A Secret In Time: Weeping Willow

Willow is an ordinary girl. But then she finds out that she is a witch. However, Voldemort sends her back in time to 1979. Willow has to fix the past, and the future and carry the burden of a single secret...


28. Oh

Sirius's POV


She was just laying there. Peacefully, except the fact she was covered in blood.

Then the screaming came.

She was just sleeping, and she began thrashing around, tangling herself in the sheets, screaming and screaming like she was dying. I jumped up and tried to hold her still, but she kept escaping my grip. I was panicking, wondering what to do. Is she dying? I thought.

"Willow!" I shouted and shook her. "Willow!"

Suddenly she stilled. She began to mumble inaudible things, but I caught snatches of it. Things like Wicked schemes, and To me. I shuddered and wondered what she was dreaming about. I jumped as I heard a door quietly open. I turned around and saw my best friends. Remus and James came over.

"What's going on mate?" James asked me gently.

I turned away. Remus put his hand on my shoulder.

I looked beside Willow's bed. There were books Madam Pomfrey brought her for her NEWTS, as Willow had insisted she studied. There was a glass of water, a potion, and in her hand, a red rose.

"Oh," Remus whispered.

I felt the ring shift in my pocket as I left.

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