizzy as I felt my body succumb to an orgasm. She pushed me off of her. “Harry I’m coming.” She whined as shiver ran from the small of my back up to the nape of my neck. “Corisa cum for me, cum all over my cock.” I hissed into her ear, as she eyes closed tight, her orgasm now controlling her entire body. I felt her tighten around me; screaming my name, I continued to thrust into her. I came hard again, my whole body bucking out of control messing up our pattern of rhythm. We just laid there in each other’s arms. “Wow” She said. “You held out on me last night.” She laughed. I started laughing with her. “Come on beautiful, let’s go shower, and get you your meds and breakfast.” I said as I kissed her forehead, and picked her up carrying her to the bathroom.

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