Dylan Brooke "Ginger"

Ginger has always had strange feelings.... Maybe even something more than she expected....
(This is a creepypasta that I hope might become well known maybe?...)


1. Hello, Dylan is it?

    She couldn't decide if she was happy or unhappy. Her smile was crooked to the right and had been stitched up to her forehead. Her looks weren't very pleasing, yet that didn't matter to her.
    All her life she had been told lies. No one seemed to want to tell her anything. Why was her jaw crooked, and why did her mouth ring up the mound of her face? Everyone just ignored her questions and continued with another subject.
    She was different though. She felt rage pulse through her as if it wanted to break through. She always twitched and had one eye that was halfway shut. Her name was Ginger. Her eyes were a piercing blue and she always wore a plaid button up shirt. 
    "Hello, my lovely," she would always speak with a shaken voice. Ginger never why all these things had happened to her, but it did. Her makeup was great work though. She always pulled off the Halloween look. Ginger's eyes had perfected mascara and thick eyeliner. For her final touch she put on a deep red lipstick and velvet eyeshadow. 
    "Wake up, Ginger!" her mother would call everytime she woke up. Ginger would just roll her eyes and go into the bathroom to mess with her cream colored hair. She stared into the mirror like always and made sure she looked perfect.
    Ginger walked downstairs to see her mother stacking up boxes. "What are you doing?" she quietly asked. Her mother turned towards her, put her hand on her hip, and quickly spoke,"We're moving Ginger. Now go to school."
    Ginger threw on a black jacket that day and jogged outside slightly late for the bus. "Hey Mrs. Ugly!" a kid chanted before walking away to talk to his friends again. She sighed and sat down. The kid came back though and then teased her by opening her bookbag and dumping her stuff onto the ground. "Watch what you do, kid," she warned before picking up her things and sliding them back into her bookbag.
    The bus stopped at the corner and she got on to see a boy with green eyes motioning for her to sit down. He was wearing a black hoodie with white splotches of paint. Ginger sat down politely and turned towards the guy. "Hello, my lovely," she uttered. He turned to meet her gaze then replied,"Hey, Ginger. My name is Dylan just for you to know." Ginger slowly looked the other way then turned back to say one more thing. "How did you know my name?"
    "Everyone knows you, Ginger," he commented. His eyes were now sparkling brightly with amusement before he put his bookbag down and face the window staring out to see the trees whisk by. Ginger opened up a chapter to her favorite novel to find a page torn out. "Ugh. Not again." she banged her head against the seat in front of her before the bus came to a stop.
    It was as if we were trying to get out of a fire because everyone was pushing and shoving to get to the front. "You would expect people to cram up in the back, so they didn't have to get off the bus and head into there," She teased to Dylan. After rambling for a long time to him she looked back over her shoulder to see him gone.
    A bit confused, she hopped off the bus in a daze and waltzed into the school. This is normally when she starts getting stared at by everyone. "Eww, what's up with your face?" is what the new kids would say. Suddenly a sharp pain covered half her body until it was numb then she blacked out. Ginger woke up when she was getting off the bus.


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