A Secret In Time: Weeping Willow

Willow is an ordinary girl. But then she finds out that she is a witch. However, Voldemort sends her back in time to 1979. Willow has to fix the past, and the future and carry the burden of a single secret...


18. Sleep in heavenly peace,

I kept slipping in and out of consciousness as Sirius carried me to the Hospital Wing, but I was awake when Madam Pomfrey shrieked and yelled about dangerous activities when we arrived. She said "Tergeo," repeatedly until all the blood had been siphoned off me. There were deep gashes in my arms and cuts on my face. Apparently one of my legs was broken. Madam Pomfrey went into a long rant about carelessness and danger and unnecessary injuries. She poured a potion labeled 'Essence Of Dittany' on my wounds and said "Episkey" to mend my leg.

Madam Pomfrey scolded Sirius so much that I yelled

"Stop!" rather weakly.

Madam Pomfrey immediately made 'shhing' noises and told Sirius to leave.

"No," I protested as Sirius opened the door.

"You need to rest!" Madam Pomfrey put a particular emphasis on the word 'need'. Sirius looked me straight in the eye, blew me a kiss, and left. Madam Pomfrey gave me that same magenta potion, and I fell asleep within seconds.

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