Kat was a normal girl until she got cursed.She found out that when she gets mad angry or stressed she turns into this girl that kills people and she can also twist her neck and make this creepy noise and looks really dead.She called her self"the grudge".


2. Jealousy


I sat down on my desk and listened to the lesson.That when my crush came in.his name is Exavier.I like him but Natalie gets all the boys.He sat next to Natalie.Of course.

Break time-~-

Yay it's time for a break!.Me,Maria,and Natalie ran outside with the rest of te kids an got on the near by playground.We all act like little kids because we play in the medium sized slides like in Elementary.We ran under the slide where there's space and started talking about stuff.Natalie said"I'm gonna go to the bathroom ill be back.So she left an she left me and Maria under the slide talking.

Natalie POV

As i was walking to the bathroom someone grabbed my waist and pulled me to an empty room.i turned around and saw Exavier."you scared the crap out of me"i said to Exavier.He smiled.God that smile can make anyone fall for him."will you go out with me?"he asked me.i stood there shocked.I liked exavier so i thought why the heck!."yes i will go out with you"i said.he smiled."well i got to go"i said."bye"he said and i got out of the room running back to K and M not even remembering about the bathroom.


Natalie came back and sat next to Maria."guys Exavier asked me out!"she said in happiness.All of a sudden my heart shattered into pieces."really?"Maria said."no i just made up the news,of course he asked me out!"Natalie said sarcastically.The bell rang telling us to get back in school.We got in line and i noticed Exavier holding Natalie's hand.Jealousy rushed the ought my veins but i was actually happy for them too.But i got angry too.i felt my skin starting to turn white.i was at the end of the line so i ran to the nearby woods close to school because i didn't want to kill anybody at school.My leg broke and i blacked out.

I woke up in the woods with the same normal clothes on.i ran to school and went into class."Kat why are you late?"my teacher said."My ankle cracked and i went to the nurse"I said hoping he would buy it."do you have a note?"he asked."no she ran out of notes"i said.Another lie."ok take a seat"he said.i sat down next to Maria and continued the lesson.


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