Dylan Brooke "Ginger"

Ginger has always had strange feelings.... Maybe even something more than she expected....
(This is a creepypasta that I hope might become well known maybe?...)


2. Insanity

   She opened the rusty door and walked in to see around twenty boxes stocked up in the living room. "Mother," Ginger called from across the living room. Nothing but an eerie silence filled the air. "Something isn't right," she thought to herself as she began to patiently peek around the house trying to find her mother. She paused at the last door before entering. The hinges had obviously not been oiled in awhile. 
    "M-Mother," she cried before reaching up to pull her down from the ceiling. Ginger began to panic when her mother groaned in pain. "Ginger get out of the house now," she replied weakly. Ginger stopped for a moment and felt that urge to do something she really shouldn't do. "Wait mother, I'll be back," she spoke as a smirk formed across her face, or at least she tried to. 
    Ginger stepped into the garage to find her dad's working equipment on the ground. None of them seemed to interest her. She picked through a little bit more to find a dull axe at the bottom of the bag. "No, I'm trying to find medic supplies," as she hesitated to find herself staring at the glimmering axe. 
    It was if she needed the axe for some reason. She bent down and picked it up then examined it moving her hands across the edge. She left the garage without doing anything else then headed back to her mother. "G-Ginger," she whimpered. "What are you doing?" "Hello, my lovely," she replied before plunging her pocket knife into her mother's chest then took the knife out and drew an "x" on her forehead with the knife before setting it down. 
    Ginger then took the axe and swung into her mother's head. She trembled with fear of herself as she backed away to find Dylan behind her holding one of her books. He stared down at her mother and then took the axe from her hands and spoke,"Don't do this, Ginger." Her eye twitched uncomfurtably as she gripped her knife and smiled darkly. She was smiling yet tears were pouring down her face. Ginger's eyes turned a redish color before she plunged the knife into him too.
    Dylan fell to the ground when she took the axe from him. She cut a heart into his forehead and then swung the axe into his face. "Goodbye, my lovely." Tears still rolled down her pudgy face as she pulled out the axe and latched it onto her belt before walking out of her house. Ginger set a match and threw it into the house. Ginger walked into the distance of a field as the smoke rose from the set of trees from a far. "I won't forget you," she whispered as she held a black hoodie with splotches in front of her. She embraced it then pulled it over her head and wore it.
    Ginger changed her name to Dylan Brooke that year. No one ever found her but people were being continued to be murdered. The only trace that she was still alive was that in every murder scene each person killed had a marking carved into their forehead. The last time someone saw her was about one month ago. They said she had "Dylan" carved into her left cheek.
This was the story of Dylan Brooke. 
RIP: Dylan Hunter 2012

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