Well let me tell you a story, about a girl and a boy.She fell in love with her best friend when he's around, She feels nothing but joy, but he was already broken, and it made him blind but he could never believe that love would ever treat him right, But did you know that I love you? Or were you not aware? You're the smile on my face And I ain’t going nowhere. I'm here to make you happy, I'm here to see you smile, I've been wanting to tell you this for a long while ..


6. Clubbin'

Niall‘s POV


I’m wearing a buttoned up shirt with a black leather jacket, black pants and paired it with my Air Jordan 11. (Picture below)



I looked at the time, it was only 7:01, and I still have an hour before picking up Sam at their house. What could I do to kill the time? Oh, yeah! I forgot, I just downloaded Nba 2K14 yesterday and also ‘The vow’, Well, I’ll just watch ‘The vow’ since Sam never stops talking about it and, well, let’s just say that I’m a bit curious about it, because every time she tells me the plot of the story she always gets emotional, So yeah! I guess I’m curious about the movie.


*Skip to the movie, wherein was at Paige’s sister’s engagement day*


“Oh, shit! He just asked her out!” I said to myself

“He gave her chocolates! I wonder what the taste of all those chocolates is.”

I suddenly remembered holly, our first date. I sighed as I kept on flashing back all our memories. Our first date was like that but differently. We went to a café and just talked and eat food and I gave her chocolates. I felt a tear rolled down my cheek, I wiped it away as I felt my phone buzzed on my pocket, I looked at it, it was Liam.


From: Leeyum! :P

Hey, where are you? We’re all outside the club and still waiting for you and Sam.


To: Leeyum! :P

Sorry! I got lost of time! We’ll be there in 15 minutes, so just go inside!


Then I shut down my laptop, grabbed my car keys on the drawer, I said goodbye to my mum and went straight to Sam’s, I went inside without even knocking.


“Sam! You ready?” I shouted as I went to her room

“Just a minute!” she shouted back


Sam ‘s POV

*Before niall went to her house*


I curled my hair, and I decided to wear a black dress that was above the knee and was showing a bit of cleavage, black heels and a silver dice necklace. (Picture below)


I looked at myself in the mirror.

“Wow!” I said amazed to myself while checking myself out.

I grabbed my make-up kit and took out a red lipstick, mascara and eye liner. I started putting on my mascara and eye liner, but I heard someone entered the house, I’m guessing its niall.


“Sam! You ready?” he said shouting

Yup, it’s niall. I heard his footsteps in front of my door.

“Just a minute.” I shouted back and started to put on the red lipstick.

“Hurry up!” he said impatiently

I looked at myself for the last time in the mirror and wow! Yana was right when she said she would make me look hot! I putted my lipstick, mascara, eye liner, keys and my phone in my purse and opened the door, Niall has he’s back leaned on the wall. He looks hot!


“Ready?” I asked and smiled at him.

He was eyeing me up, I giggled at him.

“uh .. Y-yeah!” he said stuttering

“Sorry if I made you wait.” I said as we went downstairs

“Its fine, but the boys are already inside the club.” He said looking at me straight in the eye.

I felt myself blush while looking at his eyes.

We went to his car and went straight to ‘Madame Jo Jo’s’ (the club)

He parked his car on the drive way and opened the door for me, and of course I thanked him.


“Nervous?” he asked as were walking inside the club and ‘Dj got us fallin’ inlove’ was playing

“Kinda.” I said

“Don’t be.” He said and intertwined his hands with mine.


Did he or did I? Wait! But.. OMG!!!! His holding my hand!!! We held hands before, but today was different I felt a spark when he intertwined his hand with mine. I hope he felt it too.


Niall ‘s POV


I intertwined my hand with hers to make her feel less nervous, but as I did that I felt electricity, No! More like a ‘Spark’ and there was like a strange feeling in my stomach, as holly calls it ‘Butterflies’, But how? Why? This is actually the first time that I felt it. Maybe just this time, yeah, just this time.

I shook my head and looked at her; she was looking at the dance floor and just everywhere. Maybe, I was the only one that felt that ‘Spark’, so it must be nothing.


I saw the boys on a table that was near the dance floor and the bar. I walked to them, and our hands still intertwined.


“Heeeeey!” harry said sounding drunk

“What took you two so lo-“ Louis said but stopped and he was looking at our hands.

