Marking territory

Elizabeth and Kendal had no intentions of being marked to be in the revolution it was bad enough that she was a pick pocket queen of her section. But now everything might change if they aren't prepared they might be dead in a second because that arena that maze that moment could make or break you forever


3. The biddings

 There's something you should know about the biddings its not about picking names out of a hat or bowl. The whole thing is just a test to see your strengths. Everyone goes in this maze so the government can see your skills and if you and another person are good they pick you and ship you of to an island in the middle of no where. And you just go on talk shows and parades to get followers so if you are trapped on a puzzle your followers can get you off. If you get out of the maze alive then you are a mentor and won't have to ever do it again. As we walk towards the maze we quickly are stunned in the back so they can track us if we run. When get inside we are sectioned off by age but thankfully Kendal, Christina, and I are in the same age group. We get changed in our combat uniforms before we go show our skills. As we are walking down the hallway we are stopped by these three boys. I knew them and hated them all of us did but their names were Stiles, Scott, and Isaac. I hung out with Stiles once he was a total pig he expected me to pay for our food and almost got me arrested he already knew I had a reputation how dare he do that. Hey Elizabeth you look nice. Stiles said smirking. Oh great now I have to change clothes. I said glaring at him. Well see you on the field. Kendal said not wanting to make a scene we just walked in to the simulator when everyone started looking at me in relief because everyone knew that I would be chosen so everyone would always do their worst and I didn't appreciate it at all. So this year I decided to try so if I even make it out of the maze then I wouldn't have to be forced so that these sick people will have to try because karma takes its toll on everyone. As we stand in line the president of our section speaks a few words before we start. I catch Stiles looking at me. What's his deal he's the one that blew his chances of being friends with me did I tell you that he had the nerve to write me a letter saying oh I didn't mean to get you in trouble so stop being such a girl. After that I stopped  talking to him and now he  talks to me all the time now and it's getting so annoying and I wish he would give up. as we start the president says we can attack people of the maze which meant people were now afraid of me because they knew what I could do so that gave me leverage. when we were starting out of  nowhere Stiles tackles me on the ground so I flip him on his back disabling him then I  got up running to a puzzle when I bombarded by three buff boys as they run towards me I drop kick them and nail them against the wall. Could anyone just focus on someone else other than me well I guess not. When the test was over  the government collect the results of the two boys and two girls participating in the games. The announcer Bethany Radcliffe comes to the microphone. The two girls participating are Elizabeth and Kendal Blake. Everyone started clapping no surprise . And the two boys participating in the games are Stiles Smith and Isaac Lash. What why was this happening I didn't want be in the games with him.  

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