Kat was a normal girl until she got cursed.She found out that when she gets mad angry or stressed she turns into this girl that kills people and she can also twist her neck and make this creepy noise and looks really dead.She called her self"the grudge".


1. TV news

Hi there my name is real name is Katerina flora but people call me Kat.I live in a small apartment in New hair colour is black and long and my eye colour is black too.IM BEING HUNTED BY A SCIENTIST FOR SOME REASON!


I ran as fast as i could from her trying to run away from running away from a scientist who wants to test me for something but i refused and she started hunting me down as soon as i disappeared.she found me when i was in the coffee shop by the apartments i live in.Now I'm running away from that wacko.The worst thing that happened was that i tripped on my shoe lace and she catched up to me.She opened my mouth and put something inside it and ran away.I wondered what would happen.I ran back home curious of what would happen.

When i entered my apartment i felt something changing in me.I felt my voice go away and all i could make was this creepy sound.I started panicking and that's when I felt my ankle brake.i screamed quietly so that people wouldn't freak out.Suddenly i had different clothes on.i had a white dress and no leggings or shoes.i looked at my skin and it was pale.i quickly grabbed a mirror and looked at my face.around my eyes they were black and i was really pale.My hair got in my face an thats when i blacked out.

I woke up back in my apartment and was on the couch.i stretched out a bit and wondered if last night was a dream.i looked at my clothes skin and face and everything was normal.i sighed and turned the TV on the news."12 people were killed last night and we have witnesses".i stayed tuned in."here are the witnesses"."i cried quietly as i saw that girl kill the man.his screaming was horrible.i wanted to save him but she was so scary was just horrible looking at him when she left" a lady said."i took a picture of her face too before she left"the lady said.a image appeared on the screen of the girl but her face didnt look like me but she had the clothes i had last night.i knew it was me when i looked at the was messy like mine and the monster had the same eyes.I knew the scientist did this too me but i could never find her again.

i turned off the TV not wanting to hear anymore witnesses talk about how horrible i am or the announce showing a picture of the dead bodies.i put on different clothes and got my backpack.i  ran to school and ran into class and sat down with my friends Natalie and Maria."hey"they both said together.The 3 of us were the bad ones in this class.we are all tomboys.once Maria started dancing on desks and tables and she got sent home she got expelled for 2 weeks.Once Natalie jumped on the teacher and started pulling her hair she also got sent home and got expelled for 1 week.once i pushed the teacher and she fell on the desks and hit her head.i got suspended for 3 weeks.

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