“I know what you’re thinking lou!”I said and let go of her hand.


Liam’s POV


As niall let’s go of her hand, Sam’s face had a disappointed look. Me and the other boy (Except for niall, of course) know that Sam was in love with niall ever since.


“You okay, love?” I asked her

“Y-yeah.” She said, but I know that she‘s lying.

I just nodded in response.

“I’m going on the dance floor!” harry said while dancing away.

We all laughed at him, he was really drunk!

Niall took a sit next to Louis, I looked at Sam but she was already gone.


Sam’s POV


I went to the bar that was just close to our table and took a sit.


“What can I getcha beautiful?” the bartender asked

“Ahmm .. Anything that could make me forget about someone, maybe.”

“First time?”

I nodded.

“I know, just what you need.” He said and turned around to make my drink

“Here you go.” He said handing me a blue like color drink, I just looked at it. “Don’t worry; it won’t make you that drunk.”

“Alright.” I sighed and drank it straight. It actually tastes like bubblegum that were mixed with some wine and a bit of beer.

“Well?” the bartender asked

I looked at him confused.

“Does it taste good or what?” he said

“Uh .. Yeah! It actually tastes like bubblegum that were mixed with some wine and a bit of beer.”

“And it is!” he said “You’re the first girl that I’ve serve that had said the ingredient, well, almost.” He chuckled

I giggled and asked for another drink and another and another, until I was drunk!

“I don’t think you need anymore.” The bartender said.

I just nodded.

Then a guy sited next to me, I couldn’t actually see his face.

“What’s a pretty girl sitting here alone?” he said in a flirty way

“I’m not actually alone.” I smile at him and looked at our table but niall and Liam were the only two left there.

He chuckled “Want to dance?”

“Sure” I said and he led me to the dance floor.


Niall’s POV

*Before Sam getting’ drunk*

Liam and I were the only two that didn’t want to get drunk, so we decided to just sit at the table.


“So what was with you and Sam holding hands, just a while ago?” he started the conversation

“I just held her hand ..” I paused for a sec and think about why did I intertwined our hands. “B-because she said she was nervous.”

“Yeah, right.” He said unconvinced with my excuse.


But why did I?


Then I saw Sam talking to a guy and she looked at us, she looks drunk. Wait! This can’t be good, it’s her first time drinking .

I saw them walked to the dance floor.

“Liam, I’ll be back.” I stood up and went to the dance floor to look for her.


Then I saw someone pinned at wall with a guy, her dress looks a lot like, SAM!! SHIT!! Wait, maybe that’s not her,


I walked up to them and I saw the girl that was pinned was Sam! He was pushing the guy away but he keeps on kissing her.


I punched the guy and Sam hugged me quickly and I hugged back. I looked at the guy that I just punched; he was lying on the floor unconscious. Good!!


“I’m sorry.” Sam said still hugging me

“It’s alright, babe. It wasn’t your fault.” I said

She looked at me in the eyes. Her eyes are beautiful, why haven’t I noticed that before?


“But next time if you want a drink, don’t have too much, kay?” I continued

She giggled and nodded. She was obviously drunk.

“Let’s get you home.” I said and she nodded in response.

I intertwined our hands again, and again there was this ‘spark’


We walked up to Liam.

“Hey, I’m gonna take her home.” I said to him

“Why? What happened?” he asked worriedly

“Nothing, she’s just really drunk.”

“Oh, I see our ‘Sam’ is already learning how to drink, huh?”

I chuckled and looked at Sam; she looked like she was going to pass out. I put my hand on her shoulder to support her and so she won’t fall.

“Well, see you guys tomorrow maybe.” I said to Liam and waved goodbye


*Skipping to Sam’s house*


I parked my car on their drive way and picked her up bridal style just like this afternoon. I went to her room and laid her there; I took of her heels and covered her with her blanket.


“Niall?” she said with both eyes closed

“Yes, love?”

“Could you stay for the night?” she opened her left eye

“uhh ..”


“Alright.” I said and she moved over to the right side of her bed so there’s enough room for both of us. I took of my jacket and shoes and scooch over to her side and covered myself with her blanket too.


“Thank you” she whispered and snuggle close to me.

I smiled at her.

I faced her, so now we were facing face to face; we cuddled until we were both asleep.

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