A Lost Hope

Kennedy was always the outcast in school. Constantly bullied. No friends. And is abused at home by her drunk father. The only thing she turns to is music, when she finally is about to give up. A certain black haired boy band member comes stumbling upon her. Will he be able to save her soul from the demons inside her? Will she let him? Or will just be A Lost Hope?


1. Elevator

Kennedy's POV

Beep. Beep. Beep

I quickly woke up and turned off my alarm in fear of waking up my dad, well Dave, it's not like he would let me call him dad anyway. He isn't much of one though.

I got out of bed and went into the bathroom quietly. I brushed my teeth and brushed out my dull, brown hair. When it was brushed I looked at myself in the mirror and instantly regretted it. My brown eyes were dull and lifeless almost looking of the color black. My face had bruises from the beating I endured yesterday from my father for not bringing him his beer fast enough. I looked down at my arms and saw burn marks and cut marks. The cut marks weren't from my father. I saw my disgusting pale skin and my stomach sticking out. God I'm so fat. It's obvious why everybody calls me fat, pig, ugly, I obviously am I mean if you ever saw me you would run the other way like most people do.

When I got out of my daze I realized that I had been in here for way too long. I quickly ran into my room and threw on some old torn up jeans, a sweat shirt that was two sizes too big and some old white converses. Before you say anything, this is the only outfit my father will let me wear. I ran down stairs and started breakfast.

When my father came downstairs I had the table set and his coffee in his favorite coffee mug. He sat down and started eating. I quickly walked back into the kitchen and started cleaning the dirty dishes. I wouldn't want to know what happened if I didn't do the dishes. I heard him get up and walk out the door. I walked back into the dining room and grabbed his dirty dishes. When those were clean I walked back upstairs and grabbed my headphones, my phone and my backpack. I walked out of the condo listening to my favorite artist Ed Sheeran. And yes we are rich. When my mom died we got a lot of money. She was a very important person.

I got into the elevator at and it made it's way down but stopped on the fifth floor. Great. An awkward elevator ride. I saw a guy who had black hair and carmel brown eyes. He was pretty hot all in all. I've seen him somewhere before but I don't remember where. He smiled politely at me and I just barley smiled back turning up my music all the way. When the elevator closed he tapped on my shoulder. I took out my earphones and turned to him.

"You like Ed Sheeran ?" He asked me. When he spoke I realized that I knew that I had seen him somewhere. He was that Zayn guy from that boy band One Direction. I had heard there music before, but then again who hasn't. I'm just not really obsessed with them like most, correction all the other girls in my grade.

"Yeah. He's my favorite artist. You Need Me I Don't Need You is my favorite song. What about you? And can I ask you a question?" I asked him.

"I love that song too, but I love Give Me Love better and yes ask away love." He said. When he said love I got this warm feeling that I didn't like.

"Are you that Zayn guy?" He laughed.

"You mean Zayn Malik. Yes that's me. Who are you?" He asked still smiling.

"I'm Kennedy." I told him.

"Well what are you doing today Kennedy?" He asked me smiling.

"I happen to be going to school." I told him he just nodded.

"Do you have a ride? I wouldn't mind giving you one." He said. I thought it over.

"I would love a ride if you didn't mind." I told him. I didn't want to ride the bus to school and be tormented by my class mates. He just smiled. He has a really pretty smile. When the elevator ended he let me get out first. We chatted until we got to his car. A Bentley. Wow I've never seen one in person.

"Nice car." I told him.

"Thanks it's new. Got it a couple days ago." He got into the drivers seat and I slid into the passengers seat. I gave him the directions to my school and we talked the whole way there. When he dropped me off everyone was staring. He got out of the car to get my backpack from the trunk. Everyone's jaw dropped when they saw who was in the car with me.

"Thanks for the ride." I told him.

"No problem love." He said and he gave me a hug. I flinched at first but then hugged him back. I haven't had a hug in so long I forgot what it felt like. When he let go of the hug he gave me a piece of paper. I opened it and saw numbers on it. To be specific it was probably his phone number. I looked up and saw him smirking.

"Text me later." He said. I nodded my head. So is this what it's like to have a friend? If it is I like it. I walked through the doors and everyone stopped talking and stared at me. They started whispering and I just walked by them not even bothering to listen to what they said about me. As I got my locker I heard Ashley one of my worst bullies call out to me. Well this is gonna be a fun day I can already tell. Note the sarcasm.

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