Monsters Must Not Like Star Trek...

Just a short story I wrote for English class, and decided to enter it in the Halloween competition.... Enjoy!


1. Monsters Must Not Like Star Trek...

 Loud cheers echo through the small town of Washington, startling birds from their perches and causing dogs to howl. The shouts rock the metal stands surrounding the football field, and the Warriors grin, jogging into their locker room.


 "And that's it for the first half of the game! Warriors 28, and Lions 11!," the announcer exclaims, causing the fans to scream more. "Don't forget to buy your hamburger basket, just north of the concession stand. Now, for our half time entertainment, the Washington Warrior Marching Band, directed by Mr. Hall!"


 People begin filing out of the stands, paying no mind to the announcer's words. The few people that are left stare bored-like into space, some dozing off until the game restarts.


 "This year's marching show is titled The Final Frontier. Give it up for the band!"


 Clapping is scattered throughout the stands, and the band slowly starts marching, moving into their first sets. Everything goes well for the first two movements, and it's the best the band has ever marched. But, things fall apart halfway into their final piece.


 A trombone player is at a hold, focusing on the drum major, not noticing the claws inching their way over his shoes. When he goes to move, the claw clenches down, a hideous face popping up next to it. The trombone player glances at his feet, and his reaction startles everyone. After screeching in a high, feminine voice, he stabs his instrument at the ugly creature holding him. Spurred on by the creature's howl of pain, he runs towards the away stands, not making it far before tendrils of darkness wrap around him and pull him down, the ground seeming to swallow him.


 The band's movement has halted, and they all stare at the reminants of the boy, his hat and trombone left resting at the 30 yard line. In seconds, the entire band is taken over by terrifying creatures that jump out of the ground, drooling and snarling. The cheerleaders let out blood-curling screams as wisps of darkness tie them into a tight group, little fairy-like things snickering and teasing them.


 In the football locker room, the players hear the shrieks of the crowd. A few curious and nervous glances are thrown at the door, so one of the seniors tries to lighten the mood.


 "Man, I didn't know our band was that bad...," he jokes, trailing off as he hears a disgusted yell.


 "Ugh! What are these things? Get them off!"


 At the sound of the cry, the boys tumble out the door, amazed by the chaos before them.


 On the 50 yard line, a young girl is wrestling with a tall, green monster that strongly resembles Shrek. After a few minutes of rolling around, the girl grabs her bass drum and swings, knocking the offending ogre into the hole from which it came.


 "Ha HA!," she exclaims, leaning down to catch her breath. "You have just been bass drummed!"


 After seeing the girl run to aid in the rescue of a clarinet being dragged into the ground, the football players file out, joining the band members in saving each other and the cheerleaders.


 Once saved, a flute blinks at a looming figure in the distance, and catches the attention of everyone on the field. After seeing the stands empty, she smiles a scared smile, and starts backing up.


 "I think we should follow Mr. Hall's example, and run!"


 Everyone tries to flee, they really do. But, the glowing red figure in the middle of the field has other ideas.


 "I am Hades! You have offended me by disrupting my sleep with your music."


 With a mighty bellow, Hades slams his huge fists into the ground, causing the grass to ripple and pull at the students ankles. In moments, a particularly large wave of ground comes up, and lands on the fleeing beings. Then, all the lights go out, and the night is dead quiet.


 The next morning, when the police arrive, they are left with a mysterious sight. All that is left of the players, band members, and cheerleaders are marching hats, instruments, helmets and bows scattered across the field. No one knows if they will ever be heard from again. But, all they do know, is that monsters must not like Star Trek.

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