Marking territory

Elizabeth and Kendal had no intentions of being marked to be in the revolution it was bad enough that she was a pick pocket queen of her section. But now everything might change if they aren't prepared they might be dead in a second because that arena that maze that moment could make or break you forever


2. Home sweet misery

I see you went grocery shopping what else have you done today? My mother said. "We've cleaned the attic, washed the clothes and dishes, cleaned up our room, cleaned the kitchen, and took care of the yard" I said.  Well I guess that's it for chores today now all you have to do is get ready for the biddings. My mom said. We went upstairs and saw that Christina was wearing a black pencil skirt with a white blouse tucked into the skirt with black pumps. While Kendal wore a denim romper with some white flats. And I wore a mint high-low dress with black combat boots. As we came downstairs my mom was in tears at the sight of us. You three look beautiful she said. she had the nerve to say that children stuck in a maze yet to be killed only one section will win its just sick. Ever since the war the President makes us go in this maze to hide and fight to the death like that movie and book " The Hunger Games". But worse if you win your name will go in the history books forever. Its sick your name goes in the bidding when you turn thirteen. And every year someone has to morn  for their loved ones and the only weapon you have is your mind . The whole maze has puzzles and traps  so you can set people up. Well certainly if I'm chosen I can fight in this I snapped at her not caring if I hurt her or not. Look Elizabeth the world cant be perfect and you shouldn't take things so seriously just take a compliment! she said. I wanted to hit her right then and there but I stayed as calm as I could and just changed the subject so it wouldn't get too far. Okay girls before you go lets eat a late lunch, at the table was spaghetti and salad we sat down and ate. Afterwards we headed to the courtyard.

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