Kat was a normal girl until she got cursed.She found out that when she gets mad angry or stressed she turns into this girl that kills people and she can also twist her neck and make this creepy noise and looks really dead.She called her self"the grudge".


3. TV news 2

Natalie POV

Thats weird. Kat would always sit next to me. I took that out of my thought and since me and Exavier are in the back row i held his hand.he smiled at me.

After school-~-


I ran to my apartment not even saying bye to Maria and Natalie. I let the tears roll down my cheeks.My mom and dad are dead and I'm a beast now my BF is dating my crush!.Can anything get worst!.I just want to die.i grabbed a knife and was about to stab myself and then Natalie came in.she snatched the knife away and looked at me seriously."what are you doing!"she said to me."What am i doing"i thought to myself.tears started rolling down my cheeks again.Natalie brought me into a hug."honey whats wrong?"she said to me."you promise you won't get mad?"i said."i promise"she said.i got out of the hug. "I l-l-like e-e-exavier"i said scared.Natalie is the tough one in the school that why i got scared.she just smiled."i can never get mad at you Kat and remember that ok"she said and hugged me for a bit before leaving.Natalie lived on the bottom apartments and Maria too but in different apartments.they live next door.i live next door to Exavier.  I got up and ate whip cream. It tastes like nothing but i still eat it.its weird. I sat down on the couch and i turned on the tv before grabbing the controller and going on the news still having a bunch of whip cream in my mouth."hello once again and again my name is Dan and today we found out that 57 people were murdered"he said.i spit out all the whip cream."here are the witnesses......again"he said."i was taking a walk and that's when I found a dead boy who looked like a 15 year old and he was dead.he looked horrible and by him the words"the grudge"was by him written in blood"she said."she stared at me not doing anything at all and she just touched my face and left"the voice sounded familiar.then Exavier's face popped up on the screen. 


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