Marking territory

Elizabeth and Kendal had no intentions of being marked to be in the revolution it was bad enough that she was a pick pocket queen of her section. But now everything might change if they aren't prepared they might be dead in a second because that arena that maze that moment could make or break you forever


1. inside crooked lines

It was any other day; raining , kids jumping in puddles. Which seemed to be their only joy in their childhood. Since our sectors went to war nothing was the same.  Let me tell you what happened three years ago people from all over got in a fight about trade and economics and there was a big riot and millions were killed. Until the government stepped and put a stop to the madness.  But now  I sit on a hill just above our city thinking about my life before everything happened. Just before I got deep in my thoughts my sister Kendall came from the forest she always new where I was. She sits beside me and watches the city with me. "Do you think that someday everything will go back to normal?" she says in a whisper, not knowing if anyone's watching us. I don't really know I mean its been three years since we were separated. I know but things have changed since then things are different now. she said. You mean people blowing up buildings to make a point in money or do you mean nurseries in bomb shelters and babies breathing in the fumes. I said. I know  that you hope that this city life will end but by the looks of it this is the world now and we have to deal with this now I said. But this isn't how life should be kids shouldn't be out there stealing food and vandalizing buildings kids should be able to run and play and have a happy natural childhood and I'm sorry for having a little hope in the world. Kendall said. Well us fighting isn't going to change anything in the world today lets just go home we have big work to do. We have to wash the clothes, go grocery shopping, wash the dishes, make dinner, go to the biddings, and clean the house up before mom gets home from work. So we started walking into the forest I hold my hand in my pocket gripping my dagger I keep just in case wild wolves attack the last two months people wander into the woods and are attacked and killed. So now I come prepared because my boyfriend once wandered in the woods and was attacked and killed by a mountain lion I never really talk about it because I really did love him truly. But its in the past but it doesn't mean I don't care. As we walk we pass through the town where people who hunt trade for goods like soup, chicken, bread and steel. But trust me they do no harm they're really sweet and helpful. Our house lays on top of a hill  surrounded a meadow. We live with my friend Christina and her family. I know it seems like it could be chaotic but its actually easier than having to go over to your friends house. Kendall, Christina, and me share a room which can get messy but we clean up every weekend. As me and Kendall walk into the house we are greeted by our mother who is surprisingly is home early. She's changed since my dad died when he was shot in the head and killed instantly. After we found out he was dead my mom completely shut off she stayed in bed and never took us to school until officers came to our house and arrested her. We didn't see her for six months that's when we had to cope and take care of ourselves. When she  finally got out she was completely different she wanted to be a better mom. 

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