my mama hates me.


1. Why mama?

My mama hates me.


It's such a chilling notion for a kid of seven years old to have, but it has always been obvious to me. My mama hates me, she loathes me, and she wishes of my demise. 

*my mama hates me*


She never treats me like a daughter. At day, she refuses to buy me pretty clothes that all my friends have. She even refuses to let me help her cook. She even doesn't let me stay at home. What she says to me daily is, "Go play outside, boy! Don't come home. I never want to see you at home!" 

*my mama hates me*


At night, she always forces me to eat more than i want. Poultry, pork, cheese. She chooses food that will make me fat and forces them down on me. And then she always stays to make sure that i don't puke them up in the bathroom afterwards. All of those foods make me really fat, and I never feel pretty. I will never be pretty.

*my mama hates me*



I have shiny, soft blonde hair, but my mama never let me grow it long. when i grow up and start to develop breasts and curves, she stops cutting it short and just shaves my whole head bald altogether. She has blonde hair herself, I think she's jealous of me, because i can see my father only giving attention to me and not her.

*my mama hates me*



and my mama, my wretched, devillish mama, she never ever let me reach my potential. Singing is not allowed. dancing is not allowed. Anything that can make me feel pretty and good is not allowed. She dresses me with the worst, most boyish clothes that she can find and then parades me around the neighborhood. The look that people gave me is filled with pity, and the only thing that i can do is bow my head and absorb the embarassent  

*my mama hates me.*



And one day, i look at my bald head and my smelly chothes and i decide that i have had enough. one. my mama comes into my room to force me to go out and play outside, and i am already prepared to give her punishment... I had a knife taken from the kichen and hid it under my blanket. I take the knife and attacked my mama, dig it into her heart.Then i take the knife and slash it around her hair. And as she falls down, her blonde locks mixing with the red blood. i felt relieved. o feel free. I can finally be the person i'm supposed to be.

* i hate my mama*



I take a sliver of hair and bring it to my head and smile as i imagined what it must feel like to have long hair. My father understands my situation. He has always loved me more than mama. He helps me to hide the body of mama, and then he nurtures me into becoming the woman i could have been years ago. My hair starts to grow and he lets me buy pretty clothes.

*i forgot about mt mama*




Once night, in the middle of my sleeo, my father come in my room and then lies nest to me. His hands sneaks under my clothes and i feel him breathing down my neck. He then slips the thing thats from in between his leg into the gap of my thighs. " I've always known that you're such a pretty girl," he says. "good thing that you killed your mama. She isn't around to protect you anymore."

*what have i done mama?*


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