When It Changed

Melody, Daughter of Jacob and Renesmee Black lives with her mom, dad, and three werewolf brothers. as a threerteen year old, only daughter she is pressured a lot about what supernatural she is. she had a pretty good life, but then it took a turn for the worse and nothing will be the same again.


1. The Battle

                          I looked back and I saw the place I once called my home, the place I was born and raised, all my hopes and dreams, everything I cared about was burning to ashes right in front of me and that's when I passed out.

                           It was a Saturday afternoon and like always I was arguing with my brothers about god knows what. In my family I am the youngest and the only girl out of three werewolf brothers. Unfortunately I am the only normal person in the whole family, Except for Rena and Charlie, but they died four years ago in a car accident. My mom and dad are Renesmee and Jacob Black. My brothers are some of the most annoying brothers on the face of the Earth, First is the oldest, and is 18 which is Marcus, and he is really tall with short black hair and deep mocha colored eyes with tan skin. Next is Jeremy and his twin brother Troy, and they are 15 they are not that tall, but they aren't short either they have a little bit lighter skin that Marcus and there eyes are way darker, sometimes I think there eyes are black if you look at them hard enough. Then there is Me Melody Ann Black, I am 13 years old and I have long black hair about to my lower back with tan skin and dark brown eyes. I am not your typical girlie girl that loves to wear 50 pounds of makeup and enjoys wearing skirts. I am the type of girl that just wears a little eyeliner and mascara and I am good to go, and I wear jeans and a tee shirt, nothing fancy or anything like that. As a child I always loved my brother Marcus we have always had a really strong relationship.

"Troy, Pluto is not a planet anymore, ok get over it." I yelled him thinking he was the stupidest 9th grader I have ever seen.

"Yes it is... if I grew a tail I would still be human right? so just because Pluto is smaller than all the other planets doesn't mean it is not counted as one." he argued with me with the most stupidest expression on his face.

"Troy, you already grow a tail, because you are a werewolf. so if you grew a tail you would not be considered a human." I yelled at him laughing at his expression, which was priceless.

"Kids that's enough." my dad said laughing at how ridiculous we were both being. he was carrying a bag which looked so full it was about to pop.

"Dad? were are you going?" I asked him hoping he was just running to Wal-Mart. He has been leaving more and more, him and his pack have been chasing a vampire Coven that has been hunting on the towns people. 

"The pack needs  me this weekend, the Coven is back, and they are getting bigger we need to stop them as fast as we can." he told me kissing me on top of my head. he picked up his bag and walked out the door. Every time I see him walk out the door I start to cry because he could die out there and we would never know.

Marcus pulled me into a hug, I guess I didn't even realize I was crying.

"Mells he leaves all the time, I am sure he will be fine." he told me kissing me on my head.

"Unless the vampires rip him to shreds...piece by piece." Troy said trying to joke around.

"TROY... shut up, your sister is hurting and your teasing her what kind of brother does that." he yelled at him. I thought about it for a minute, and once I thought I would be a wonderful idea I walked up to Troy and kicked him were you should never kick a boy. he fell to the floor and I heard Marcus cracking up in the back round.


me and Marcus turned to the front door to see that in the middle of the door there was a huge indent.

"Marcus... what was that?" I asked him sounding a bit worried

He didn't respond, he just slowly crept to the door and sniffed it. his eyes got wide and he shot Troy a look and troy turned into a Gray with black highlighted wolf and growled at the door. Marcus picked me up and darted to his room he set me on the bed and told me not to move. He darted out of the door.

"BANG" I heard that almost made my eardrums burst. I jumped up and ran to the door. I placed my small trembling hands on the ice cold silver door handle and slowly creaked it open just wide enough for me to see through. I saw my dad, Troy, and Marcus all surrounded by a lot of Vampires. My dad charged at one of them, but the hit him in the face, and he flew across the room Breaking the wall.

"DADDY," I screamed at the top of my lungs. I threw the door open and ran to him. I didn't even think about what I was about to do next. I waked up to the one who hit him and I guess I blacked out, but when I woke up I was surrounded by fire sitting on my living room couch.

"Dad? Marcus?...Troy" I screamed hoping they would come to the rescue like always, but for once in my life I was alone. I hated the feeling of having no one there to help me, no one there to tell me were to go or what to look out for, for once in my life I was...scared.

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